Monday, April 30, 2007

Another Sahara done!

I finished it last night. Here are the stats:
  • Size small
  • 8 balls Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora in biege and some silk throwster yarn dyed with blue Kool-Ade strung with gold glass beads
  • Size 6 needles used througout
  • 3/4 length sleeves because that's what I like best.

The process is documented on my knit blog:


Yay! Sahara’s done! I LOVE it! It was so easy to make & it fits perfectly.

The specs:
-Sahara pattern, size M
-8 balls of Classic Elite Premiere in 5215 (Meadow Grass). I have a bunch of leftovers; 7 balls might have been enough, but I didn’t want to weave in unnecessary ends, so I would start a new ball whenever I started a new section (i.e. each sleeve, the neckline, etc.).
-size 7 Knit Picks Options for the body (great for cotton yarn, BTW) and size 5 for the lace. I had to bring my Denise set out of retirement for the sleeves because the KP set doesn’t have any short cords.
-Started 4/9; finished 4/28
-Mods: none really, but I did a little trickery on the neckline bind-off. I bind off REALLY tightly, so I bound off with a US 10.5 needle up the front until I got to the back of the neck. Then, I did a sewn bind off on the back of the neck, and then picked up the 10.5 again for the other side of the front. That way, the chain looks neat & pretty, but doesn’t pinch the back of my neck. I did the sewn bind off on the waist and the arms as well.

Rusted Root finished and loved much last week.

I finished my Rusted Root over a week ago. It was a really quick knit. I made some changes so that it would suit my preferences. Check out all the dets on my blog.

I am going to be starting on Sahara in the next week or two using some Blue Moon bling around the neckline.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wearing my new top!

I must say that I'm extremely pleased with the way my rusted root fits. Ok and yeah I still didn't weave in the ends but I will. I finally got a pic today so here it is!

I'm soooo making another one (or two!) of these.

What yarn are you using for sahara?

I'm not KAL'ing for Sahara right now but I think I might either:

a) make one later this summer as a present for me for losing another 10 pounds


b) Make one for my sister

Tilli Thomas yarns are nice and all....but I am budget knitter (plus I'm not a huge fan of the non-consumer-friendly business) so I'm looking to substitute. Which brings me back to my question....

What yarn are you useing for your Sahara and how do you like it?


Sahara revived

Thank you so much for your help with my tension!! I already wrapped my yarn around my pinky for tension, but I tried double wrapping and it fixed the problem completely, now it takes much before my hands get tired from the cotton & I haven't put Sahara in a timeout since!

Here is my progress to date - I just joined a few rounds ago & it's stockinette from here on in - smooth sailing for me! At least until I get to the edging...
I really can't tell how it's going to fit, the part where it's joined seems fine, but I'm a little worried about the fit around the bust - it's so hard to tell with that huge chunk missing!! Hopefully it'll all work out alright, since the body is fitting okay, I think it probably will, but there's no way to tell 'til I get there!
More info on my blog.

Sahara progress

Here's my Sahara:

I really like the lace rib trim. I added Miyuki size 5/0 triangle beads to each group of k3 in the rib and I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.

It does take forever to add the beads while knitting so I can understand why one would want to use prebeaded yarn. I'm enjoying this process however. I'm debating whether or not to start the neckline next or do the sleeves next which is what the pattern has you do. I'm absolutely love this yarn. It is one of the softest yarns I've ever worked with and it feels glorious next to the skin!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another Rusted Root Question

Hello again ladies!

Sorry to have so many questions, but none of my friends knit, you are all I have!!! Here is my question:

When you are repeating row one throughout the pattern it says to "...insert lace pattern here....,pdm, M1, K1, slm, K1, M1....." As you repeat the pattern you will have extra stitches (from previous M1's) between the pdm and slm. I hope this make sense...I am wondering whether I should be doing the M1 right after the pdm, or if I should wait till 1 stitch before the slm (since there are more stitches now than in the original row between the markers). I'm on row 11, so if I have to rip back, I'd like to know now. I have been doing the M1 right after the pdm, and then just knitting to the next marker, but I have a feeling I'm wrong because I'm thinking the increases won't match up in the same place on either side.

Anyways, I hope I haven't been too confusing, and any insight would be greatly appreciated as my Rusted Root is now going to be on hold until I can figure it out!


