Sunday, April 30, 2006

Persevering Despite the Odds

Well, motivated by you other froggers and late joiners and the extended deadline, SC continues into its third ball (of nine) of Madrid. I'll join it when I finish this ball, knit another ball on the body, then the cowl, then finish the body, and if I have any yarn left, I'll add sleeves. Otherwise I'll just finish it with a little of the 2x2 rib. This looks an awful lot like the first picture.... I have three projects 'due' by the end of May. Luckily I've also got a road trip to PA next weekend so DH can go to the cigar festival. Yes, he does know this means the fiber festival in Rochester in September. At this cigar festival, you buy a $75 ticket and get, like, $250 in free cigars and swag. Wouldn't it be great if we could do that at fiber fests?

sc redux

OT: Can I be a sexy crocheter?

For those of you interested in following up on the entry I written, I am now happy to report that my crocheted dress is now completed!

Photo & details can be found here.

PS. Let me know if it's inappropriate to mention the *C* word here.

Emy, now off to find a sexy knit project.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Orangina in lilac

Here's a quick pic of my progress. Today I actually finished the front of the shirt and am casting on for the back. I can't wait to show the finished product to everyone! This has moved along quicker than I thought and the pattern is really easy to memorize. I can see another one of these in my future! I'm not sure I'll be able to do the somewhat cowl by the end of the KAL but I have all the yarn for it. It'll happen, just maybe not till later. It is getting pretty hot here in Central Texas after all. I'm participating in the stashalong since my yarn stash is overtaking my house. I've really got to reduce the yarn I have so I put myself on a schedule! We'll see how that works! Look forward to finishing my Orangina soon! Happy Knitting !

Orangina in Tahki Cotton Classic

04/29/2006 5:32pm

I've finished my very own Orangina today. I've had problems with gauging and such, but I am counting on this thing to shrink a little bit. It feels great and I miss the lace pattern already. I don't think I'm feeling the SC to make one, but maybe I'll jump on the next pattern up for grabs for the next KAL. :)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Somewhat Close!

Well, the end is in sight for me - FINALLY! What a crazy month this has been. We got a second location for our shop, expanded the business, are now cleaning two buildings in addition to running two galleries, and are also completely redoing the kitchen. Right down to the drywall! All this activity has seriously cut into my knitting time, which makes me ever so grateful for the completion extension!

But now, the shops are both open and running well, we are hanging cabinets in the morning and evening, and it's still quiet enough during the day to knit some rows! Voila - my very own Somewhat Cowl.

The color is off in the picture - I'm working this up in Elann's Peruvian Collection Quechua in Saxony Teal, a greyed down teal that is more blue than green, but not as slate as the picture seems to show. What a terrific pattern - I tried it on as I went, shortened the raglan seams as recommended, and incorporated the waist shaping. Now I'm about 3/4 of an inch into the bottom ribbing - gotta tell ya, it feels like it's taking FOREVER on the size 2s I've got going. I"m looking forward to binding off, and then completing the sleeves and neckline. I'll make the sleeves just a bit shorter than elbow length, and work the cowl as specified. Really looking forward to wearing this - at least once or twice before it is just too warm!

Sort of an introduction

I joined pretty recently after having read this blog via bloglines for some time.
And my original idea was to just read and learn, but the more I saw, the more I wanted to knit both SC and Orangina. Deciding against orangina since it just would make me look completely flat ;)

The somewhat cowl is coming up pretty ok. For the third time (yes, I knit, frogged, knitted again and frogged even more) so third time is the charm, right?

All of my problems comes from the fact that I'm way smaller than the pattern is written for, in terms of chest and width of it all, but as long (I'm lanky). Trying to keep the look of it but make it actually fit...

wish me luck as I strive on (again) on it.

Somewhat Cowl

The more and more I have watched this KAL, I have really grown to like how the SC looks. I did purchase the pattern for Orangina, but the more I look, the more I think it is something I need to make in the future. So, I just downloaded the SC and think I may start on that after all the shows are finished this weekend (Jungle Book opens tonight and Aida closes this weekend).
I know I am WAY behind, but since we now have May to work on it and I have a long van trip coming up....I will need something to do! :) Thanks for all the beautiful examples. Now off to find suitable yarn.

Photos (... from Picovoli)

Thought I'd better post now that I've found the cable for the camera. Finished my Pico at the beginning of March and I've been trying to explain the concept of the SC to the other half but he just looks confused... Ah well I think I'll ship this KA as I'm trying to avoid bringing any more yarn into the flat at the moment. I'm off to Calgary at the end of the month and as nice as Rowan yarn is it's the only thing I can really pick up easily in the UK without going online. He'll be off on a different holiday so he won't even notice if I can hide it all befroe he gets back!!!

