Tuesday, April 19, 2005

How To Post to the SKC

To request posting privileges to the SKC, please follow the instructions below:

  • Be sure you are already a member to the SKC. If you have not yet requested membership, please click here for instructions on how to join the SKC.
  • Posting privileges are required for each individual knit along. In other words, you will need to request new posting privileges each time we begin a new knit along if you are interested in posting to the site for the duration of that particular knit along.
  • For Any Member (New or Current): If you would like posting privileges for the current knit along please send an e-mail to yarnaholic1963ATyahooDOTcom titled “Postmanship Request”.
  • After you request postmanship, you will receive an invitation that will need to be activated before you are able to post. Please allow up to 5 days to receive your postmanship invitation.
  • Once you activate your postmanship invitation, you will be allowed to post as often as you like to the SKC until the beginning of the next knit along.
  • Please keep posts on topic (knitting related to the Sexy Knitters Club). Any off-topic posts will be deleted.
  • Post often and HAVE FUN!


Donna said...

Hi, I would really like to do the Fifi pattern, but am having trouble as to where I can find it. Can anyone help? Thanks so much,


Jeanie said...

Donna, read the ETA to my most recent post ("Let's Vote") regarding the downloadable PDF version of this pattern for SKC'ers.