Sunday, April 09, 2006

somewhat hole

I just switched my cord over to a super long one (the joy that is using Debbie interchangeables!) so that I could "try it on" without having to take it off the needles. And I discovered this hole:
I have about 6 inches of raglan seam done, and this whole is a little over half way down. I think it is from a twisted stitch, but it could also be an ectopic kfb.

1) Ignore it - it is on the back of the sweater, and isn't a huge ugly hole.
2) Frog the damned thing back to that point and fix it.
3) drop the stitch on the current row, let it ladder down, and then pick up the dropped stitches using a crochet hook (something I have never done)

Opinions? Advice?


Martha said...

Or, take a bit of yarn and sort of sew over the hole from the back. Like weaving ends in, only just add a little dollop of yarn to fill the hole.

Marji said...

if you are going to sew it from the back side, you may have more luck using sewing thread - less bulk than using a short piece of your sweater yarn - however, your yarn is nice and smooth, and it is way easier than you may think to drop a stitch down then use a crochet hook to bring it back up. Make sure that when you do it you have the stitches on both sides secured. good luck

Ashley said...

Have you tried fiddling the stitch with a smaller needle? It almost looks like the stitch after it is really tight, or that holey stitch is really loose. It might just need som additional engineering.

Jan said...

If it isn't terribly noticable, you can leave it. Odds are you're the only one who'd notice it.

If it bothers you, I'd use the crocher hook option that you mentioned. The stitching the somewhat hole, with either yarn or sewing thread, may make it more noticable than leaving it alone. Oh you wouldn't see a hole, but you'd see "something" was quite right there.

It's a twisted stitch--same no. of stiches row before and after.

Rae said...

Oh GRRR! How annoying. I'd say to try to pick up the stitch. Since you haven't done it before, you could learn something new (and potentially very handy in future projects). The worst that could happen is you have to frog it, which you're considering doing anyway. Might as well get the most out of it as you can.

A last thought - you'll probably wear the sweater far longer than it will take you to knit it. So, although it's a pain to redo so much work, it might be worth it if you plan to wear the sweater. You might be happier in the end knowing you made it as perfect as possible.

Tiger Feet said...

I always allow one 'boo-boo' in a sweater, it shows that it is handmade! So just jiggle it with a needle to see if you can tighten it up, and then leave it.