Just got back from a holiday in Rome last night (fantastic) and I'm off to Devon for the weekend to surf and knit (a bag in the leftover Debbie Bliss Cathay)

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I'm coming late to this party, but I'm here to have a good knit! I took my sweet time deciding on a yarn for this, so that takes care of half of April. I spent an anxious 10 days waiting for my Hempathy (Elsebeth Lavold, 34% hemp, 41% cotton, 25% modal, modal being a rayon-type fiber). Finally the package showed up on my doorstep, and inside:

So I swatched it up:

And actually washed and dried my swatch. I've never done this before. I want Orangina to fit, darn it. With wash and dry, machine no less, the guage remained the same. How easy is that? The yarn isn't too rough or stiff, which I was wondering about. It does feel a little irritating going across my finger while I knit. But come on, hemp is a cool "green" fiber. Gotta try it.

I'm not sure why, but casting on was a *@#$. Just one of those moments. I'm finally started, and now that I know the end of the official knit-along is the end of May, I have hope.

A question for you Orangineers out there: Did anyone else change the skp to a ssk?
I did, out of personal preference. It just felt better. (The swatch is skp, I'll post a pic of the ssk as soon as I have enough to show off the pattern.)

Finished SC

I finished last night, and wore it today! Honestly, it's not quite as sexy, and little more bulky than I was hoping for. I steamed it last night, but it may need some more blocking. For now, though I'm happy to have made it- great experience, and I really like the feel of it and the color. You can see more on my blog- silverknits.

Getting There!

I have to tell you this is my very first KAL & WOW I am truly impressed by all the talented women that are out there. I have learned so much from your blogs & posts. I am not as far along as some people with this project but in a way I am glad, I got to learn from other peoples projects & Wendy's updates. (Wendy, a special thanks to you for dealing with all of our questions, emails & comments, you have been very gracious!) I am excited to get this done and I would like to do another, this yarn I have used has tried my patience, it has snagged & split a great deal(Linie 135 Goby 65%baumwolle/35%viscose) but I will push on & get it done, only I won't be wearing rings & will file my nails down everytime I sit to knit.
You really are a great group of exceptional women & I am happy to be a part of this group!

Finished...and started another one...

Three things about this finished Somewhat Cowl:

1. My first top-down sweater.
2. My first knit-a-long.
3. The first sweater I won't frog.

I've knit three or four sweaters, but never been satisfied with them and have frogged them all. I never thought about trying a top-down sweater before, but I love the concept. All the exciting decisions get to be made first, and you can try it on all along. Sleeves, the collar and sweater bottom can be added after the important and hard-to-fit areas are already knit to your specifications--saving hours of knit time!

I wish you could see the bottom of the skirt in the picture. It has a lovely batik print with a dark red pattern and the sweater picks it up nicely.

Liked it so much I started another one--this yarn is a different weight and has been knit into two other sweaters. But I think in this pattern, it has found its home and won't be frogged and stashed again.

I am here and I am knitting Promise

Hey everyone I know that I have not posted and I am sorry.

I am working on the somewhat crowl and it is coming along very slowly I might add. I hope to get to where I can take the sleeves off soon. Sure wish I could knit a smaller size. LOL

I am also working on Orginina and it is moving along slowly too. But I love it. I changed from Knitpicks Shine to Bamboo and I am loving it just haven't been able to knit on it to much latley.

Still recovering from Knee surgery! Getting better every day. Hope to have some pics up soon!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Back to square one

I have (finally!) gotten back to the point of where I had frogged the first time. I know it is the exact spot because the yarn ceased to be haphazardly wound around the skein and began unwrapping fresh yarn.

I have about another 2 inches to go before I start the ribbing. It looks very low, but we shall see when the "cowl' gets knitted on. This could be, what my college friend Lynn used to call a "peek-a-boo" sweater.

First they peek, then they boo...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Ok, so it's really supposed to be KON nichi wa, but you get the idea right? I live in Japan, and last weekend, my husband and I toured a traditional Japanese country village. I took the opportunity to get a few stitches in, even striking the right pose. I'm dying to take shamisen lessons, but I can only sit like this for about 5 minutes!

I chose to knit Orangina, in the rec'd yarn. I chose the Agean color, because it gets wicked hot and steamy here, and this color looks cool and relaxing to me. For further evidence of the steaminess, please turn your attention to my hair in the picture. FYI, I will not even go to the gas station without my hair done, it was perfect when I left the house! But, living in nature's steam room will do that to ya.

