Sunday, April 02, 2006


Cheers Sexy Knitters!
I flashed my stash and realized that I didn't have any yarn the right weight for the Somewhat Cowl. I mean it. Really. Hey, I heard that!

So, it's off to the LYS and here's what I found and, lucky me, they have just the right #skeins. I know this warm tobacco beige make look a little conservative. But look what happens when I do this:

Or this:

Watch out, Peg Bundy, here I come!


Dr. Spaulding said...

Love the color!

Marji said...

beautiful! and of the SC's I've seen, I like the ones best made with teh yarn she specified. It is a fabulous, lightweight, drapey yarn. Can't wait to see yours.

Cheri said...

You are too funny with the lacey camisoles under the yarn. What keeps me knitting is imagining the outfit that I am going to put together with my garment.

purldiver said...

Is it more Peg Bundy of me or less Peg Bundy of me that I didn't even imagine wearing anything under my SC? :)

Mary, Mary... said...

Check my blog for a pic of Peg. I think less in this case!