Thursday, April 06, 2006

orangina kit?

okay so i was going to go ahead and join in on the KAL fun a little late.
while i was looking at the pattern order info, i saw a tempting button about buying an orangina kit. i click on it and was shocked to see that the pattern AND enough yarn to knit up an xxl orangina would only be about $25. this certainly isnt the price for the recommended rowan yarn. so im wondering what kind of yarn it includes. surely they wouldnt supply a yarn with a different gauge.
my point is: has anyone purchased the kit? i would like to think this is a great deal: excellent price, no worries on calculating gauge on substitution yarn, etc.
well again, let me know what ya'll think.
hope to cast on soon!


Necia said...

I don't know where you saw this kit, but someone on Craftster mentioning buying a kit, and the dang thing had DMC Cotton in it. Think thread.


Tracy said...

whats dmc cotton? (sorry, still new to the world of knitting)

Jeanie said...

The yarn that comes in the Orangina kit is DMS Senso which knits up to the correct gauge for the Orangina pattern.

Jeanie said...

Sorry, meant DMC, not DMS.

Necia said...

As an afterthought, I seen the Dmc Senseo at my LYS a few weeks ago, and the colors she had was pretty. I strayed away from it, because I jhad too many flashbacks of doilies, but if it knits to gauge, go for it. Too bad I don't remember the price to give you an idea.