Thursday, August 31, 2006

finished at the last minute !

Hello all !
Managed to finish my tempting II at the very last minute, so here it is .. I ran out of yarn so I substituted the neck band for a crocheted one, and I really like the result.
And because I couldn't wait to start Sizzle, I've already cast on and knitted the first inch yesterday. I'm using a bamboo yarn (Rosários 4 Bio Bamboo) in one of my favourite shades, which I hope will look great.

My Tempting II

Well here she is: My Tempting II; I used Knit Picks Shine. I had trouble finding a buckle and I'm not completely happy with this one, but it will do in a pinch. Thanks to all who posted about the neckband. My first attempt was an utter failure, but I reknit it and it fits fine now.
PS. Not sure what happened with the picture :-)


So, I figured out that I want to make Sizzle in Cascade Pima Silk ($6/skein). I chose my color, then waited for payday to roll around. I go online just now to ORDER, and it's up to over $9 per skein!!!!!! That turns my reasonably priced sweater into a $60+ endeavor (shipping not included). ARGH! I may as well buy the kit with the recommended yarn from kpixie.

***Edited: Ok. I'm a total idiot. I was looking at the wrong brand of Pima Silk. Sheesh. Time to get out of the sun.

tempting 1.5?

I tried the Tempting II neckband, I swear, and couldn't stand it. So, after ripping it out, like, twice I decided to improvise. I kinda liked the original Tempting neckband, and mixed it with the on-edge one on the II. So, here's what I've made:

The ribbon is 1.5" wide organza. It gives the neck a nice scoopiness. My Mum told me last night (I finished it at around 3am) that she wasn't certain it's quite legal for me to wear. I'm busty and this only enhances it, so yeah. I'll probably post pix of me in it later this week on my blog, though I doubt anyone's interested.

I can't wait to try out the SKB!

Yummy Yarn

Yippee, my ordered of yarn arrived today!! I'm hoping to swatch it up tonight. It is sooo soft and pretty.....It is the Tilli Thomas and it is Dusty Pink. LOVE IT!!!!!
holy hotcakes, I love both of these designs (and the designers aren't too shabby either)! I've been sick the past few months, emergency surgery and then a dasterdly first trimester (i'm pregnant!) so I've been in a bit of a knitting funk and I need a KAL. I don't want to spend the money on lovely lovely yarn for the bodice because with my roundy belly I just couldn't test the fit, so I'll have to save that one for next winter. However, I happen to have some strange colored bamboo in my stash that seems like it'll be a fit for sizzle, so that's what I'm knitting, plus, I've never knit Ms. Wendy's patterns before, look how nice they print out, and such cute pictures! yay!

jacey (insubordiknit)

I love the SKB

I certainly love the simply knitted bodice and I even have yarn in my stash that would work perfectly. So why am I so glum?

Well, so far, I haven't found a site I can purchase the pattern from and pay via my German paypal account (there I can have the funds withdrawn from my bankaccount and don't need a credit card). Credit cards are something I shy away from, knowing myself and the uncontrollable spending that would produce!

Can anyone help? I only want to purchase the pattern, I don't need the yarn.

Hope I can knit along with you guys sometime soon.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm Ready!! My Tilli Tomas Yarn Arrived!

Hi Everybody,
I'm new here. I had joined a while ago but had not gotten around to working on sweaters yet. After seeing the Beautiful Knitted Bodice Pattern--I could no longer resist! I did some investigating on the Tilli Tomas yarn and found that Sarah's Yarns is selling Tilli Tomas at great prices. I placed my order last week and its now confirmed. After paying with paypal my order was shipped out the same day. I got it 1 week later as it was travelling from NY to CA. I purchased 4 Pure and Simple in Jade and 2 Disco Lights. I paid a total of $131 plus shipping---thats about a $57.00 Savings!!!! Also, just in case anyone is wondering. I have no affiliation with this seller. I found the site on the internet when searching for Tilli Tomas:)

I love, love, love the Jade colorway---I fell in love with it when I first saw it on the Kpixie site. Take a look at the haul - Isn't it beautiful:

I can't wait to get started. I have lots to do: wind up the yarn in pretty yarn cakes, get my needles ready..., go over the pattern again and then start swatching. If successful, this will officially be my first sweater. I tried making one a month ago but then abandoned it due to other knitting pressures---bad, bad, marisol. But who can resist this sweater! I'll have to pick up the other one asap:)

Hey if there is anyone out there still waiting to purchase yarn--Give Sarah's Yarns a try. You seriously can beat the prices and you would end up spending that much on some of the other choice replacements anyway--don't ya think...

