Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sexy Project, or project for sexy knitters

Kate Skaare is collecting fun and funky fuzzy furry chemo hats for teenagers at a local cancer hospital. Unfortunately my cold medicine addled brain cannot remember her blog addy with all the information. But you can contact her at her email addy and put "hats contest" in the subject line. She is having a contest and giving away some of her own stash and booty for this worthy cause, and even sending you some patterns that you can use that the kids have chosen. The picture is of one of my efforts, and I thought it was just the sort of project a sexy knitter might want to do for special stash busting, or if like me one of your resolutions was to do more charity knitting this year.

One sleeve down and hopefully wicked won't keep me down

Well here is my progress on my Wicked.
It is going slow and I keep modifying things.

Check out my blog Pursuit of Fiber for what also has my attention and my mods.

Hooray for New Blogger!

Hooray for New Blogger finally letting me post!

Progress on my Wicked Sweater as of the 23rd:

JANUARY 14, 2007

JANUARY 23, 2007

The color is more true in the first picture (hubby forgot the flash on the 2nd one). But the sleeves are off and now I'm working on the main body. I'm doing it in Patons classic merino in "denim" (which seems to be a rather popular color/yarn choice for this sweater).

Another Wicked Deed

This is my first SKC post. :)

wicked 2Wicked has made more progress since I took these pictures, but that's okay. The colors just didn't come through no matter how many different times/ways I took these pictures. Don't worry, you'll be seeing it again. I'm using Cascade 220 "The Heathers" in color 2448. Every time I walked into my LYS I would see this particular color and think "This is so beautiful, I have to do something with it at some point, but what?". Yesterday I had an epiphany while drooling over the hundredth version of Wicked I'd seen. I was thinking to myself "Yeah, but what color would I use? It'd look great in a dark blue..." *ding* (that was the sound of my proverbial light coming on) At that point, I could not get the pattern out of my mind, I knew that I had to have it and the yarn. So, I bought the pattern, picked up the coveted yarn, and cast-on. No, I didn't swatch. In my defense, I have used this yarn several times and actually still have my first gauge swatch, done on size 7 needles. Usually I don't BO my swatches, I'm cheap and will save yarn whenever possible.

Round & Round

I am crazy about the neckline on this and am really enjoying the look and feel of the Supermerino. (I'm using color 214) I always like to have a knit-in-the-round project on the needles but tend to only work on it while reading or watching TV so it usually takes me a little while to get through. However, now that I've had the chance to try this on and admire it, I'm anxious to finish so I'm going to try to put some extra time in on it!

Where I'm at

Okay, i guess i'm about halfway done now, I have probably 10 more inches to go on the torso, after finally making it over my ENORMOUS boobs, hehe. I put the torso on scrap yarn and started on the left sleeve. I haven't done sleeves in the round yet so i was anxious to try it out. I'll probably do the left sleeve, the body and then the right sleeve, a little out of order but it doesn't really matter on a sweater like this right?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What happens now?

Since this is my first KAL, I'm wondering what happens after finishing our projects? I don't even remember if there was a deadline for finishing. Does SKC do projects throughout the year or is this it?



Knitters Delight

Monday, January 29, 2007

Let me count the ways

How could I possibly mess up Wicked more? Well, I can probably mismatch sleeves. Other than that, I think I've covered all the bases. First, I swatched -- I really did. I swear. Then I cast on. One word: Moebius. Frogged it. Cast on again. In my excitement, I knit one crossover round then another immediately after (no plain round in between.) I discovered this immediately after finishing the second round. Did I frog? (You perfectionist knitters should just stop reading now because what I am about to tell you could lead to a heart attack and I don't want your death on my conscience.) So, no. I did not frog. I continued my collar and yoke section with no mishaps, but just before I was about to divide for the sleeves I realized that I was struggling to slide the stitches around my needles. "H-m-m-m" I thought. "I was mighty tense after the moebius & double crossovers, maybe I should check gauge." And, I was way off! 22 stitches / 4 inches on size 7s. Did I frog? No. I decided that I would just knit the next size up. So I continued to add my extra rounds then divided. I knit a few more rounds before I thought "H-m-m-m, the knitting seems to be flowing very well on my needles. MAYBE I SHOULD CHECK GAUGE!" I was now back to knitting at the suggested gauge, but now knitting the wrong size for my measurements. Have I frogged it yet? No. My question to you all: can it be saved? or should I give in and rip it?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Which way to the Flying Monkey Bar?

