Monday, April 09, 2007

Crossing Fingers that this'll Go Through

Here's my progress of Rusted Root so far. I'm hoping to have this completed by Friday for my trip to Vegas! The instructions are extremely clear and other than minor blocking at the neckline, this is a knit and wear item for sure. I finished the neckline and sleeves as soon as I was able to separate the sleeves. This has worked out well for me in the past since I hate doing any kind of finishing. For whatever reason - I'm less adverse to it, if it's before the whole piece is complete. I added one more K2,P1 row for both the sleeves and neckline. If all keeps going this smoothly, my next post will be another 2007 FO.

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Carissa said...

Looks good.

Don't forget to add it to our flickr group!

SKC Rusted Root KAL on fickr lives here