Friday, April 27, 2007

Two Saharas

Hello Sexy Knitters! I'm so glad to be part of this KAL. I know this might be cheating in terms of KAL rules, but I've actually already finished Sahara . . . twice. I was hoping to show you all progress, but I finished right when the Blogger/Typepad issues were resolved. I knit my first one back in January:

Here's a link to my blog for more details on this one.

And just posted about my summer version a few days ago:

More details on this one at this post.

Anyway, I promise to participate properly (i.e., SHOW you my progress instead of just FOs) on Rusted Root, which I am starting in Cotton Fleece in color Rue. Thanks for letting me join the fun!


LEO said...

Oh, I really like how you got two different fits and the two Saharas have really different "looks." Nicely done!

Michelle said...

Wow I really love both of your sahara's the beautiful!

grrmrgal75 said...

Very Pretty! I keep hemming and hawing about whether or not to add "sparklies" to mine. Your making it hard to say no seeing those on yours!

Hattie said...

Oh wow! That green one is gorgeous! Love love love it!

Shannon said...

Those are both gorgeous! I wrote down your yarn subs so I'm all prepared to make this one soon! Maybe one of each!