More Rusted Root Progress


Neckline is finished, sleeves are finished, decrease rounds are done, now just have to keep plugging away at the mindless stockinette (and weave in a zillion ends, of course). And maybe do some increases to accomodate my giant hips.

I had to do a crazy bindoff to keep the neckline from curling. I don't see how any amount of blocking could keep that thing from curling with a regular bindoff, so I worked in a bunch of decreases and I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY AND CURL NOW, YOU EVIL NECKLINE FROM HELL.


Aaaanyway... my Rusted Root is progressing nicely.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Rusted Root Question....

Hello ladies!

I have finally begun my Rusted Root in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece color Candy Apple Red. I have no pics yet as my husband is renovating the office and that computer has all my software on it. But soon, I hope!

I am wondering what kind of M1 increase you are using? I am only on row 8 and have been using the one where you pick up the bar between 2 stitches and knit into the back of the stitch. When I knit Wicked, the pattern specified to K1F&B for the increases, but this one doesn't really specify. What are you doing?

Shannon in BC

Rusted Root in progress

Hi everyone, here is my Rusted Root in progress though I have gotten a bit farther since this picture was taken. When I first started knitting this, it was going really fast. And then I had a crazy week this past week: my car broke down and I found out it was pretty much dead so I had to run around like mad finding a new one, and I didn't get to knit much since then. I finally found a new car though, so I'm knitting onward! I just started decreasing. This is my first time knitting lace. I really enjoy it. I will have to try more lace in the future.

I like the color of the yarn but I'm not sure I like it ON me. I don't want to frog though, I think the color will probably grow on me. I mostly wear warm colors (reds, pinks) so I think it just feels weird to see myself in blue. (this IS a stashbusting yarn!)

Two Saharas

Hello Sexy Knitters! I'm so glad to be part of this KAL. I know this might be cheating in terms of KAL rules, but I've actually already finished Sahara . . . twice. I was hoping to show you all progress, but I finished right when the Blogger/Typepad issues were resolved. I knit my first one back in January:

Here's a link to my blog for more details on this one.

And just posted about my summer version a few days ago:

More details on this one at this post.

Anyway, I promise to participate properly (i.e., SHOW you my progress instead of just FOs) on Rusted Root, which I am starting in Cotton Fleece in color Rue. Thanks for letting me join the fun!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'm up to the start of the Diamond Rib around the hem of Sahara. I've been here for nearly 2 weeks now!! I've frogged the first row of the rib pattern at least 3 times and the short row shirt tail shaping twice. I can't seem to get the right number of stitches and wraps at the end of the first row of the rib. Then I rip out and muck up the pick ups of the wrapped stitches so have to rip back to the start of them. At least this last time I was able to only rip back to the start of the back shaping. I guess I'm learning lots about the anatomy of short row wrapped stitches anyway. So here's hoping I get it right this time round.


Rusted Root Done!!!

Wow what a fast knit. Even having to frog and start over. Here is a pic, I still have to weave in ends and take a pic of it on. But it's done!!! I love it too, it's perfect and I can see myself making more of these. I saw someone do it in red and I loooved it, so that might be the color I choose next time. Next up...Sahara!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sahara Body done!

YIPPEE!! I finished the body of my Sahara. I am REALLY happy with the fit so far!(My knits tend to come out too big!) I took me forever to finish the trim on the body because I sliced my index finger last night (left hand but still makes it a lot slower) pretty bad. Typing is much slower too! Anyway I went upstairs to get my size 6, 16" needles and guess what...I don't have any! AHHH so I can't start my sleeves! I don't want to do anymore of the lace right now with my finger today. I'm going to sit anf knit tomorrow so I'm praying my LYS has that size addis, or I might cry! OK I won't cry but I need to get a hold of one soon! So while I really want to start Rusted root, I'm thinking I should finish up another almost done project while I wait on my needles..( I may not be able to resist though!)

OH I'm using Valley Yarns Goshen in Purple haze on size 6 and 4s...and am really happy with it so far! Nice

Sahara Yarn Recommendations

Hi guys! Can you all recommend a different yarn other than what the pattern calls for???

Thanks so much!!!


Rusted Root progress!