So far, I'm loving this pattern, and can't wait to actually wear it! Being as I'm just about the slowest knitter EVER, I'll be bringing up the rear, and weaving in my ends over Memorial Day weekend!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Knit Along Updates

Hi Everybody! I noticed a few people were wondering when the official end of the knit along is. I think that we'll have the knit along last until the end of May for those who need a little extra time. We'll start taking nominations for the next knit along towards the end of May and will aim to start it in June. This gives folks a chance to catch up on some other knitting projects before the next knit along. We'll also have a drawing (or two) for those who participated in this knit along, so stay tuned for details coming up soon.

Also, it's been suggested by Jan that the next knit along be a "free pattern" knit along. It's also been suggested that we do one free and one "paid" pattern, however unless we have a really close tie (like we did with Orangina and SC) I really think it's easier to do one pattern at a time. That being said, I like the idea of doing a "free pattern" knit along with our nominations consisting of only "free" patterns however I'm interested in getting everybody else's opinion as well. As opposed to having everybody leave me comments here saying "yae" or "nae", I thought we would have a quick "yae" or "nae" vote! So, here we go. Assuming we will do one pattern only for the next knit along, how many of you think the idea of a "free pattern" only knit along is a good idea? Vote "yae" if you think it's a good idea, and "nae" if you don't. If the majority of you like the idea, we'll consider doing it. The voting will last for 5 days, so spread the word to the other sexy knitters to come and cast their vote! BTW, you're still welcome to leave comments regarding how you feel about a "free pattern" only knit along or other suggestions as well as casting your vote!

Do you favor a "free pattern" only knit along?



Free polls from

Off Topic - Coolness

A friend of mine sent me this link, where this cycle is from. I was amazed at what is/can be knitted these days. Sexy? Not sure. But the tool belt is pretty cool.

Updating with LARGER PHOTO!

When is the KAL over?

I can't remember how long we have til the end of the KAL... How long do we who have ripped back or slow knitters still have to catch up?

Vacation knitting

I've been on vactation, if missouri counts as such, but I've still been knitting my Orangina. I'm 1 inch away from being done with the front and soon I'll jump into the back. I really do love this lace pattern, it's become automatic, I can even watch buffy while I do it and barely miss a buffy/spike sizzle. I'd be much further along but I've got a huge mohair monstrosity and a cabled sweater KAL than need my attention also. It'll get done by the deadline though, if indeed the deadline is when I think it is -- the 15th of May...right? Please tell me that's right and it's not the 1st of May instead.

Also, just a bit about how much I've loved seeing everyone's progress and finished objects, just beautiful, I'm definitely gonna have to make a SC now!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Reuest For Future KAL's

I would like to make an official request. For our next official KAL, can we choose from free online patterns? We are nearing the official ending time for this KAL, so I thoaght it probably wouldn't be too long untill we begin nominations for the next one. For those of who are strapped for cash, and with gas prices these days who isn't?, it would be nice to use a free pattern.

Just a request.

Sunshine and knitting

Many apologies for being out of contact. I've been travelling. But here's my progress so far.

The Orangina is at the ribbing stage. I have joined the 2 sides together and started the ribbing. For some strange reason, I've got an extra stitch. So I managed to lose it again. I'm getting excited about completing this.
I also started the Somewhat Cowl. (Orangina got too big to cart around!). I'm knitting this in Debbie Bliss Cathay in black. I've almost finished one ball of yarn. I really love this yarn. Very silky and soft. However, it is also a bit splitty, like the Linen Drape. Sorry the pictures aren't very clear, black yarn is so difficult to photograph! More thoughts on yarn and pattern soon.

Yay for progress!

I've got a foot of Orangina on the needles and I'm still going strong! I've put a couple more pics of my progress in my blog if you're interested... I've been pretty busy with classes the past few weeks but I've only got five credits left after this week so I'm not complaining (too much)! I only hope I can finish before mother's day arrives... Do you guys think it's possible?!

Somewhat Cowl!

Okay, the photo is a bit more "dorky" than "sexy", but here it is:

I knit the 36" size, and used Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Moss, 5 skeins and a bit of a 6th. I shortened the raglan seam according to Wendy's revised pattern, and picked up 8 more stitches around the cowl, but that's it for changes. In retrospect, it would have been neat to add short rows (the front is a bit shorter than the back when it's on, primarily because of "the girls"), but the fit is excellent. I really enjoyed knitting this pattern, and will be looking at some of Wendy's other patterns as well. I also loved the Silky Wool, which is cooler to wear than I expected. Since I have so much yarn left, I may pick up the sleeves above the ribbing and make 3/4 length sleeves, but I haven't decided yet. And I have to make my Orangina first!