Sleeves on Sizzle

Does anyone have an idea of how it would work to add small sleeves (even just a cap) to Sizzle? I really want to make this pattern, but am not allowed to have bare shoulders at work. If I'm reading the pattern correctly, you pick up stitches for the seed stitch arm band.

If I picked up stitches, knit a bit in stocking stitch, and then switched to the seed stitch, would that work? Any advice? Suggestions?

Thanks all,
Knitting In The North

Getting a Head Start

I am new to the club, and an advanced beginner. I was so excited to see the choices for the KAL. I started Sizzle over the weekend, I am using Berroco Denim Silk in a beautiful Lavender color. I really like the way it is knitting up.

The plan is to have it finished by September 16, when I leave for a week in Key West. Assuming Hurricane Ernesto hasn't washed the town out to sea!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sizzle in the Round

For your information and because so many of you have asked, I have placed a PDF file on my blog, Knit and Tonic under the Pattern Updates section on the left side bar.

In it, I offer tips for converting the Sizzle pattern to one in the round. Note, this pattern has only TWO side seams (which are straight because the shaping in the garment occurs within the garment itself), so it is really up to you if you want to take the trouble to work it in the round. I did not re-write the pattern because it doesn't really make sense to do so (and because it is so much more straightforward to work it in two pieces because in the front section, at one point, you'll need to work two balls at once).

But I aim to please and hope these tips give you insight into converting the pattern, should you want to. Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 28, 2006

brand spankin new

Thanks for letting me join the group. My name is Alicisa and I'm knitting sizzle and I'm using the Pima Tencel in red. I have already started and it looks geat. It's very soft.

Yarn Subs for Sizzle

Hey Sexy Knitters!

When I discovered that Sizzle would be a part of this KAL, I started looking around for sub ideas. I guess it all depends upon your preference, budget and whether or not you'll be wearing it in a warm or cool climate, so this list contains yarns for both.

Know that if you select a wool, for example, rather than the cotton/silk/rayon blend that I used and suggested, the drape will change a bit. Also, if you plan on layering it over a bulky shirt, consider lengthening the armholes slightly or adding a narrower ribbing in that area so the top fits well. You could even make the neckline even more dramatic if you plan on wearing it with a button-up top. Okay, here are some sub ideas, but this is definitely not the entire list of possibilities:

Cascade Pima Tencel
Tahki Cotton Classic
Berroco Cotton Twist
Karabella Zodiac*
SWTC Phoenix*
Paton's Katrina (now available on cheap/use a smaller needle)
Lana Grossa hp31 Cotton*
SWTC Oasis* (May have to use a smaller needle)

Cascade 220
Noro Cash Iroha**
Misti Alpaca Worsted**
Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere (I saw a Sizzle here worked in black; wonderful!)

(The yarns with * can be found at and those with ** can be found at I like both online stores and find them very reasonable and have great customer service.)

Later, I'll give tips on converting the pattern into the round. I can't re-write it, but I'll give some tips if you are comfortable with making some minor changes.

there were some lovely choices

...and the winners are two beautiful sweaters but i'm afraid i'm going to have to be different again this KAL. i really REALLY REALLY wanted to join this kal and really really really want to support wendy. i love her blog, her personality, her patterns which are sooo well written and easy to follow and she's always been helpful and quick to answer any question no matter how silly. but lets face it i don't have the body type for sizzle! i just can't picture it! think about this though, if only half or a quarter of we 600 (wow) sexy knitters spend 5 bucks each that's a nice chunk of change and a NICE way to show your support. well wendy of knit & tonic has mine and i just purchased her cropped cardigan "marilyns not so shrunken cardigan" and i'm well on my way to buying the recommended yarn, elsebeth lavold silky tweed! which is now at close out prices at several different on line stores so i'm off to pick a color here! i am joining this KAL in designer only and i'll be knitting the not so shrunken along with the rest of you knitting the beautiful sweaters that won. i tried to conform, really i did but i it's just not in my nature!

