Tuesday, October 31, 2006

International Scarf Exchange

It's here!!! Woohoo! I received a beautiful scarf and some lovely star stitch markers from the fabulous Maisie in Australia. Thank you Maisie! I will wear this proudly during the short Texas winter! Check out pics on my blog...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Weak Will

Okay, I am gearing up for Stitches East, and really, really getting jealous of all the beautiful SKBs I see posted. This is really a great pattern - it looks fabulous on everyone! Where can I get this pattern again? I'm having a brain freeze and can't remember where to buy it! I would love to get the yarn to knit it at Stitches. . .TIA for any help!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

SKB Finally Finished

I have finally completed my SKB. I really loved the pattern but the sleeves took forever. I was also a bit dismayed about the yarn specifications being quite off. If I had used Rock Star as required I would have needed four skeins - not two. Besides that, I am VERY pleased with how this turned out. I love it and I can't wait to wear it out. The modifications I made are on my blog Yarn It.

SKB Finished

Love my new SKB. I just finished it and wore last night to my class reunion casual night with jeans. I made mine from patons katrina in Lilac. I never could get the gauge exactly so I just applied good ol' math to the pattern (which is a pain) but it did come out OK. Instead of 3 purl ridges at the end of the sleeves I just did 2 repeats.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Another Sizzle finished

Hi there! I've finally finished my Sizzle having frogged it once already! Got my maths wrong and paid for the consequences. But luckily, this is a quick knit and I've finished! (Well, I still have a few ends to sew, but I'll just call it completed!)
Pattern - Sizzle by Wendy at Knit & Tonic
Yarn - Classic ElitePremiere in Jasmine (pale pink). Lovely soft yarn (50% cotton, 50% Tencel). But it looks like it might pill, so we'll see.
Needle size - 4mm (instead of 4.5mm of the pattern because I didn't like the drape of the knitted fabric)
Modifications - Because of the needle change,I cast on a few extra stitches. And because I am quite short, I made all my decreases and increases at every 4 rows instead of 6. I also added extra decreases for the waist shaping.
Thoughts - I really like this knit. I think I'll knit another one in a more vibrant colour and make the neckline a little lower. After knitting the edging, it pulls the neckline in slightly.

Overall - I love this. Hurray.

finished SKB

I finished my Simple knitted Bodice the other day, and I've posted some photos and info on my blog. I really enjoyed this one, and I think it turned out well. Hope everyone else is enjoying! Can't wait to see more finished projects.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Shetland Sweater Vest

This is my first post here. I'm posting a picture of my shetland sweater vest. The yarn is handspun from my senior shetland ram (I'll post a pic of him too). I spun this yarn this spring after shearing and it was completely hand processed from start to finish. I knit this on a circular needle and then just knit the shoulders closed so that I did not have to do any sewing up of side seems. If I make this pattern again, I will make the arm opening cut down lower on the sides and till make the shoulders narrower to give it a more feminine look. Other than that, I do like it.

I can't remember the name of the book that I got this pattern from. It has cables up the center front and then they split to go up the V collar. The arm bindings and neck binding was done last. This is a natural wool color with no dye used.
Below is a picture of the shetland ram who donated the wool for my vest. His name is Sheepyhollow Alf.

Can't You See I'm Knitting Here?!: No Time For Knitting

Good for you for getting organized! I desparately need to do that. Right now I'm working on minor projects around the house - broken faucets, running toilets, etc.

Monday, October 23, 2006

So I'm moing on to the sleeves...

OK so I picked up my SKB again, and started the sleeve! I'm REALLY worried that I'm not going to have enough of my disco lights for the lace on both sleeves!!! I'm hoping that I don't have to rip out the bottom purl bumps to get extra yarn to do the other sleeve, then knit the bottom with the reg tilli thomas, since I have a ton of it left. AHH what a pain in the arse! Well I guess I'll have to wait and see. I sure hope I don't have to rip! And too think that I was going to do the collar in the reg silk..then I wouldn't be in this mess.....

Well lets hope! Any thoughts?!?!

OK I've got to finish

OK, so I've been procrastinating and knitting other things....I've just got to finish my sleeves on the SKB! I know that it won't take me long! I've got to just force myself todo it! I"m soooo close!

OH did I mention that I just bought the yarn for Sizzle too?!?!?!

Smokin' Sizzle

Well, finished at last! I'm very happy with Sizzle. It's a straightforward pattern and very enjoyable to knit. I loved using Olympus Silk Bijou. It has a crunchy feel as I think others have mentioned before. I used the dark blue (kind of Airforce Blue) color. The changes I made: Started neckline at same time as armholes; used US5 circ for neckband and US6 16" circ for armbands. I would definitely make this again. It's a perfect tank that goes with everything. Thank you, Wendy of Knit and Tonic for creating the pattern. If you're interested, you can read more about my knitting at Tukats.