I'm only a bit past the armpits, but so far I'm loving the pattern. It's simple enough to knit while watching TV, reading, etc, but certainly not boring.

I’m a little sad my sleeves aren’t very puffy, but I’m not sure if I care enough to tear way back or perform some major terrifying knitting surgery. Meh.

I'm using my Denises (as you can see by the cable pulling across my boobs there... classy.), which were great for flexibility of cord lengths in the beginning, and now it's so easy to try it on every once in a while. The yarn is Inca Wool - I'm not sure if the color is labeled on the ball band - it's in Russian. It's green! I've been detailing progress on my blog (, but so far there's not much about Rusted Root there since I just made a virtual move.

Sahara Stalled

Well, once I got my yarn and new Options Needles, I started off with a bang. Then things got busy, other projects got bumped up, etc.... you know the drill. So right now, my Sahara is stalled a bit. I am loving the color and the feel of the yarn! I'm using Knit Picks Shine Worsted in  Crocus.

I hope to get more done near the end of this week and over the weekend. Things are crazy this week for some reason. :)


Diary of a Mad Crafter

Blogged with Flock

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Having serious issues - advice?

I got cascade pima tencel to make Sahara, the color is a gorgeous bright red & it is soooo soft, but I can't seem to get anywhere with it.

So far I have gotten the six inches done on the back & started working on the front sides, but here's the problem - IT HURTS!! I can't work on it for more than 30-45 minutes at a time, my hands ache & start to cramp, the yarn slips all over the place (in my grip, it's fine once it's on the needle) and I get seriously frustrated, so of course then I put the project in 'time out' for a few days until I give it another go, and then the same thing happens, so I just can't get anywhere with it!
Can anyone give me any tips or tricks to make it easier to knit with slippery yarn? Thank you!!

The Beginning of Sahara Short Sleeves

This is the beginning of the first of two Sahara sweaters that I plan to make. This one is the short sleeve version in Rowan’s All Season Cotton in the color Misty. I am using size US 8 and 6 needles instead of the recommended US 6 and 4.

I have to admit that I did have some problems at first with the provisional cast on, but I think I did ok. I decided to omit some of the decreases at the waist in the pattern to obtain a better fit for me. So far, so good! My goal is to hopefully finish this sweater before my birthday in May. At the rate I’m going, I think that is a realistic goal.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Wish Me Luck!

Well, I am off tomorrow to visit the LYS and find something nice and luxurious for my Sahara! After seeing so many great ones on all you Sexy Knitters, I just have to go ahead. I'm feeling a bit blue, so I think a splurge is just what I need. I'm hoping to find something in Bamboo - possibly the Berocco? Not sure, but I'm sure the ladies at the shop will help me find what I need. I also need to get some gifties for a few pals, so I plan to spend a great morning at the shop!!!

Oh, and I'm extremely glad we're back, up, and running again! Yay!!!!


Rusted Root - Done!

Here it is!

42207 001

42207 002

It is bagging a little in the pictures because it was still damp from blocking when I tried it on (those lumps aren't me!!) I also need to reknit the sleeves as they came out too tight. The culprit is probably switching to a smaller needle size as directed in the pattern, as I didn't have this problem with Green Gable and I also knitted it in the same size. No biggie, as it's only a few rounds each sleeve, but I need to find my woven-in ends (LOL!) I was so sure it'd fit that I wove everything in before trying it on, as Green Gable did.

Catching up!

Progress! I have a little way yet to go but it's going rather fast now that I'm past the decreasing. I want this to be longer than the one they have in the pic, so still quite a bit longer. I tried it on though to check the fit and make sure I didn't have to frog it again. Ignore the pj's. Anyway, I can't wait to finish I am so excited!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Restarted Sahara

Well I got to the bottom of Sahara and got totally confused by the split hem line. I decided to try the thing on and it was just all wrong with the chenielle yarn I had selected. Instead of trying to rework it with that particular yarn, I decided to hit it with some Cascade. Its been slow going as life has been catching up with me, but plugging away at it all day today. Just about to join and work in the round so after that it will go a lot better. Me and Purling aren't on a best friend basis, though I understand the need for it in my knitting life.
Hopefully by the end of this week I will have my new shirt and pics to post! If anyone else had trouble with that split hem thing, what I am curious about is when it says to wrap stitches, am I wrapping those two and three at once and counting them as two and three or am I counting those as one stitch for that four and five I'm supposed to be counting???

