Sunday, April 22, 2007

Restarted Sahara

Well I got to the bottom of Sahara and got totally confused by the split hem line. I decided to try the thing on and it was just all wrong with the chenielle yarn I had selected. Instead of trying to rework it with that particular yarn, I decided to hit it with some Cascade. Its been slow going as life has been catching up with me, but plugging away at it all day today. Just about to join and work in the round so after that it will go a lot better. Me and Purling aren't on a best friend basis, though I understand the need for it in my knitting life.
Hopefully by the end of this week I will have my new shirt and pics to post! If anyone else had trouble with that split hem thing, what I am curious about is when it says to wrap stitches, am I wrapping those two and three at once and counting them as two and three or am I counting those as one stitch for that four and five I'm supposed to be counting???

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Kathy said...

The way that I read it(and the way that I did my own), is that you want to do 4 wraps on EACH side for the front and 5 wraps on EACH side for the back. Hope that helps!