More details on my blog.

hospital knitting...

i've been spending most of the past 6 days and or nights in the hospital as the family, not the patient, and have been using my swc as therpay, which is what it is because if it becomes a sweater it will be surprising. you know start to knit a row drop the knitting to talk to a nurse or dr pick it up to find stitches off the needles, or to find you have started the row backwards (it's a new trick i've perfected!) so i knit i rip i knit i rip and somehow i've made it this far...and the guy has survived an extremely complicated and lenthy surgery by one of pittsburgh's finest thoracic surgeons and is hoping to come home in a day or two. in the meantime he is recovering nicely from his esophagectomy and i will be home for a few weeks to see that he continues to do so. keep up the excellent work all you sexy knitters and keep my guy in your prayers please!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back to Sexy Knitting!

I was finally able to get back to my sexy lace knitting today. For details you can read on my blog . ( )

It felt so wonderful to get back to lace weight yarn, that I was able to whip threw two repeats of the Adamas Shawl with virtually no time at all spent working on it! I have two weeks, 7.5 repeats and the border to do, so no sweat! (Then it's back to my Mom's cruise stole, ugh.)

Yarn for Orangina?

Has anyone used Tahki Cotton Classic for Orangina? What other yarns have you guys used that you like? I am considering making it, though my husband doesn't think it's sexy :(

Needle confusion

I just received the 20" size 2 addi turbo that I ordered to do the neck ribbing on the SC (I got gauge using size 3 and 2 needles). I was also going to use it on the sleeves (2 circ, instead of dpns). However, I realized its not the same size as my susan bates size 2 29" circular! The addi says US size 2, but it also says 3mm, and my needle sizer says that a US 2 is actually 2.75 mm, and a US 3 is 3.25mm. So what do I have? Obviously I'm not going to use it for the sleeve- they would end up a mess, but I might use it for the neck anyway. Has anyone ever run into this? Should they have been sold as size 2? Do I send them back to Patternworks? I'm so confused...

Friday, April 21, 2006


It's the Orangina Crawl-along at my house. I swear I work on it every day but I've only got 8 inches so far. With Jillian's sage advice I was able to conquer the repeat and stitch count battle, and now I have no problems humming along. I'm enjoying the results, and boy oh boy, have I received great compliments from people. I'm just impatient and wish I could zip along faster. Here's a picture for you visual folks. Visit me at my blog!

Sexy Wrap

We'll I finished this wrap for a girl I work with. I think it turned out pretty nice...Sorry the pics look like Shite tho...

I used a basic open stitch pattern and added a simple twist and 2 skiens of some cotton I have stashed away and POOF and twisted wrap.

When i give it to Shannon I'll take a pic so you can see what it looks like when its being worn...

Slow... Slow... Slow

HI everyone! I am getting so jealous at all those great SC's and Orangina's. I was knitting some small things for Easter baskets and i had a few off days that i wasted searching the internet for a cute sweater for my best friend who is having a baby boy-still not happy with what i have found i want something really special for her and him of course. So if u have any ideas i welcome them:) Anyway my Orangina has been on the back burner but i am getting faster at the lace pattern.
Yes that is only a couple inches of the front and that's all i have :(

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Can't Post a Comment

Is anyone having trouble posting a comment? No matter how many times I enter that word verification correctly, it will never work!!!! I wanted to comment on Deena's beautiful cowl. This isn't the first time either....blogger must not like my comments. Besides that, I am soooo proud to be a member of the SKC. I love reading everyone's posts and seeing their works in progress!

Somewhat fabulous

I'm new to the KAL and I am well on my way to finishing my sexy knit. It was slow going for awhile there but now that I've knitting in the round, this sweater seems to be flying off of my needles. I am using Alpaca & Silk in rust and it's mighty fabu. Wendy's update came out just in time so I made the adjustments to make my sweater more fitted. I am loving the pattern, the yarn, the fit, just all of it. Is it okay to gush over my own work?

Deena from Mohair Dreams

Talk me down off the ledge...

I have frogged 2 skeins, re-knit one and frogged it again. This time i didn't like how the side shaping was going. I can't understand how I can knit 6 inches of the body after casting on the center stitches in front and still have only 3 inches of the front done! I know it's not possible, but the front just never seemed to progress. Round and round I would go, and the front stayed at about 3 inches...