WOO HOO for the SKB!

This is my very favorite sweater EVER! I know, I know, I said that about the sizzle and the somewhat cowl, but this one is right up there with the sizzle! Please ignore the fact that I'm wearing this over my workout pants and have no makeup on, it was late at night when I finished and I just couldn't wait to take the pic. I think I've worn it almost every day since!

I used Elsebeth Lavold's silky tweed, a blend of wool & silk and got it quite cheap at webs and LOVED it! I also changed the purl bumps into regular garter stitch rows and didn't use any sequins, just the same yarn in color #16. I made the next-to smallest size, and am probably going to make another in the short sleeved version and will make the smallest size. I got gauge, but it turned out a bit looser than I imagined, but it's perfect for wearing over a tank top. LOVE THIS PATTERN!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Am I making progress?

First off, pay no attention to my spotty/streaky mirror. It seriously does not look that bad when you are standing in front of it...the camera, in addition to adding ten pounds, apparently adds dirt and grime too :P

SO I have reached the part where I joined in the round and am doing the purl ridges. I didn't switch to a larger needle because, well, I don't have one. Is it me or am I blind? I didn't see in the "materials needed" section that you need smaller, larger AND DPNs.

Anyway, I started making the small, but I lost track of the stitch count and for a while I was making the extra small, then the medium. Somehow that always happens to me. I am not a very conscientious knitter, I guess.
Oh well, it seems to fit ok...I guess. I am quite liking the soysilk...I knit in public alot and I love telling people that I am knitting with tofu!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

SKB question

Hi all- I'm working on an SKB, and I'm wondering about the purl ridges at the bottom. Should these be knitted in the smaller needle (the directions say to change yarn, but not needles)? I'm working in a cotton/acrylic blend, so mine is as drapey as the suggested yarn, and the purl ridges are sticking out a bit right at my hips. Not good. In every other place in the pattern where you use the purl ridges, you also use smaller needles, so I thought that may be the case here. There's a (poorly lit) picture of my almost finished sweater at my blog. What has everyone else done?
Hi Everybody! Well this is my first post, im a horrible poster :(. But i am doing the SKB and have the body all done and started a sleeve (i am doing the long sleeve version). I am using Caron Simply Soft, because i am super poor but i loved the pattern and i do love the yarn but i have never used it for something i am gonna wear. But so far i am happy with the turnout. i would be closer to finished if i hadnt gotten sick last week but i hope to get the sleeves done this weekend and collar beginning of next week! Wish me luck!!!! I love everybody else's stuff! i think that my favorite part of this blog besides being able to ask for help if u need it. I love to see FO's!!! Hope u all have a great day and weekend!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sizzle finito!

I actually finished this two weeks ago, but I'm a) very busy and b) very slack at posting photos! This was mainly knit at morning teas at work over a couple of weeks. If I hadn't been so busy it would have gone a lot faster.

I used DB Cathay, which I now absolutely adore. It has a good memory compared to straight cotton, and the silk content gives it a sheen and that unmistakeable silky smell.

Thanks for a fantastic pattern, Wendy!

Firtst kal..first post

Finally time to report in. I am knitting the skb with Debbie Bliss Apalca silk dk. It feels lovely - and pleased with the colour (damsom.) Although I used to knit prolifically as a student have not done so for years. I used to alsways make huge sweaters with acrylic, so this is a bit of a leap of faith for me - nice yarn and a fitted sweater. So far so good though. I am a bit worried it might be too small, but it does seem to fit (although it is definately fitted!) Am doing the lace right now. Although I joined it when the pattern said I knitted a few extra inches before the lace to get it under my chest. We'll see what the neckline looks like - think it might be a bit high, but that should be okay.

On a different note - was looking for advice about left handers and knitting. I am trying to teach my twin daughters to knit, but they are both left handed. I thought I would just teach then like a right handed person, but they are finding it quit awkward and want to move the wool using their left hand. So, do left handed people knit back to front or not?

Take care all.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

SKB Finished!