Rusted Root

Hey Sexy Knitters - I am so glad that the posting issues are fixed!

I finished my Rusted Root a couple weeks ago. I pretty much followed the pattern as is except I did some additional waist decreases. I really loved this pattern. It was a quick and fun knit and I will most likely make another one. I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Holly Green. This was the first time I have used this yarn and I LOVE it!

Next time around I will space the waist decreases out by maybe five rows. They are too close together for my taste but other than that I absolutely love this pattern and love this top!

There is more info and a close up pic on my blog: Yarn It

Now I am working on Sahara and I just finished the waist increases last night. Another gorgeous pattern! I will post pics of my progress on Sahara soon. I love all the posted projects that have been popping up!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Progress on Sahara

Here is my Sahara so far:

I've had to make a few modifications. First of all, my gauge isn't right as far as the rows are concerned. The stitch count is fine but I get more rows per inch so I am relying on the measurements laid out in the pattern rather than the row counts. Secondly, I'm making more hip increases. Instead of increasing every 8 rows 5 times for a total of 20 stitches increased, I'm increasing every 5 rows 7 times for a total of 28 stitches increased. It's difficult to tell how well it fits because of the open front. While I wear close fitting clothes, I'm not used to wearing such a fitted sweater. I love the way it is fitting so far.

I have a question for those of you who are using beads--I am adding them to the diamond rib parts of the sweater. Did you add beads randomly or to certain stitches in the pattern and if so, which stitches?

Membership & Posting Instruction Update

Hello Sexy Knitters!

My name is Maryanne and I’m going to be helping Jeanie out with some things while she’s under the weather……

In the wake of all the technical difficulties with blog services we’ve had lately, it appears that there is still some confusion amongst the group as to what kind of action is required from members in order to remain members and be able to post during the current and future knitalongs. We hope that the following list will help alleviate any of the confusion that may linger regarding these issues. For further clarification - membership issues are entirely separate from “postmanship” issues (the ability to post during a knitalong) and each will be treated separately in the future.

  • For Prior Members: If you were a member of the SKC before the current technical difficulties, i.e. have previously requested and obtained an invite to the club and have activated that membership then you need do nothing. You will remain a member as long as you see fit with no further effort on your part. You never have to ask again :)

  • For New Members: If you are not a current member of the SKC and are seeking an invitation to the club please send an e-mail titled “New Membership Request” to knittymugginsATyahooDOTcom requesting membership. Please include in your e-mail a username you would like to use on the SKC as well as a blog link if you have one so that we can put your information into the sidebar. You are not required to have a blog in order to join the club and we can also link your username to an e-mail address or nothing at all. Please specify your preferences in your request for membership. Once we've received and processed your request, you will receive a confirmatory e-mail regarding your membership status containing instructions on how to request posting privileges. Welcome!

  • For Any Member (New or Current): If you would like posting privileges for the current knitalong please send an e-mail to yarnaholic1963ATyahooDOTcom titled “Postmanship Request”. At this time, you must request these privileges every time there is a new SKC knitalong in which you would like to participate. You will have posting privileges for the duration of that knitalong only and will have to e-mail again the next time you want to participate.

Thank you all so very much for your patience during this transition time. Hopefully these updated instructions will make things a bit more clear for everyone and we look forward to many more happy knitalongs together! Knit on Sexy Knitters!

**Edited to Add: There have been some questions from members regarding the SKC "disappearing" from their Blogger dashboards. Don't worry - this does not mean you are no longer a member! If you have not requested posting privileges for a current KAL, then the SKC will not show up in your dashboard until you do so. The SKC will remain absent from your dashboard except for those times when posting privileges are requested. Hope this helps!

Sahara 2.0.2

Bonjour à tout le monde!

I am so excited that Sahara was picked for the knit a long this time around. I've already knitted one (short sleeve version) and love it so very much. (I posted 2 photos in the SKC flickr group.)

I'd probably be close to done with my second one (long sleeve version) by now, but I had the great misfortune of having my yarn stolen. (It was in the bf's car, the car was stolen, the police found it, but no yarn inside!)

