Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rusted Root

Hey Sexy Knitters - I am so glad that the posting issues are fixed!

I finished my Rusted Root a couple weeks ago. I pretty much followed the pattern as is except I did some additional waist decreases. I really loved this pattern. It was a quick and fun knit and I will most likely make another one. I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Holly Green. This was the first time I have used this yarn and I LOVE it!

Next time around I will space the waist decreases out by maybe five rows. They are too close together for my taste but other than that I absolutely love this pattern and love this top!

There is more info and a close up pic on my blog: Yarn It

Now I am working on Sahara and I just finished the waist increases last night. Another gorgeous pattern! I will post pics of my progress on Sahara soon. I love all the posted projects that have been popping up!


Just call me Ruby said...

Looks great on you, and love the colour. I've been looking for yarn in that shade of green for ages. P.s. just reading your blog, love love love the knitting cafe skirt.

for now

Anna said...

It is beautiful and fits you so well.

Shannon said...

Your Rusted Root turned out fabulous! I'm just about to CO and I'm having a little trouble deciding which CO method to use. Usually I do long-tail, but being a newbie and all, I'm not sure if this affects anything since you need to place the markers in the first row, and long-tail CO already gives you your first knitted row. Am I making any sense? Which CO method did you use? Thanks!

Yarn It said...

Shannon - I used the long tail cast on method. I always do unless a pattern indicates otherwise. You will be totally fine using long tail!

Carissa said...

Looks great. Don't forget to add it to our Rusted Root Flickr group!

Carissa said...

Hmm. Let's try that link again.

SKC Rusted Root KAL on fickr lives here

Susan said...

That looks so good on you!
Great work, it's a perfect fit.

Mallory said...

wow, how beautiful!!!

She'saCraftyOne said...

I'm using the same color. It looks great on you!