Finally, the SKB is finished! I decided not to use sequins on the sleeves and the neck band. I love the way this sweater turned out. I was going to try the Magic Loop method on the sleeves, but with the lace and small needle, maybe next time (with something a little simpler). I knitted additional 22 rows before the lace pattern, so the lace part will kind of line up with the waist lace pattern. And I didn't do as much increases after the lace, I didn't want a big bell sleeves. This picture here is pre-block, I just couldn't wait to put it on and take a picture. More details in my blog.


marilyns not so shrunken cardi is finished and what else can i say but i love it! i had to use this stitch dictionary to do the crochet part since i do not crochet but it was easy enough and i love the results, i think i'll be wearing this one! i think i'll be making another too! see more pics here!

Monday, October 16, 2006

And I Thought I Was Doing So Well

I was working steadily on my SKB. I had done the correct number of increases and even had the correct stitch count. After transferring it to scrap yarn, I tried it on... more like I draped it over my shoulders. Huh... looked too small and too short, similar to the same predicament as Jarubaknits, so I decided to do another full set of repeats and increases. After I joined it, I held it up. Too big! Rip it! Rip it good! Now I'm ripping it back slowly, so I don't drop any of the increases at the shoulders. Here's a picture of it before I started to frog. It's about 2-3 inches that I'm ripping out. Wish me luck.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Sizzle yarn

Ok... I know I won't be able to do Sizzle during this KAL. I chose the SKB first and it's going to take me a couple more weeks as it is (sleeves and neckline). Plus I am also doing the Central Park Hoodie and then need to get on a Christmas sweater for dad and a scarf for Mom. But, I have the pattern for Sizzle sitting on my table here and went ahead and ordered some yarn for it. I'm going to try it in KnitPicks Andean Silk in Hyacinth, which looks like a gorgeous royal blue. Anyone else using Andean Silk for this? Comments or tips?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

One Sleeved SKB

I haven't seen too many SKB post's lately - are you all hung up on those dang sleeves like I am? I seriously lost my motivation for a few weeks and had to put the top on hold. I have finally completed one sleeve and I am working on the other - I needed to get this thing out of my hair. Now I am wishing I would have taken Wendy's advice to leave the top with cap sleeves - I will be doing one that way for the summer. Anyway, here is a pic thus far. The bottom of the sleeve has a strip affect going on and I am really unsure how I could have avoided that, so it will stay. Hopefully the other sleeve will do the same thing so it matches somewhat. There are more details on my blog - especially concerning the beaded yarn shortage issue. Yarn It

marilyn is almost ready for her debut!

i love this pattern, love it to death. i couldn't wait to make the ruffle and when i did i wove in all my ends and sewed on all my buttons and it is gorgeous! it has no sleeves yet , well it has a half of one, but it's a fabulous pattern and i can't wait to get those sleeves off and on and off the needles and to take marilyn out for a date!
i'll show pics of the whole thing when she's done! i'm even liking the yarn more, it seems to have lost all the little pills it had to spare and it's done shedding now, it's like my husky!

p.s. really you guys should consider this one for a future kal! you won't be dissappointed.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

finished my skb

the whole thing. this weekend. i was so excited. but i can't wear it! it's HUGE. i can't figure out why. my gauge was right. i did keep doing increase rows after the neckline join because the purl ridges would have fallen right across the bust instead of below--i should have realized that i needed to decrease at that point. i did get the stitch count correct before starting the chevron pattern, though, so i assumed it'd be all right. but the whole thing--collar and all--just swims on me. so i guess i just knitted a size too big. i knitted the 36-38, and i wear a 34c (so the fullest part of my bust is 37 inches). i used the recommended tilli tomas yarns, so it could be a stretching thing.
anyway, so now i'm debating between the painstaking process of ripping out the whole thing (which has all of its ends woven in and everything!) and knitting it again in a smaller size (how much smaller??) or knitting it in a cheaper yarn first to test the sizing. i'm just heartbroken to have spent $200 on yarn to make a sweater i can't wear! i knitted it in just five weeks, too, and i was so proud! :(

sizzle on!

Here's sizzle on, check my blog for pictures of the V neck in back, and for pics of it on "backwards". And Wendy, surely I got extra pause because the front is like the back...and perhaps because I was in some odd space and ended up ripping it back a couple times for different issues (all related to me...the pattern directions are very clear).

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

sizzle done!

