Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Ok, so it's really supposed to be KON nichi wa, but you get the idea right? I live in Japan, and last weekend, my husband and I toured a traditional Japanese country village. I took the opportunity to get a few stitches in, even striking the right pose. I'm dying to take shamisen lessons, but I can only sit like this for about 5 minutes!

I chose to knit Orangina, in the rec'd yarn. I chose the Agean color, because it gets wicked hot and steamy here, and this color looks cool and relaxing to me. For further evidence of the steaminess, please turn your attention to my hair in the picture. FYI, I will not even go to the gas station without my hair done, it was perfect when I left the house! But, living in nature's steam room will do that to ya.

So far, I'm loving this pattern, and can't wait to actually wear it! Being as I'm just about the slowest knitter EVER, I'll be bringing up the rear, and weaving in my ends over Memorial Day weekend!


xydrella said...

You said wicked! Are you originally a New Englander? I get funny looks when I use that word around "outsiders" :)

TheSteph said...

Wow! That's a wicked-ass picture! (Southern version)