I don't have any current progress photos of it, but I do have a photo of my progress right before it was stolen. (I am now getting close to the point where it was.) The yarn is Elann Peruvian Highland Silk in Calypso Green. I'm eagerly awaiting Elann's restocking so that I can recoup the 3 balls of yarn that I lost.

Anyways, good luck to everyone who's knitting this lovely sweater right now. It's a fantastic pattern.

Rusted Root

So after several attempts at CO this project, I've finally gotten in to it. The lace seems easy to me but I keep screwing it up. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Could I just be having a hard time following it-- I have to read it every time. I don't think that I could possibly memorize all 10 rows of the lace panel. Anyone else having this problem? Any advice for me?
As always, more details on my blog:

Joining Sahara

The pattern reads: Join Front: with RS facing, CO 20 sts for center front panel. Work across the left front to right armhole marker (now becomes EOR marker). Work across right front, join centre front panel, and continue to EOR.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I think rather than an error, the instruction is really just rather condensed. I CO 20 sts, worked across left front to left armhole marker, worked across left armhole and across back, then across to right armhole marker (which now becomes EOR marker), then across right front to join to centre front panel, then continue to EOR.

I hope that helps.

for now

Friday, April 20, 2007

Rusted Root Progress

Slowly but surely, it's coming along. I'm using Cotton Fleece in Terracotta Canyon, which is slightly less orange than it looks in the pictures.


It fits! It fits!

I'm doing a hybrid of the small and medium, mostly following the instructions for the small, but did the neckline and sleeve increases of the medium so I'd have plenty of poof in the sleeves. I was originally going to do the medium as-is, and I'm glad I didn't, because it would have been huuuuuge on me.

I replaced the lace panel with a banana tree cable, so that I would be able to wear it without a shirt underneath.


Apologies for the, er, rather un-professional photography. Heh.

testing and showing off my root

not much progress on my rusted root but i have taken the sleeves off and am working on the body now. i'm using a cotton linen blend yarn and i think i'm gonna love the black! i also plan to do sahara but that's a tall order for me to finish two kal in one session so i may be late to the party with sahara but will be doing that with long sleeves for the fall so no hurry no worry!

Rusted Root Finished

So I was able to finish my Rusted Root last week at the two week mark exactly. This was a great knit project and I love that everyone has been so sweet and complimentary on the outcome. I will be making Sahara after I complete my Fitted Knits project. I already have some yarn in mind, so this should be great! I must admit that not being able to post on here for awhile was painful. I really missed you guys. lol. At any rate, I'm glad we're back without the blog problems.

Susan & her blog

Sahara nearly there

I was determined to get Sahara finished by last weekend but didn't quite make it as I have explained in my blog however I do think she's looking lovely and really enjoyed the ease of the pattern. I also found the error in the pattern when joining into the round, but just went the other way and it works just fine.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I am going for the sleeveless version so just have the edgings to do. I cast off the bottom edging with a 5mm needle to give the garment enough give to hang right on the hips

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I used Louisa Harding 'Grace' yarn, which is a silk and wool mix. I love the colour and the feel of the yarn, but it does have a tendancy to split and pill so I'm not sure about its longevity, will have to be really gentle with the washing process. Am going to move on to our second project now. As yet am undecided about yarn, love some of the yarns people are using but can't get them in the UK. Its not fair.

Anyway, if you want to see more photos of Sahara's progress please look at my blog where I've posted lots of pics.

for now
Ruby x

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Finishing up Rusted Root/Sahara KAL

Hello everybody. It's been a long time since I've posted but I've been SWAMPED with the end of school, banquets, ceremonies, prom(s), graduation, and you name it! We are now FINISHED for the summer, so I should be somewhat more available for blogging and the like (somewhat being the operative word here).

Since I've been so busy and since the SKC was somewhat out of commission for a couple of weeks, I decided to wait until the end of May to end the current knit along, giving some of you a little more time to complete your lovely projects. There are a few more days of May left, so there's still time to bind off, weave in your ends, block your sweaters, and post pics on the site. For those of you who completed Rusted Roots and Sahara's, please send me an email letting me know that you participated in the Rusted Root/Sahara knit along, and I'll enter your name into a drawing. I'm not sure what the prize will be just yet, but I'll be deciding and posting that very soon.