The yarn I am using for the SC is Lion Brand Micro spun. My hands have never cramped on a project before, but this time I am constantly stretching them out. I think it is because I almost always knit on wool and that has some tooth to it. Being as it is soft and slippery, I have to hold the micro-fiber yarn a LOT tighter. Result;hand cramping.

I may not finish this by the end of the month.

I am taking a little break and swatching with some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece to give myself a break. Ahhhhhhhhh, it's so nice to knit with.

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

Hi folks! I've had something of a slow start to my SC, due to a mild panic over getting a Mother's Day project done. (Who knew 10,000 miles of garter stitch would take so long?)

In any case, here's about 7 inches of the raglan. I used the Luna Endless Summer Collection from Elann in Burnished Clay. It's a cotton/viscose blend, which results in a little splitting, but I like the shine in it.

My one concern is how much it's rolling, but that will work its way out with blocking. Right? Right?? :)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sexy Little Knits

The other day I received an email from a literary agent specializing in craft books who asked if I (as the founder of the Sexy Knitters Club) would be interested in having them mail me several copies of a new book (due to be released in early May) to offer as prizes for future SKC knit alongs. Would I??? Shyeah!!! So, I introduce to you a fantabulous little book called Sexy Little Knits, Chick Designs to Knit and Crochet by Ashley Paige.


The agent said she was going to send me 5 copies of the book, however today when the package was delivered via Fedex, the driver told me that the package had become open in transit and some of the original contents might be missing. I think she's right because there were only 3 copies of the book enclosed in the re-sealed envelope and one of those was damaged. Anyway... I'm hoping the agent will send me a few more copies, but for now we've got 2 copies of this book to offer our Sexy Knitters for future SKC knit along prizes! Woohoo!!! I've already given the book a thorough "scanning" and it looks awesome so far!

Img_2925In other knitting news, I've been working on Bambooina for the knit along, and she's slowly coming along. And since this is my third time to make this top, I'm not even going to ATTEMPT knitting monogamy, and therefore have cast on for Wendy's Fad-Classic in (believe it or not) the called for yarn, Tahki Cotton Classic. I'm about 5" done with the shoulder bands and am really enjoying the pattern so far.

And last but not least, if you haven't already heard, April from Coffee Crazy Knitters (and one of our first sexy knitters), who's recently gotten back in touch with her creative side, has a new knitting podcast called Knit 2 B Tied. She's doing a fantastic job, so go check it out and tell her Jeanie sent you!

(off topic) ISO + SC

I need the help of the sexy knitters - I'm in search of a pattern for a basic t-shirt (much like nothing but a t) but with a simple scoop neck that swoops down a bit from the neck. I plan to make the Somewhat Cowl, but I have a specific summer skirt that needs a simple blouse. I'm worried the ribbing and cowl on the SC is too heavy for the skirt, which is a beautiful shimmery white in a flaring A-line to the knees. A cami is too casual for the office, and the SC too heavy.

I'd be ever so grateful if anyone can point me to a pattern!

My hour-long search last night for the *perfect* yarn for the SC was fruitless. But I'm pleased to see an update to the SC that I can adopt - the waist shaping will definitely help. I have a rather *ahem* alarmingly flat chest, so I'm interested in some of the mods to tighten the arms up, too.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I finished my Orangina! It took about 17 days to make. I used yarn from my stash, an alpaca - wool blend that I found on ebay. When I blocked it, it grew. So I did something wrong. But overall I like my Orangina and plan on making another in a more summer friendly yarn.

Somewhat Cowl Update Available!

Hey Sexy Knitters!

Thanks to a little help from a great knitter, Savannah Chik, I have a pattern update that's now available at my blog.

The biggest change was in the raglan measurement. This will reduce the number of stitches on the needles and make the sweater more "fitted." I have also provided instructions for adding waist shaping.

You'll have to visit Savannah Chik and see what she has done to make her cowl so lovely! She has added some special modifications so the sweater is truly custom fit. I tell you what, she's a genius.

So visit my site and download your update. The changes are pretty much optional, but I think these changes will improve the fit. Also, I'm updating the PDF (it will be ready within a day) and if you have your original download email, just click on the link and request an additional download. If you don't have your original email, write to me at and give me your email address and the name under which you purchased your original and I'll be sure to get a new PDF to you.

Thanks for all your support, friends!