I did it!

Just ten minutes ago I finished my Tempting II! It really took me ages to knit, as I have used a really thin alpaca (180 m/ 50 g). But I love the touch of it, and it is really great. (The bunp on the side is excess fabrick...)

More details on my blog:


Tempting II

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Knit Along Winners

Well, well... I think most of us knew that the Simple Knitted Bodice was going to win this knit along, didn't we? But why don't we make this a little interesting and make it a double knit along again and include Sizzle as well. Make either pattern or make both. We'll have separate drawings for those who make the Simple Knitted Bodice, for those who make Sizzle, and for those who make both. Me, I'm going to try to make both since both of these patterns are AWESOME and since I already bought both patterns weeks ago.

The knit along will start in two weeks (mid September) but feel free to jump in now if you've already got your supplies. Speaking of supplies, you can buy the pattern for the Simple Knitted Bodice here and here and you can even buy a complete kit here and here. There are many (online and offline) shops that offer Tilli Tomas yarns at reasonable prices -- just Google it. The pattern for Sizzle can be purchased here and Sizzle kits can be purchased here.

Please list yarn substitute suggestions here (as a comment to this post) for easy reference for those considering using an alternate to the Tilli Tomas for the Simple Knitted Bodice and for the Silk Bijou for Sizzle. I'm going to be using Hill Country Yarns Merino Silk which is identical to Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb (which is a recommended alternate to the Tilli Tomas) for much less for the Simple Knitted Bodice but am not sure yet which yarn I'll use for Sizzle. I posted this in a previous post, but thought I'd post it again here for y'all to view. This is taken directly from the pattern -- I assume the author is okay with posting this info.

Regarding pattern support, both Stephanie Japel (who authored the SKB) and Wendy Bernard (author of Sizzle) are members of the SKC and I'm sure will be checking this board frequently for questions and/or pattern issues and are usually available by email as well. I will notify both of them that their patterns won our knit along poll to give them a heads up.

The knit along will end mid November and drawings will be held at that time. I can't wait to see everybody's progress of either or both of these patterns. Is it just me or does it seem like we were just blessed with an abundance of incredible patterns this go round? Either way, I'm excited about this knit along and excited to be a Sexy Knitter so I can knit these with Y'ALL!

Now go shop for yarn!

My Tempting II Done

I finished my Tempting II in Rowan Calmer yesterday. I loved working with the Calmer except change of yarn and bump and blemish all show up. I did adapt the neckline...had to decrease the final length as otherwise the neck would be past my neck. Plus I went down a needle size for the sleeves used double-pointed 7s instead of 8s. I also couldn't find a buckle so used two buttons that I found in JoAnn. I'm not modeling as I need to find a nude strapless bra to wear underneath. Like I need an excuse to go shopping at Victoria's Secret. It also needs to be soaked...maybe the blemishs will blur. Wishful thinking!
Here she is...can't wait to hear what we will be knitting next

Simply Knitted Finished Object

I don't want to jump the gun but I thought that since SKB was in the lead in the votes that I would post this link to the FO.

She used Cascade Pima Silk for the short sleeved version. I don't know about the long sleeved one (yes she is making two!) but it looks so clean, neat, and beautiful. I think this is going to be a great KAL is this pattern wins.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tempting II Finally Finished!

I finished my Tempting II a couple of nights ago, finally. You may remember, I started over once after being nearly up to the sleeves. I knit the neckband three times before I was happy with it. Check out my blog for more details.

Edited to add: (For some reason neither my browser at home nor at work will not let me see the word verifiation to add a comment. If anyone knows how I can fix this please let me know!) Heather, yes, I did use TLC Cotton Plus. The color is Thistle :)


Friday, August 25, 2006

Completed Orangina

Yah.. I know.. I lag.

6 skeins Knitpicks Shine in Violet - lace portion on size 3 Addi's and the ribbing on size 2's. I stopped the lace just shortly under my bust to cinch in the waist a bit more.

