Monday, April 24, 2006

Vacation knitting

I've been on vactation, if missouri counts as such, but I've still been knitting my Orangina. I'm 1 inch away from being done with the front and soon I'll jump into the back. I really do love this lace pattern, it's become automatic, I can even watch buffy while I do it and barely miss a buffy/spike sizzle. I'd be much further along but I've got a huge mohair monstrosity and a cabled sweater KAL than need my attention also. It'll get done by the deadline though, if indeed the deadline is when I think it is -- the 15th of May...right? Please tell me that's right and it's not the 1st of May instead.

Also, just a bit about how much I've loved seeing everyone's progress and finished objects, just beautiful, I'm definitely gonna have to make a SC now!

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Anonymous said...

Buffy is my FAVORITE show! And I knit w/ buffy as well.