Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mohair Wicked near the end

I have just finished the hip increases and I am about 4 inches from the bottom. I have been bugged about the bottom of the mohair being a rolled edge. Does anyone else feel that way? Is anyone thinking about knitting the bottom of the mohair with a seed stitch, rib or the crossover stitch pattern?

The mohair version pic is not on the zephyr web site but is near the bottom of the Sexy Knitters Club main page.


Cheryl said...

Are you finding your mohair extremely sheer, I have stopped mine til I decide if it is being frogged and replaced with all worsted

Knitters Delight said...

It looks like there is seed stitch on the bottom of one of the version (just below the green mohair). I think that'll look great.


chrispy said...

My mohair is sheer on the needles but with a tank or cami you don't even notice it when wearing it. I was walking around my in laws all weekend trying the sweater on at different points for fit and felt that it was fine. I normally wear a tank top under everything because my body temp fluctuates from hot to cold no matter the weather.

Michelle said...

Ii think it you wanted to repeat the crossover that would be really pretty!