And while we're finishing up the current knit along, let's go ahead and begin the nominations for the next knit along. We'll take nominations until June 15th. If you have not yet requested membership and postmanship, please be sure to do so, so that you may post your nominations. Membership is required to vote for the next knit along, however postmanship is not required to vote. Remember, please email Maryanne for membership requests, and email Jeanie for postmanship requests.

If and when you nominate a pattern, please be sure to link it using the "link" icon at the top of the posting window. Please do not include the long URL in your post, as this can "mess up" the side navigation bar on our site.

Have fun nominating!

These are pictures of my rusted root... before I discovered that I was doing the wrong size. Long story short, my chest shrunk sometime in the past month. And I was right at the low end of one size and then after my discovery I was in the next size down. SO...I started knitting it over and am about 10 rows in now and it should go faster now. :)

Let's Vote!

Hey Sexy Knitters! Here is the poll for the next knit along! A big thanks to Maryanne for compiling our top 20 nominations for us. Please refer to her list (in the post right below this one) for links to each pattern if you've forgotten what any nomination looks like. Remember, you must be a member to vote. If you're not yet a member, please email MaryAnne to request a membership invitation. Posting privileges are not necessary in order to vote.

Voting will last until Wednesday at midnight so get the word out to all your SKC member friends to get on over here and vote! Have fun!

Edited To Add: Okay, I see now that I inadvertently added two Josephine Tops and omitted the Lillian Top. I'm so sorry! The good news is that since the Josephine Top listed first had zero votes so I went ahead and renamed it Lillian (although when you "view" the votes, it still shows as Josephine). So those of you who want to vote for Lillian, please go ahead and vote!

This Just In! We received an email from Kristeen from French Girl Knits who has let us know that should Fifi win as our next knit along pattern, she will make the Fifi pattern (including pattern corrections) available as a pdf download especially for the Sexy Knitters Club!!! How cool is that? The downloadable version of the pattern will be available in about a week or so and we'll be sure to let you know when it's ready. The pattern cost will be $5.00 for SKC members, and those who have already purchased the pattern will be able to receive the pdf download at no additional charge. Kristeen also let us know that Fifi is easily lengthened for those of us who had some concerns about the top being a little short. Hooray for top down sweaters! And thanks to Kristeen for her willingness to help out the SKC members!

Choose Your Favorite!
Lacy Little Top
One Skein Wonder
Deep V Argyle Vest
Lillian (aka Josephine Top #1)
Fitted Tank
Krista Tee
Turkish Lace Cami
Myrna Sweater
Scarlet Woman Sleeveless Tank
Corset Top Pullover
Josephine Top
Nicole Vest

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We're BAAAACK.....

Well, it took (what Vince from Blogger calls) "some surgical work" to get things up and running again but it looks like Vince's surgery was a success! Thanks to Vince, Eric, and all the other folks at Blogger/Google who helped recreate a blog that would work with over 800 members.

So there are a few things that will be a little different but it shouldn't be SO different that we can't adjust. First, you will still need to email me to request to be a member of the SKC (whether you choose to post or not). I will then send you an email confirmation letting you know that you are eligible to request an invitation to post to the SKC for the duration of that knit along. If you would like to post to the SKC for the duration of the current knit along, you will need to email me a second time, letting me know that you would like an invitation to be able to post. Once you've accepted your invitation to post, you may post as often as you'd like to until the next knit along starts. Once the next knit along starts, you'll have to request an invitation to post for the duration of that knit along, and so on and so on... This does require a little more work for those who would like to post for each and every knit along, but it is the only way we're able to keep the blog running efficiently. Current members will need to request an invitation to post even if you've been able to post prior to now.

For those who are requesting new membership to the SKC, please put MEMBERSHIP REQUEST into the subject line of your email, and include your email address and the name of your blog (if you have one) in the body of the email. Instructions on how to post will be included in your email confirmation to your membership request. As always, please allow several days for me to get back to membership requests.

For those of you who have requested to be members of the SKC within the past few weeks, I've still got your requests in my inbox and will reply to those as soon as possible.

I hope this answers everybody's questions, but please feel free to post any questions in the comments section to this post.

Thank you all so much for your patience and support during this transition!