Pour me a "Stiff One", cause this B!%ch is DONE! You can get the knitty gritty HERE.
I am now an official member of the SKC! Hoo Yaa;)

wicked is done...i love this sweater! the yarn is knit one crochet too and is made from soy and polypropylene. the color is chartreuse. you can see more details and more pics...many more pics, including my version of the snow angel, on my blog! thanks zephyr gals for a great design, a versatile pattern and a seriously wicked cool sweater!

Moving along

Well I'm moivng along with my Wicked. I never can make myself work on only 1 project at once so in additions to wicked I'm also working on a scarf for my new coat, a hat, and a sock.....IT is a little further along than the picture shows. I'm almost to the waist decreases.
PS is anyone else having weird things happen when they try to post?

Almost solid green

Hi all! I've been a member for a while but Wicked is the first item I've made with the knit along. I'm using YarnArts Supermerino in SM 233 Almost Solid Green. I love the color and how it's knitting up! I'm further along than this picture shows, I'm hoping I'll be done by the deadline! It's great to see everyones in progress and finished pictures!
Happy Knitting! Bobbi

Finished my Eiffel!

Hello from Estonia! I finished my Eiffel some days ago and, ofcourse, I am very satisfied. I used Novita 7 Veljestä (used about 400 g). I have no idea is it consumer friendly yarn or not, but I think it is one of the most popular yarns in Estonia. Very warm also (well it is winter at last here).
I didn't like the ribbon I had bought for Eiffel and that is why I made black-white ribbon from the same yarn. Still thinking whether to use ribbon on sleeves on not. Also I will not block lace and 3K4P-Rib. It is more around the body this way and my figure likes it better :)

You are welcome to visit my blog and Estonian craft-forum!

New to the Sexy Knitter's Club

Hi guys, I'm Elizabeth, I was sent over here by Theresa of Canaryknits when she saw that i had started knitting wicked. I looove this sweater, and its great seeing so many different versions of it.
I cast on for this sweater on January 23rd and I'm about 20 rows past the arm holes now. So far this sweater is working up really quickly. This first one i'm making is for my sister, its wool-ease in cranberry on size 7s. I will most definitely be back in a few days with progress pictures. Happy knitting!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wicked is done!

I am so excited. My Wicked is finished and I have completed my first KAL and my first pocket! I'm so excited. It's a nice snug fit and I'm proud of the outcome. Now that Wicked is complete, I'm back on Ms. Marigold - another pattern from the Zephyr Girls. Oh the exciting live of a knitter!


A Finished Eiffel!

Ta da! Well, Eiffel is done, and I LOVE it! The fit is perfect, the pattern is very well-written, the yarn was fun to work with - a total winner.

Pattern: Eiffel, Winter Knitty, 2006

Yarn: Louet Euroflax linen, fine/sport weight, in Eggplant, 3 skeins

Size: Medium

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed knitting with the linen. I ran the garment through the washer, and gave it about 10 minutes in the dryer, then laid it out to block. It hasn't softened up tooooo much yet, but I think it will with time.

Style note: I decided not to put the ribbons on the sleeves, but felt it still needed it on the body for fit, but I have tied it in the back.... I think I'm of an age where the ribbons and bows are just a bit too cute for me.
You can see more on my blog.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Wicked Crossover

I just cast on for Wicked and I'm finding the crossovers to be like advanced yoga for my fingers. Anyone else have problems getting the knitted and unknitted stitch both over to the right needle? Maybe, as they say, I need someone to draw me a picture...

Wicked Crossover

I just cast on for Wicked and I'm finding the crossovers to be like advanced yoga for my fingers. Anyone else have problems getting the knitted and unknitted stitch both over to the right needle? Maybe, as they say, I need someone to draw me a picture...

Very Scary.....

Look Ma! Knitting on 2 circulars!

A little nervous at first, but coming along nicely. I found a tutorial on You'll find a link for it on my blog. Can't wait to finish.

P.S. I have the "new" blogger & SKC has just switched over, but I was able to post on the "old" & "new" without being removed from the KAL.

