Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hi Everybody! Well this is my first post, im a horrible poster :(. But i am doing the SKB and have the body all done and started a sleeve (i am doing the long sleeve version). I am using Caron Simply Soft, because i am super poor but i loved the pattern and i do love the yarn but i have never used it for something i am gonna wear. But so far i am happy with the turnout. i would be closer to finished if i hadnt gotten sick last week but i hope to get the sleeves done this weekend and collar beginning of next week! Wish me luck!!!! I love everybody else's stuff! i think that my favorite part of this blog besides being able to ask for help if u need it. I love to see FO's!!! Hope u all have a great day and weekend!!


Jeanie said...

Hi Miriam! Your sweater looks GREAT! You know, Simply Soft is one of my FAVORITE yarns and I've knit with PLENTY of pricey yarns. I've used SS for many sweaters (check out my blog to seee which ones) and seriously considered it for the SKB. I'm so glad to see a finished one and now know that if I decide to remake the SKB it will look lovely in the SS.

Jeanie said...

Oops, Myriam. Sorry.