Wednesday, April 19, 2006

(off topic) ISO + SC

I need the help of the sexy knitters - I'm in search of a pattern for a basic t-shirt (much like nothing but a t) but with a simple scoop neck that swoops down a bit from the neck. I plan to make the Somewhat Cowl, but I have a specific summer skirt that needs a simple blouse. I'm worried the ribbing and cowl on the SC is too heavy for the skirt, which is a beautiful shimmery white in a flaring A-line to the knees. A cami is too casual for the office, and the SC too heavy.

I'd be ever so grateful if anyone can point me to a pattern!

My hour-long search last night for the *perfect* yarn for the SC was fruitless. But I'm pleased to see an update to the SC that I can adopt - the waist shaping will definitely help. I have a rather *ahem* alarmingly flat chest, so I'm interested in some of the mods to tighten the arms up, too.


ColorSlut said...

What about this - just make it bigger:

ColorSlut said...

I found a couple others:

Sorry I didn't hyperlink the last one.

Cheri said...

How about this? With a little waist shaping this could be a cute top.

Jeanie said...

What about Picovoli or Tivoli? It's not really a "scoop" neck, but very classic and simple. Of course, I've seen many of the "Nothing But A T's" done with a scoop neck modification as well, so you might want to check some of those out. I don't have a link to any of those off hand, but I'm sure you could find some by doing a Google search.

Krista said...

Try some of these patterns.