Just Cast On For WICKED

I'm working from my stash and doing the mohair version - Plymouth Encore and Lane Cervinia Softer, (50% mohair, 50% acrylic) in Black (it is SKC...). Am I the only one who finds those crossover stitches like knitting yoga, only the advanced yoga where you are all pretzelled up? 3 repeats and my fingers feel like they need to hit the whirlpool. I don't knit tight, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. I skip the stitch, leave it there (on the left hand needle) knit the next stitch (to the left of the skipped one) and make sure that knitted stitch plus the unknitted skipped one end up on the righthand needle. My pics aren't showing the pattern well because of the black. Can anyone as they say, draw me a picture? Like in "What, do I need to draw you a picture?"

A WIP (Wicked-In-Progress)

WIP (Wicked-In-Progress) I am absolutely loving this knit! The yarn is KnitPicks Swish Superwash, and it just feels cuddly to me. This is also the first large thing I've ever knit for myself, so it's very special. Picture is my progress as of a few days ago. I've now finished the increase section, and have been keeping it to knit on the train today as I take a short trip.

I love seeing everyone's work! You are all an amazing bunch of knitters!

More pictures, if you would like to see them, are at my blog.

A WIP (Wicked-In-Progress)

WIP (Wicked-In-Progress) I am absolutely loving this knit! The yarn is KnitPicks Swish Superwash, and it just feels cuddly to me. This is also the first large thing I've ever knit for myself, so it's very special. Picture is my progress as of a few days ago. I've now finished the increase section, and have been keeping it to knit on the train today as I take a short trip.

I love seeing everyone's work! You are all an amazing bunch of knitters!

More pictures, if you would like to see them, are at my blog.

A WIP (Wicked-In-Progress)

WIP (Wicked-In-Progress) I am absolutely loving this knit! The yarn is KnitPicks Swish Superwash, and it just feels cuddly to me. This is also the first large thing I've ever knit for myself, so it's very special. Picture is my progress as of a few days ago. I've now finished the increase section, and have been keeping it to knit on the train today as I take a short trip.

I love seeing everyone's work! You are all an amazing bunch of knitters!

More pictures, if you would like to see them, are at my blog.

We Did It!

Well, Blogger FINALLY let us make the switch to the new version! If you are still using the old version of Blogger, feel free to switch over to the new version now!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Everyone's stuff looks so great...I can't wait to have yarn money again so I can join another Sexy KAL!

Finished Wicked! My First KAL!

After several setbacks in the last few days, I have completed my Wicked. I ended up deciding on the short sleeve version. Details of my setbacks are in my blog. LOL!

I can't wait for the next KAL! :) Thanks for all the support and feedback.


Oops.... forgot to add my blog address....

Blogged with Flock

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dropping Out....again

I hate to do it, the first KAL of a free pattern where I had the yarn for the KAL and was all ready to start, but I need to drop out. I realy don't want to, I realy realy realy don't!

We were hit the first night of the bad ice storms,1-12-07, and our power, phone, and cable tv lines were all downed. We stayed at my parents home untill just last, and that was good as a few hours after we left the towers carrying powers lines bringing power into the entire town were downed and even the local shelters were evacuated in the 13 f cold! During our time away I did make two trips back here to get some clothes, some sock yarn (couldn't locate bag with Eiffel yarn in the dark and bitterly cold house by candle light, although I gave it my best shot!), and medicines that we needed; the second trip was to get cigarettes, extra blankets, and our pillows.
{I am amazed, in the warmth of heating and light, at just what a mess I had made in the bitterly cold and dark scroundging around looking for stuff, more than I thought...hmmm}

Anyway I have massive housecleaning caused by the chaos, which lies on top of the clutter which had to wait while we were away. I HAVE to clean for my sanity and am taking this oppertunity to depackrat quite a bit as I do. I will still do Eiffel by May in bright fuchia color 100% dk weight yarn that was a gift, as that's when I'll be seeing dil to give the sweater to her.
I am slowly, drunken snail pace slowly, updating my blog with ice storm story. What knitting I am doing is smaller projects that can more easily be picked up and sat down quickly, easily worked without too much brain yet aren't boring...yup hats right now.

Greatful for a loving and giving family nearby. Greatful we are healthy and alive. Daggum happy to home in my place with my bed and my own things around me. And I am greatful to finally be able to get back to my friends!

New here, and Wicked question

Hi everyone, I'm a new blogger and KAL participant. I saw Wicked and just had to join in. Here's my question; I have this yarn in my stash, Lane Borgosesia Merinos Extra Fine, and I think it would be great for the lace weight version. I am confused because the pattern says to knit the neck band with size 7 needles and switch to size 4 for the body. Why would you do this? Won't the neck be all loose and baggy? Has anyone else made this in lace weight? Got picks? I have enough Patons merino to make the worsted weight version, maybe I should do that instead? Help!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

YAAAY!!! I have finally joined!!