ETA: Previous SKC members do not need to request a new membership invitation! If however, you were a member of the SKC before and would like to be able to post to the Sahara/Rusted Root knit along, please send a POSTING REQUEST to with POSTING REQUEST in the subject line of the email. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And Now Your Top 20 Nominations For June 2007.....

Hello all you sexy knitters! Today is a special day because it's time for the top 20 nominations for the next SKC KAL! Yay! The top 20 nominations are determined by your nominations and how much positive feedback each nomination post receives. Unfortunately, we can only accept 20 nominations at a time for voting purposes. We're very sorry if the pattern you nominated was not chosen this time. Please don't take this personally, and please, if you strongly believe in a certain pattern, definitely nominate it again next time!Without further ado, the nominees are:

  1. Fifi from French Girl (other nice versions here and here)

  2. Lillian from Amanda at Delicious Stitches

  3. Nicole Vest from Chicknits

  4. One Skein Wonder from Stefanie Japel (Glampyre)

  5. Fitted Tank from Blue Sky Alpacas and Kpixie

  6. Lacy Little Top from Allhemp and Kpixie

  7. Soleil from Knitty, Spring 2005

  8. Zinzin from Knitty, Summer 2007

  9. Coachella from Knitty, Summer 2007

  10. Corset Top Pullover from Interweave Knits, Spring 2003

  11. Tulip from Lisa Shobhana-Mason

  12. Myrna Sweater from White Lies Designs

  13. Scarlet Woman Sleeveless Tank from Pieknits

  14. Badia from Berocco

  15. Deep V Argyle Vest from Eunny Jang

  16. Josephine Top from Interweave Knits, Summer 2007 (scroll down to see image)

  17. Turkish Lace Cami by our very own SKC member Joanne

  18. Sasha Euroflax Linen Skirt

  19. Krista Tee from White Lies Designs

  20. Isabella from Knitty, Spring 2007

So pick your favorite and be ready to vote when our poll is up, on or around June 17th! Happy Voting!

Monday, April 09, 2007

We've Moved!

We're now at!

Crossing Fingers that this'll Go Through

Here's my progress of Rusted Root so far. I'm hoping to have this completed by Friday for my trip to Vegas! The instructions are extremely clear and other than minor blocking at the neckline, this is a knit and wear item for sure. I finished the neckline and sleeves as soon as I was able to separate the sleeves. This has worked out well for me in the past since I hate doing any kind of finishing. For whatever reason - I'm less adverse to it, if it's before the whole piece is complete. I added one more K2,P1 row for both the sleeves and neckline. If all keeps going this smoothly, my next post will be another 2007 FO.

Rusted Root FO!

I've had a lot of problems with publishing my posts (thus, no progress pics), but it is finito! now. Yay for long easter weekends!

See more pictures on my blog:!

Question about Sahara instructions

I'm almost at the part in the pattern where I will finally start knitting in the round. I'm a little confused by the instructions in the sectioned called "Join Front." You are told to CO 20 then knit across left front to the right armhole which will become the End of Row. Work across right front, join center then continue to End of Row. I assume this means to CO20 then knit across the left front and around the back to the right armhole. Then knit across right front, join center, knit across left front and again around the back to the right armhole (End of Row). Or could it be a misprint --meaning to knit across left front to left armhole which will be the End of Row? I'm a little confused but my gut tells me that my first interpretation is the right one. Could someone please clarify? Thanks!

Tea Rose Sahara

I started my Sahara about a week ago and I'm using Cotton Fleece in Tea Rose. I'm further along than this, now. I'm just about to start the bottom hem shaping. So far, I really like the pattern and it seems to fit well.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I've seen a few finished Saharas on various blogs, and they seem to turn out really well, so I'm really excited to finish mine. It shouldn't be too long until I'm wearing it!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Simple Knitted Bodice

I know this KAL was some time ago, but I hadn't even heard of the SKC when you did it. As soon as I saw it, I had to do it. So I started it when I finished Wicked. Today I finished! This picture is of the sweater unblocked. I couldn't wait to try it on. :) Now I can get on with Sahara.


Diary of a Mad Crafter

A Wicked End to Winter

Hey guys – I just wanted to post a quick pic of my finished Wicked:
Photo Hosted at Buzznet
I’m a bit late for the knitalong… but not for the winter weather!