Somewhat Frustrated

Trust me to screw up a simple pattern. The Somewhat Cowl is frustrating me to no end. First, I'm 10" into the raglan seam. That's okay - I'm approaching long enough to stop increasing. BUT - here are my numbers so far:

Fronts: one half, 39 stitches; second half, 43 stitches
Sleeves: one sleeve 86 stithces; second sleeve, 88 stitches
Back: 111 stitches

Let's examine these numbers, shall we? For one thing, apparently symetry is beyond me. Should I try to fix this? (Increase as normal on both fronts/sleeves, then decrease on the one with more stitches until they're even?) Second, despite the fact that I cast on an even number of stitches, and increase 2 every other row, I have an odd number of stitches in the back. Whaaaa? Then, according to my measurements, I need approximately 88 stitches per sleeve and 135 or so in the back. Unfortunately, I've already reached 88 on the sleeves, and I need about 10 more rows on the back. Should I just keep going, and decrease the sleeves when I'm knitting them?

Gah! I don't want to rip back all 10 inches, even with the drastic problems. I just don't know if I would have the heart to reknit it.

A newbie - SC

Hi everyone. I'm new to the KAL and have been reading for awhile. I was going to hold off on starting either the Orangina or the SC, but after seeing Tricotine's post (the beautiful yellow SC), I'm going to take it on. It looks 100% perfect for a skirt I've had a horrible time finding the right top for. I hope it's not too late to cast on and join!

BTW, all of your posts, FOs, and WIPs are inspiring. You're a very crafty bunch!

Monday, April 17, 2006

contrasting ribbing?

Has anyone ever seen a SC done using a different colour for the ribbing than the colour used for the body of the garment?

2 days - 1 skein - I love this pattern

I know - I know - I'm a bit slow. I didn't decide to do this pattern until after most had already started it. But, I'm on a roll now! I'm not a big fan of circular needles, so I'm using straight ones. Nonetheless, I'm flying and loving it. Thanks to everyone who voted on this one!

All of the general information and support on these two patterns has been amazing. Thanks gang!

i heart orangina

it's great to see such a variety of colors.
now i can finally add mine.
great pattern, fun to knit, and even better to wear.
Image hosting by Photobucket
i used 4.2 ball of valley yarns longmeadow, and knit the smallest size on US5 needles (i'm a tight knitter). i'm usually a 34 bust, and this fits just the way i had hoped. more details on
my blog

Daisy SC Finished!

I finished my Daisy Somewhat Cowl!

This is how it looks worn sexy (left) and casual way with jeans (right)...

I blocked it (iron steam) and it took care of the scrunchy thing around the neckline.

Making my SC with Bernat Baby Coordinates was just what I needed!

My top already passed the washer/dryer test and it still look awesome!

I love my new top!!! It is certainly going to be worn a lot this spring/summer!

I hope you all have a Happy Easter!

Finished Orangina

This was a fun knit, and somewhere on my list, I do plan on making a solid color. Notice I don't have a cami on underneath, I lucked up with a bra that somewhat matches. However, I may still throw a cami on when it goes live.

Edited to add, better picture as promised. Any idea how I can shape up the waist a little something something something? A co-worker suggested I run elastic along the inside front, but I'm not sure that's going to work. I'm open to suggestions.

Easter weekend progress

Not much knitting happened this weekend, but I did manage to get to the bottom of my SC. I'm pretty happy with it, but I'm wondering about the bunchiness under the bust line. I'm hoping that when I put the sleeves on that part of the sweater will pull up a bit. Sleeves are next, then I need to find the right sized needle for the cowl. How long a needle have you been using? I'm worried my 29" one will stretch it out too much.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Matcha-ina is born!

I have chosen my yarn, I have swatched, and I have cast on!
I am using Rowan 4 Ply Cotton in "Cooking Apple", and the lovely pale green reminds me of japanese matcha powder. Thus, the Matcha-ina :)

I have never actually swatched before ( I am so bad!), but I really wanted to do this right, so swatch I did.
I have know idea if I did it right or not, but I think I got the gauge exactly , so I guess we'll find out after I've spent 3 months knitting it.
As I am knitting this while watching Grey's Anatomy Season One, I hope I don't screw up the lace...

Somewhat Limbo

I am at the point in the pattern where each row seems to last forever. If Blogger was able to upload my photos right now, I would show the pictures from yesterday morning and today.

Today Can you see the difference?
At least 2-3 hours of knitting in between the 2 photos - sigh.

A question for those who have made much more progress than I - when you put the cowl on, it tightens up the neckline. Does it make a big difference in how tight the sweater is below the neckline? Does it shorten the length of the sweater much? I'm wondering if I should finish the cowl part of the sweater before doing the body, so that I can tell whether or not I want to do some waist shaping, and how long I should make the body.

Can I be a sexy crocheter instead?

Well, only for a while...