I dont know why I didn't join skc sooner. I think it was because I wasnt knitting anything sexy. Well times have changed, and WICKED is on my needles. Im working it in Debbie Bliss Merino, I think the color 30. (I thought it was kinda blah till I blocked my swatch and thats ooey gooey softer than I had hoped.) I have about 16 rows before I can try on. SOOOO exciting! I cant wait for the finished piece. It will be my first sweater! I'm kind of nervous because I got gauge on size 6 needles. I washed my swatch, and thats how I got true gauge. I think its just throwing me off knowing its not going to be how I want until I block it. Still, I have been reading posts hoping to find someone else that had to knit on smaller needles. Its just my paranoia.
OH YAY. Very sexy knitting to you all.

Wicked-Busy Knitter

Hi, I'm new here, but have been reading the SKC posts for a month or so. Here's my version of Wicked on the left. I've been stash busting, so I used my (unfortunately not consumer-friendly) Karabella Aurora 8 in navy. I decided to not use seed stitch at the lower ribbing (since I did a pocket-free version, I felt that seed stitch would "compete" with the cabled rib too much). I went for an unobtrusive k3, p1 ribbing instead and am very happy with it. Merino wool is such a pleasure to knit with that I may have to make the sleeves a little longer just to use up the last of this yarn! what do you think: short-sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves?

I'm still working on placing the photos in the blog, so bear with me! The other two photos (terrible lighting, I know! Sorry about that) are my version of the Simple Knitted bodice. I stash-busted some Reynolds Rapture in a lovely periwinkle-purple for the deep V-neck version on the right, and shortened the sleeves (and omitted the lace panels on the sleeves) for a second version with some Noro Cash Iroha that I picked up in Webs super-unbelievable-can't-pass-this-up discount room during their winter sale. That store is irresistable, and so is the Cash Iroha! I have enough to knit another small sweater with it...maybe another Wicked. Work has started up again this week, however, so there will be less time to knit! So much yarn, so little time!

New Here

Hi All - I'm new around here. I've loved lurking and checking out all of your beautiful knits, but when you chose Wicked I knew I had to jump in!

I just started mine in a rose shade of the Artyarns Supermerino which my LYS just got in stock not too long ago. I love the subtle variations in the coloring. The neckline was great fun, and I enjoy having a knit-in-the-round project on hand for movies, TV, and reading... so my speed in knitting this will sadly depend mostly on the amount of TV viewing I do. But with the new American Idol, 24, and other good stuff coming up, I should be done soon.

I happen to have some Allhemp6 in my stash so I think I may knit that as well, but I'm kinda curious to see how some of yours come out first. :)

A Wicked Question

Hey Everybody! Well, I've cast on for both Eiffel...

and Wicked

and both are going well! I have a question however about Wicked. One of the things I like the best about Wicked is the somewhat wide neck, as I think this is extremely flattering. Last night when I tried my Wicked on, the neckline wasn't wide at all and came up higher than I was hoping for. My question is, is this neckline issue because the sweater is a little too large? Should I go back and frog a few rows? I was making the 35" bust size (second to the smallest) but decided to add a few extra rows (before splitting off the sleeves) because I didn't want it to be too snug and am wondering if I should have split the sleeves a little sooner. Hey Zephyr Gals (or anybody who knows), if you're out there, can you tell me if I'll get a wider neckline if I rip out a few rows?

I'm loving the yarn I'm using (Hill Country Yarns Merino Silk in a lovely Teal shade) and I should be able to make the entire short sleeved version with only 3 skeins (the same amount required to make a Clapotis!).

Once I get the fit right and the sleeves split off, this baby should fly off my needles -- any advice is greatly appreciated!

Monday, January 22, 2007

laughing in the face of the gauge swatch

just kidding! but I was way too excited to get started that I just completely skipped the swatching. and then look at what just flew off my needles in just under a week:

I'm so happy with this! this was my first top-down sweater (and my first sexy knitters kal) and I loved every second of it, except for the zillion times I re-sewed the pocket. which, by the way, I made plain, because I'm super boring. I also made the sleeves about 2" longer that the short sleeved version.

here it is being modeled by me. the color is truer in the first picture, though. this was made on a us8 and using karabella aurora 8. have I already mentioned that I love this sweater? because I do!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Eiffel and Wicked

This weekend I started the first sleeve for Eiffel

112107 004

and cast on for Wicked.
112107 002
I'm using Noro Cash Iroha from my stash and I'm loving it. I cast on and finished the collar last night and I did find it addictive, as I think someone else here said!