Love the fit, love the color, would knit it again :)

more what-not-to-knit thoughts :)

i did a little follow-up post:
thanks for the comments from those of you who stopped by! if anyone wants to join (be an author like you are here), let me know (on that blog).

Finished tempting II

I'm finally completing what turned into a summer long project. The tempting II still needs a buckle on the neckband but this sexy knitter is moving on to other projects.

Started: July 4, 2006
Pattern: Tempting II
Yarn: Bernat Denimstyle,chino(3 skeins)
Needles:size 6 bamboo
Completed: August 24, 2006

Thursday, August 24, 2006

what not to knit

i posted some thoughts about the candidates on one of my other blogs at i have some favorites :) but please don't be offended if your nominee isn't one of them--it's all just taste!

Computer/Browser Help

Will one of you clever Dames or Fellows help me? When I go to the page I have to click on August 2006 down by the archives to get the up to date page. I am not opening it from a bookmark and the refresh page doesn't show me anything different. Is that just how it is? No one I know, knows. Thanks!


I love this sweater!

Oh - so close!

Yes - now I have ALMOST finished my Tempting! I have just finished and should start on the yoke, however - no more yarn left. I will have to go shopping tomorrow, and I really hope to finish it this weekend.



Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tempting II finished!!

Here is my finished Tempting II.

I love everyone's SWC, I had to make one too....

so I've already nominated (Sizzle), but thought of one more pattern I'd like to nominate!

It's Rusted Root, from Zephyr Style. The pattern's $5.50 to download and they have a forum for pattern questions!

For your consideration...

All righty, these are the nominees for the next KAL. It entirely possible (re: quite likely) that I may have missed a nomination somewhere. If I did, drop a comment here and I'll get the list updated.

Note: This is NOT the voting thread; this is just a nice easy way for everyone to look through all of the nominations.

Anna Socks
Baccarat Player
Cardigan in Alpaca
Cardigan in Alpaca and Vivaldi
Cardigan in Alpaca with glitter
Cobweb - Rowan 40
Corset Top
Cropped Cardigan
Deciduous Cami
Flashy Lace
Hourglass Sweater (Last Minute Knitted Gifts)
Monica's Lace Stockings
Morale Builders
Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan
Prosperous Plum Tank
Rusted Root
Simple Knitted Bodice
Something Red
Top Down Raglan

Lots of great suggestions!

New Nomination

Regine from Saunshine!

Fitted, body conscious, flirty lace at sleeves and hem, deep and wide square neck perfect for showing off a shapely collarbone and still covering bra straps...

And a free pattern, at that!

Can you imagine adding little beads on some of the eyelet portions, or changing the ribbing at the neckline to a little picot edge? I can!

Nomination! I think today is the last day?

Scatter! If we do 2 knits I think scatter would be a great second for those of us who live in warmer climates. It's form fitting and would look really sexy depending on the yarn selected.

Saunshine's Scatter Tank


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nominate Flashy Lace

I would like to nominate the "flashy lace sweater" from knitty dot com's fall '03 issue. You can find the pattern here

Yes, once again I am advocating a free pattern so that I have a chance to participate.

As for those wanting to create a shorter link address so that they might be able post links to their nominations, and like me not happen to know how to do a hyper-link, I suggest this. Go to a TinyURL creator such as and it'll shorten it for you! That's what I did.

Simple Knitted Bodice

Hey guys, I just wanted to point out that there is already a knitalong happening in September for the Simple Knitted Bodice - it is here: and starts on September 1. If we want to do it maybe we should wait until another month so we don't clash?

Another nomination

I love Arisaig from knitty. It's a long-sleeved lace wrap sweater that has been on my "to do" list for a while. I thought it might be a good choice for this group because wrap sweaters are really flattering for most body types. :)

Sock are sexy!

Well, at least I think these are. :D
Monica's Lace Stockings From white lies designs. Or then new Anna Socks from Rowan 40. I could find a better pic. Trust me, they're lovely. Or some Morale Builders. Love those. :D

Okay. Those are my completly different votes.

My Nomination

Whoo, first post! I found this cute little sweater on the Berroco website. The pattern is called Tatania and can be found here
(Hope the link works) I dont really like the color pictured though. Hope you guys like it.