Here's my finished Sizzle. I like this pattern and will do it again...paying better attention to row gauge (my new mantra...row gauge row gauge row gauge). I'm happy with the V in the back, it's about an inch or a bit more higher than the front, which is also a bit higher than the pattern first calls for...none of my bras have a deep enough notch for me to wear such a plunging neckline! Overall it's a bit short on me, but ok for summer shirt, it just hits my hip bones. Glad I added 1/2 inch to bottom edging and an extra few rows between decreases and increases. If I'd been on top of things, I'd've added another inch or so there. I think my finished length is 21 inches. Which would be ok for most people, but I'm long in the waist. Row gauge row gauge row gauge! I did it mostly in discontinued Linet from Berocco. I tried it on several needle sizes and the fabric I liked best had a somewhat tighter gauge than Sizzle calls for (I think I was getting 5.5?) so I made the next size up. Results of that choice are good and it fits well. I thought I wouldn't have enough yarn (this is a stashbuster for me) so I did edging in Santos DK, a mercerized cotton. I like the slight contrast. I ended up with 2 skeins of Linet that I didn't touch...maybe a matching bag? I'm under the weather, so no pic w/ it on, maybe in a few days. Wendy, one MINOR comment...did you notice that the picture of the front of your sweater is on the directions for the back and vice-versa? Made me pause a couple times, but this is certainly a user error problem!

Shall I proceed?

I'm knitting the SKB. I just finished the yoke and have reached the point where I divide the sleeves. I tried on the bodice last night and the right and left fronts come together high on my bust, at about the nipple line. Does that mean I should knit a few more rows before I divide the sleeves? I'm unsure whether to proceed or add some rows. Thanks!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Better late than never!

...I think I say that way, WAY too often :)
Anyway, here is the Somewhat Cowl from oh, maybe 2 KALs ago.

This took me FOREVER to knit...I actually started it in May, but all that back and forth stockinette pushed me into the arms of other, more exciting knits. I finished the Green Gable and the Hourglass Sweater AND THEN came back to this, fully re-charged and ready to finish!

In other, more current Sexy Knitters Club news, I finally decided on a yarn for the Simple Knitted Bodice; after seeing a few other members soysilk FOs I decided to give it a try myself...on sale for $10 at kpixie! Actually only the black and white were on sale, so I chose white...which is actually cream. So far it seems like I've gotten myself into more back and forth snoozy stockinette...

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Here's Sizzle, just waiting for me to get of my butt and pick up all those stitches.

I love this pattern. I can see myself makeing 23 more. :D

Friday, October 06, 2006

Tempting II photo (at last)... Any one going to Ally Pally next weekend?

Finally figured out where this was saved on the computer - I took it out on our work picnic at the end of August... Fantastic weather and loads of compliments.

I'm halfway through the decreases on Sizzle - I'm knitting it in the round and hoping I'll have enough yarn. I'm using some butterfly cotton in scarlet and its looking great.

Are there any more Sexy Knitters in the UK who are heading to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally next week? I'll be there Saturday if anyone wants to meet up

Thursday, October 05, 2006

marilyn is ready for her ruffles!

i'm done with the body of marilyn's nssc, just have to tack the hem up and weave in a few ends. by the way i tried the yarn joining trick from the knit fix post on wendy's blog and it is a beautiful trick. no ends to weave and the join is really not visible. even though i still have the sleeves to do i'm taking a side trip to finish the ruffles on the front. i don't crochet and i didn't really know how to do these little ruffles until i looked it up in a book but i think i've got the hang of it now and i can't wait to see what it looks like! the sleeves will have to wait! here's a bit of what i did last night and more will be done tonite while watching grey's anatomy! see more pics here. later gay

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

sizzle on the way!

so i started my sizzle with some SWTC phoenix in black and i'm using my size 7 denises. i'm loving the way the phoenix drapes. excuse the poor cell phone photo, but i couldn't find my camera and i just wanted to share the excitement. anyone who is thinking about using SWTC phoenix- I can totally reccomend it!


Simple Knit Bodice, found at Stitchdiva.com. It isn't blocked yet, that is the only thing missing. I subbed SWTC Soy Silk for the Tilli Thomas silk and it is very soft. The gauge is a bit off though, mostly because I subbed the gauge of the pattern, not the gauge of the yarn. You can't see the hematite beads that are studding the lace, they are subtle and pretty.

Monday, October 02, 2006


I think Clapotis is a very sexy scarf/wrap. Would it be out of line to ask if anyone wants to do a knit-along for this pattern? I'm interested if anyone else is... There's one going on at Craftster started a LOOONG time ago, but I wonder if ours could be a bit MORE sexy... There's also an updated scarf style one posted at Kpixie.

Anyone up for it?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

marilyns nssc progress...

i love this so far, the fit is great the yarn is light weight and comfy but i have to say it pills all over your clothes while working with it and while wearing it...hate that and hope that goes away when it's laundered but you know silk, it can be a drag that way! incidentally, i've done most of this while watching grey's anatomy and desperate houswives so more to be done tonite!
and i really think i'l make another of these in a different yarn, tweedy yes silk no way! later gay