More details on my blog, if anyone's interested!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

wicked progess has been made

i'm almost to the waist where i plan to do some hip increases...i cannot wait to make the pocket! i still have not decided on the sleeve length but i'll get to that! eventually!

Lace Mohair almost finished

I am almost done. Just two sleeves to go. I am making the long-sleeve version. For more specs check out my post.

Wicked done and I love it!

Here is my Wicked. It was such a fun & quick knit and I'm really happy with the final fit. It's snug, but I can easily put a tshirt on underneath it.

I used Bare Superwash from Knitpicks that I dyed myself. I did more waist shaping than is on the original pattern & made it about an inch longer, finishing with the ribbing instead of the seed stitch to add interest since I left off the pocket. I also did 5.5" sleeves for that little extra something.

I might do another one with the pocket, but I wanted this one to be 'work appropriate'.

More details on my blog.

Wicked is Addictive!!

I cast on and finished the 2" rib pattern this afternoon. I can't wait to finish!! Details on my blog.

Friday, January 19, 2007

So far, so good!

I've taken the whole thing off the circular needles to test the fit and wow, was that ever scary! This is my first sweater and I'm so afraid of wrecking the whole thing. So far it seems to fit nice and snugly over a thin undershirt which is exactly how I was hoping it would fit. I'm doing this on Paton's Merino Wool in New Denim on #8's. Wish me luck because I'm going to need it!

Wicked Yardage Question

I have a question maybe the pattern designers for Wicked can answer - approximately how many yards does it take to knit the pocket? The reason I ask is I'm only knitting from my stash, and I have 4 skeins of Cash Iroha in Olive that I am thinking of using. That would only put me at 396 yards and it says 500 yards are required for either of the two smallest sizes. The pocket can't be 100 yards, can it? (hoping?)

Back in business!

Looky what arrived in the mail today....That's right, I'm back to my Wicked, Wicked Ways!

Unless, I am distracted by this!

Do what you do, but don't stop knitten kittens;)


Thanks for the positive feedback on my Wicked project everyone! This is my first KAL and I'm really loving it. The yarn I'm using is Karaoke from South West Trading Company in Forest (282): I got it at a local yarn shop near Balboa Park in San Diego. It's 50% Soy Silk/50% Wool. It's been really nice knitting with it.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wicked Good Progress

Here's my progress on Wicked so far. I decided to finish the sleeves first. I think the finished Wicked looks great with and without the pocket, but after finishing Green Gable, I think I'll definitely go for the pocket.


Wicked No Pocket

I am posting a picture of my finished wicked on backward so you can see what it would look like w/o the pocket on. Just in case some are thinking of going pocketless. I really like it with out the pocket too.

Done with Wicked!

I finished my wicked today. I followed the pattern for a medium exactly (in store bought sweaters I am between a medium and a large -more often a large, if that helps others choose a size to knit). I switched to one size smaller needle (#6) to finish the seed stitch on the bottom and did 10 rows. My first attempt at finishing it I made the sweater one inch longer and used a size 7 for seed edging. It was too long for my short body and the seed stitch kind of boinged out. I love the length and the way it fits now. I am not sure if it is just b/c I don't like to have picture taken, but I think this sweater looks much better in person. The pocket looks a little crooked, but its straight and looks fine in the mirror. The angora yarn I choose is fluffy and with the pocket I feel a little thick, but what the heck it super soft and cute. I can not wait to see everyone else's. I would make this sweater again, but I would use a little lighter weight yarn. This was my first top down sweater so I am happy with the results.

Check this out!

I was piddling around the internet and I found this great site for cheap name brand yarn. Stuff like Bernat, Lion Brand, Berroco and others. I found the moonlight mohair yarn from LB for 2.99 instead of 8.99. Or Berroco Vibe for 2.99 instead of 9.99. How about oh so luscious cashmere for 15.99 instead of 32.00. Just thought Id share that with you!

Look here .

Almost Done with The Body!

Here's my Eiffel progress pic - I have one more inch to go on the body.

111807 002

Next up- sleeves!