I just found a bunch of sexy little knits on take a look. Make sure to look above the picture for the other links. This one is too funny, but so yummy.

Corset Top

Did anyone see this top on Knitty Gritty yesterday? Here is the free pattern from the DIY website, and apparently, you can buy a different version from the designer's website that has a sleeve option. She says it looks good on all sizes. (BTW, Wendy from Knit and Tonic was one of the knitster girls on this episode!)

I also would like to twenty-second the nomination for the Simple Knitted Bodice.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Okay, we will continue to take nominations for another 3 days. Three days only! And then we'll vote shortly after that.

I'm looking for a voluteer to compile a list of all the official nominations hyperlinked (if possible) to the patterns themselves. This would help us all to be able to readily view all the nominations prior to voting. Voting will last for 2 days this time as opposed to 3 so be sure to spread the word to all the members.

Also, don't forget that there will be a drawing at the end of the month for all who participated in the Tempting II knit along. If you haven't already emailed me to tell me that you completed your Tempting II (or came very close to completing it) then be sure to do so before the end of the month.

I don't know about y'all, but I am WAY excited about this knit along! I think the patterns are awesome!!!

More Nominations

I'm loving all of the nominations and still in love with the bodice so far. I figured I'd put these up just to make things difficult. *wink*




My favorite of this group


(Just begs for embellishment)

Baccarat Player:

2 More Nominations

I thought I'd nominate 2 more ideas. So far there are 3 or so nominations that I already like, and intend to knit no matter what...but here are two more, tee-hee!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another belated Orangina

I wasn't able to participate in the Orangina KAL due to time constraints while finishing up grad school. However, I had wanted to knit it for awhile and my desire only increased while watching everyone else finish their great pieces. I cast on as soon as my last class was over in June. It was a great knit, and I was excited to finally be at the point in my knitting where I could succesfully complete it. I had a slightly harrowing experience near the end, but with slight modifications it ended up working out well. You can read more about in on my blog.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tempting 2 Completed

My Tempting 2 is finished! I like it more than I thought I would, but was utterly bored with the knitting. I knew I would be, but thought it would be fun to joint a knit along, which it was. My husband likes it, too!

I'll second that!

I wanted to second the "Sizzle" and "Simple Knitted Bodice" nominations! I love them both. I'd also like to add Marnie MacLean's Deciduous Cami which is pretty different looking and could be fun!

Friday, August 18, 2006

another nomination

Now that's we are coming into fall, I'd like to nominate Tubey once again. This looks like such a fun knit.


My first nomination is the Hourglass Sweater which can be found in the book, Last Minute Knitted Gifts- here is a picture:

As for a free pattern, I nominate Starsky. Picture follows:


I nominate Stephanie Japel's Top Down Raglan. I know it's not as blatantly sexy as some of the other one's nominated here, and it's pretty simple, but I have seen a few finished, and they looked really hot! I especially like this one.

Attaching on every row

I knit half the neckband yesterday before realizing my gauge is a bit off, and now I need to frog the whole thing and start over on smaller needles. D'oh!

But my question is - I'd like to try this time attaching the neckband to every row instead of every other. I just can't figure out how to do this on the WS row. Can anyone tell me how you did it at the beginning of a WS row? Maybe I need to have both stitches on the right needle and do a k2tog or something, but I'd like to know a tried & true way before I mess up this crazy sweater even more. Thanks!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nomination: Sizzle!

I think this is the hottest new pattern out there:

So please can we knit it, huh?

Hi from a new member

Hi, my name is Anna and I live in Brunswick, ME. I was very excited to join this knitalong, which looks like so much fun. I waited with my first post for when I have some progress on Tempting II to show. But somehow I got stuck (work and vacation, you all know it) and now I know for sure I won`t be able to finish it in time. Well, for now I am inspired by all the lovely finished Temptings you post here and at least I can cast my vote for the next KAL. I love, love the Simply Knitted Bodice that so many of you suggested. I might end up knitting it anyway, but it would be much more fun, if I could knit it along with all the sexy knitters.

I nominate.....

HI I am new here, and I know I saw this pattern here somewhere, I dont know if you have knit it....but I nominate it anyway.....