More details on my blog.

rusted root

Hello everyone! I'm Mallory and this is my first time knitting along with the SKC. I've started Rusted Root. It's my first time ever doing lace and I think it's pretty fun!

I'm using Knit Picks new yarn, CotLin, on size 7's. I got gauge with some Cascade Sierra on 6's, but as I live in southern Arizona, I knew I wouldn't wear it much if I used the Sierra (too thick, it's hot here man!). The CotLin is nice. I really like it.

This is also my first knit-in-one-piece garment. I like the construction of it. It's a fun knit so far. I look forward to the SKC move to TypePad so we can all get settled in and I can hear from more of you! :)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sahara takes shape!

Hi there,I have been going on Sahara for a week now and thought it time to post progress pics. Here she is:

I've just placed the markers for the waist shaping, not quite to joining the fronts. The puddle of colours you see on the right front are the beads I'm going to use (close-up below).
I've decided to prestring moukaite (Australian Jasper) gemstone chips on to perle 8 cotton (lower right corner) as a carry-along. These are my favourite semi-precious gemstones. They have a gorgeous colour range of pink-purple, burgundy, cream, mustard and browns. And it's appropriate as I'm an Aussie, don't you think? ;-)

I'm using Rowan Summer Tweed in Summer Berry and it is knitting up beautifully. Nice even stitches and not at all hard on my wrists. I love the richness of the colour. I measured as about a 32" bust and so I'm doing the XS. I am going to try it on once I've joined the fronts. This has gone really fast and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I did end up ripping it back to the shoulder markers (all 5.5 inches!!) as I thought the clip-on stitch marker was wearing through the yarn. I had the shoulders re-knit by the end of Good Friday though.

Point to note: The instructions for increasing at the front armhole shaping I found confusing. Where it says 'CO 1 stitch (etc) at start of next 2 rows. Cast on 2 stitches (etc) at start of following 2 rows' I interpreted a row as both fronts. After ending up with too many stitches, I finally figured it out each front counted for a row. So it was more ripping out. Probably obvious, I know. I also overthink 'finish on/with a right side row'. Does that mean do the right side row and finish or stop at the end of the preceding wrong side? >:- I'm going with the former.

Sorry if I've waffled. Hope you're all enjoying you're selected projects too!

Sahara takes shape!

Hi there,
I have been going on Sahara for a week now and thought it time to post progress pics. I've just placed the markers for the waist shaping, not quite to joining the fronts. The puddle of colours you see on the right front are the beads I'm going to use (close-up below).

I've decided to prestring moukaite (Australian Jasper) gemstone chips on to perle 8 cotton (lower right corner) as a carry-along. These are my favourite semi-precious gemstones. They have a gorgeous colour range of pink-purple, burgundy, cream, mustard and browns. And it's appropriate as I'm an Aussie, don't you think? ;-)

I'm using Rowan Summer Tweed in Summer Berry and it is knitting up beautifully. Nice even stitches and not at all hard on my wrists. I love the richness of the colour. I measured as about a 32" bust and so I'm doing the XS. I am going to try it on once I've joined the fronts. This has gone really fast and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I did end up ripping it back to the shoulder markers (all 5.5 inches!!) as I thought the clip-on stitch marker was wearing through the yarn. I had the shoulders re-knit by the end of Good Friday though.

Point to note: The instructions for increasing at the front armhole shaping I found confusing. Where it says 'CO 1 stitch (etc) at start of next 2 rows. Cast on 2 stitches (etc) at start of following 2 rows' I interpreted a row as both fronts. After ending up with too many stitches, I finally figured out each front counted for a row. So it was more ripping out. Probably obvious, I know. I also overthink 'finish on/with a right side row'. Does that mean do the right side row and finish or stop at the end of the preceding wrong side? I'm going with the former.

Sorry if I've waffled. Hope you're all enjoying you're selected projects too!

Sahara progress

Hi! I started my Sahara on the 1st and have done more than I expected since then. I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Lilac. I had to start over, the medium was the right bust size but the back was not wide enough so I started over a size bigger. I also used the provisional cast on from Knit and Tonic. It was very simple to do. This is my first sweater so the pattern has confused me a couple of times but I have managed to figure it out without too much ripping. I can't wait to finish it.