I just started working on a crocheted dress and is so far done with the bodice. So I need to gear up a bit and get it past my hip just so there's no backing out of it!


Saturday, April 15, 2006

What is the opposite of progress?

Un-progress? De-progress? Bas-ackwardness? Whatever it is, I have done it. I was not happy with the size that my Somewhat Cowl had become so I frogged over 2 skeins worth and am attacking it again. You can see the pathetic before and after photos here.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Just a side-note

Did anyone else see the other knit-along on craftster for the somewhat cowl???
Look here! Wendy, if you're reading, there are a couple of questions for you to check out...

The sweaters look lovely so far! I feel like I'm moving in slo-mo. Hopefully I will join in the round soon. I'm about eight inches into it. :) I'm loving the pattern! I can't wait to wear it. Happy knitting, everyone.

decisions, decisions...

Well, I've decided to frog my Orangina and do one 27 stitches smaller. I think this will fit much better. Will post photos as soon as I stop crying over my mistake (see previous post) and begin anew. Also.....bonus! Found some Jo Sharp in my stash that should work for the Somewhat Cowl!! I may just have to start that one too!! Will swatch it soon. Not sure I can finish both in time, but will sure try! :)


Progress and photos

Finally, I remembered to take some photos in the hours of daylight today. Here it is, the front piece of Orangina, completed (I added about 1.5" to the length as it seemed a bit short for my liking) and 5" of the back piece. I should have had a bit more of the back done but I kept messing my count and had to frog and re-knit the first 5-10 rows three times! You would have thought it'd be easier having done it once already!Doh!

A bit more progress has been made since the photo was taken. FYI, I'm knitting this in Rowan Linen Drape shade 844 and I'm knitting it in the smallest size. I thought it was going to be big, but I'm glad I checked out the postings and comments on this blog. I think it should fit just fine. Fingers crossed.

Somewhat Cowl Progress

I didn't think that I'd join in on this knit along. I was worried about both of the patterns. Orangina was see through and didn't have any sleeves, and Somewhat Cowl was way too low cut. I'm not the kind of person who likes to show my bra, and I thought that wearing a cami under it would make it too hot for a short sleeved sweater. Then I had an epiphany. I'm the one knitting this sweater, and I can make the neckline as deep, or modest as I wanted! So, here's my progress. I got to the end of the reglan sleeve increases, and went ahead and joined the center for the cowl at the same time that I joined the sleeves. I'm now going to pick up stitches for the cowl just to make sure that it isn't too deep before I go ahead and knit the rest of the length.

I've been somewhat hampered by an injury to my left middle finger. I sliced it open chopping onions on Monday, and have had problems knitting with a band-aid on that finger. I hold the yarn Continental style in my left hand, and use my middle finger and thumb to hold/push the stitches along the left needle. The tip of my right needle keeps wanting to get caught under the edge of the band-aid, and I can't feel the stitches very well with that finger. I am also knitting on size 3 needles. I know that I have the same gauge and number of stitches as the rest of you who are knitting on size 5, but it sure feels like more with tiny needles. How on earth did you get gauge on size 5?! I can't imagine how I would get my needle through the loops if I knit any tighter than I do.

Orangina Tip

Hi Ladies,

So we all know this beautiful pattern calls for working a front, and a back, and then eventually joining them to do the ribbing right? What I have done is worked bothe the front and the back simultaneously. This will speed things up for you, and I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner, it just never occured to me to NOT to knit this pattern this way. Anyway, in the future this is how you would do this. Place a row counter on the needle (even if you plan on NOT using it) Use 1 ball of yarn Cast on the amt of stitches for the front. Using another ball of yarn cast on the amt of stitches for the front. Now begin your pattern working back and forth. The row counter is there for a visual, and basically when it's at the end, it means you completed a row on BOTH pieces. When it's in the middle, you still have the same row to do on one of your pieces. This is how I usually work sleeves, and anything else that requires a front & a back that's basically the same!


Thursday, April 13, 2006


I was looking at the April issue of MagKnits and saw this gorgeous tank....I thought you would all want to see it as well. Maybe you have seen it, but I was thinking of future KALs when I saw it....I can imagine it in different colors and I bet it would look great on any sexy knitter!


Orangina Q

So, I'm ready to do the ribbing, as I did the body the length I wanted. Should I end off on any purl row, and then start the ribbing on the right side? Dreaming of a fo!


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Daisy SC - Cowl finished!

I finished the cowl neckline last night and this is how it looks! Not bad, huh? Especially if you consider that I knitted it with my weird circular needle...

I have to admit that I am impressed!

I like the way my SC fits me (not too tight but not too loose) but I think this top is meant to be worn tight to look at its best...

