Friday, April 28, 2006

Photos (... from Picovoli)

Thought I'd better post now that I've found the cable for the camera. Finished my Pico at the beginning of March and I've been trying to explain the concept of the SC to the other half but he just looks confused... Ah well I think I'll ship this KA as I'm trying to avoid bringing any more yarn into the flat at the moment. I'm off to Calgary at the end of the month and as nice as Rowan yarn is it's the only thing I can really pick up easily in the UK without going online. He'll be off on a different holiday so he won't even notice if I can hide it all befroe he gets back!!!

Just got back from a holiday in Rome last night (fantastic) and I'm off to Devon for the weekend to surf and knit (a bag in the leftover Debbie Bliss Cathay)

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