If I had to make another one, I will probably make it the smallest size (34) although my bust measurement is 37"... Just a thought...

Now, this is a photo from the front as I know some of you wonder how it looks from that angle...

Not bad either, I think!

I only wish it was a little less loose around the armholes but I guess it wouldn't look that way with a thighter fit top... I only need to keep my arms on my hips! LOL

I still have to block that sweater though...

OK, back to my needles now! I need to finish that body!

SC update - and a question

Well, I'm probably at the back of the pack with my Somewhat Cowl - so much going on these days that my knitting time has really dropped off. Anyway, I'm using Elann's Peruvian Collection Quechua, the alpaca and tencel blend in Saxony Teal - very pretty and soft. Had to drop down to size 3 needles to get gauge, though, so it's feeling like lots of stitches - and way lots of stitches - to get there.

I'm just now to the point where I place the sleeve stitches on a holder (string) and CO 2, pm, CO 2, knit across back.

My question is this - when I do the CO2 (under the arm, I think is where they end up, should I use a knit cast on? and then once I cast them on, do I immediately place them on my right hand needle, or leave them on the left hand needle and knit them? I was noodling this out last night and couldn't quite get it right - seemed my newly cast on stitches were quite loose. Cats on my lap and dogs underfoot and DH wiggling on the couch and Thief on TV didn't help much. I'll revisit this evening and hopefully have some nice answers from you guys on this.

Lastly, no matter what I do, I cannot simply post a comment on this forum! I get stuck in a perpetual loop of enter user name, enter password, type code letters in box, go to new screen showing my user name and requesting I type in the code letters, which then brings me to another screen insisting I enter my user name and password and the code letters...just a cycle. Grrr....

What's a sexy but frustrated girl to do?

Intro and Picovoli

I joined when I started Picovoli a couple of weeks ago (after the KAL was done, of course) but didn't get around to introducing myself.

I'm a long time knitter but these days I've been spending most of my time spinning and dyeing. With Spring weather finally making an appearance, I'm excited for sexy summer knits. ;) Picovoli was first on the list:


and I think the Honeymoon Cami from Knitty is next on my list. I'll be sitting this KAL out and hope to catch up on the next one.

Two Left Needles

Bottom is done!

I finished the bottom last night. I took it an inch or two longer. It's a little puffy now but will look great once it's blocked. It was even puffier before when I started it on the size 4 needles. I frogged it and started over on the size 2's to do this.

I am working on the left sleeve now and saving the collar finishing for last. I'm looking forward to playing with it a bit. The big decision now is...long sleeves or short? I might go for just below the elbow. Longer than 1/2, a little less than 3/4.

One question. What cast-on are you all using for the underarm stitches? I wonder if some sort of toe-up sock cast-on might work nicely next time. You could put half the stitches on the yarn, and use the other half for the body. My picked-up stitches are always so irregular. A cast-on like this might be neater.

The other suggestion I'd make for the pattern is to add a chain selvedge on the part knitted in the flat. It makes picking up stitches much neater and nicer--a plus especially for a visible part like the collar.

Wendy, this is a great pattern, and I've really enjoyed knitting it. It's just flown off my needles! I actually have plans to adjust it for some other yarn in my stash. Gotta get the calculator out!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Watermelon Shrug

Here is a photo, not the best. I will take better ones in daylight when it is finished. I am so close to being finished! I have maybe 3 or 4 inches to go and it could be bound off tomorrow!!! Hooray. Then I need to sew the seam, but that shouldn't be too difficult, right? So I can wear it for Easter--how fun! I just love the cool design this simple pattern makes! Very Sexy!

Adamas Shawl

I am working on my purple Adamas Shawl. It's a fairly easy knit, well once I got over "duh, I'm such an idiot" phase. The pattern is almost entirely chart only. I am not acustomed to knitting from a chart. During the start of the second repeat I had difficulty getting it "straight". After a great deal of frustration, I litterally smacked my head because I realized I was making it difficult where in fact it was extremely simple! Now that I have had the epiphany, I am having no problems at all. I highly recomend both this pattern and the Zephyr 50/50% wool-silk blend lace weight.

Daisy SC - Progress again...

I finished my SC's sleeves and I am pretty happy with the way they look now! :)
I couldn't wait to start the cowl so I picked up the 180 sts around the neckline as instructed for the size I am making (34") and this is how it looks at about 4 inches out of 6...
Of course, the circular needle is still on the cowl so it is difficult to say exactly how it is going to look at the end but in any case, I guess blocking will fix that froggy look, right?