Green lovely alpaca jacket! I love this pattern and alpaca will be great for cooler evenings :-)all my nominations are in alpaca tho..

another is:

Alpaca again....


Greetings from Norway and Fjellrosa !!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Previous Nominations I Still Like

Here are my choices in patterns:

(I started this a couple months ago in the "Rose" version that has short sleeves. I could really use some incentive to work on it.)

Something Red (I am casting this on this week.)

Prospersous Plum Tank (Since this is a tank top, it might not be the best for fall, but it now has a full range of sizes!)

Of course, you can see that I am already invested in the first two of these patterns. I still want to do Tubey someday, too. I look forward to seeing all the new nominations.



i love this cropped cardi from blue sky alpaca, jimmy beans wool sells the pattern for $4.00. i also love knit & tonic's pattern for a cropped cardi...marilyn's not so shrunken cardi. i'd love to do either of these.

p.s. link to jimmy beans wool pattern here!

Finished with Tempting!

Here it is:
Finished Tempting!

I changed a couple of things, but not much.

1. I spread out the initial neckline decreases over two rounds, and then did another round of decreases (k2, k2tog) to bring the neckline up a bit higher on me.

2. I love the way slipstitched look on edges, so I did that all around the neckband.

3. When I got back around to the join point (where the buckle is in the pattern), I knitted a couple of extra inches, created a little loop with that extra length, and knotted the start of the neckband through the loop.

Can't wait for the next KAL!
Jen --

Let the Nominations Begin!

Hey Gals and Guys! You may now start "officially" nominating patterns for the next knit along! The summer knits were fun but I've got "fall-fever" somethin' aweful!

Have fun with your nominations and PLEASE remember to hyperlink your patterns so that the long URL's don't mess up our sidebar! If you don't know how to hyperlink your patterns, please ask because someone will be happy to explain it to you! I'd do it here, but I'm running short on time (sorry)! We will take nomintions until the end of August.

Don't forget to enter your name in the drawing if you particpated in the Tempting II knit along!

Have fun nominating!!!

Edited to Add: Please put your nominations in a separate post -- not as a comment to this or someone else's post, as it may not be seen by all the readers. Including a "smallish" pic of the pattern and the hyperlinked pattern name would be awesome! That being said, I nominate the Simple Knitted Bodice. I like this pattern because you can knit it in either long or short sleeves and it claims to be "the easiest sweater you'll ever make!". Yep yep, that's my nomination.

Don't forget that if you like someone else's nomination, to leave them a comment under their post letting them (and the rest of us) know that you like it. This way, in case we have more than 20 nominations, we will know which ones to keep and which to cut.

Edited To Add Again: The question of yarn substitutes has come up and since I've already purchased this pattern I thought I'd post what is printed in the pattern as possible yarn substitutes. I can think of MANY more possibilities as I'm sure many of you can as well.

(Yeah, I'm doing it the lazy way... just click on the image to maximize and read it.)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hi Ladies!

Very happy to have a chance to join in this blog! Hi again to all sexy knitters!!
Here I post two F.O which i completed last months. I modified abit the pattern from the original. Since I live in hot humid Malaysia now, I always modify the long sleeves to short sleeves. The black one s GMC cotton yarn and the green one is acrylic Aminah yarn.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Where are those socks?

I saw a really great pattern for socks with scallops, very cool, now I can't find the dang thing.... Help. Camille

Almost There!!

This was taken a while ago, but I've only got 3/4 of an inch to go before the neckline and it seems like the last 2 inches are taking forever. It's becoming very well traveled and has been to London, ran in the Race for Life and to the Brighton Pride events now. It almost went to Guide camp but was getting too big to go (a sock went instead)

Just a quick question for everyone - when attaching the neckband does it matter where you put the join? On the Knitty the photo it's on the left but if I join at the beginning of the row it will be on the right. I don't think I'm lost but best to sort this out now.

I have a few buckle choices and am leaning towards the Green one or the pearly one. These were great Jumble sale finds and sold as 1930's buckles for £0.50 each. I'll need to decide before I make the neck as the opening sizes are different and I don;t know if I want the neck to be as wide as the green one or not though.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

It feels so good!

So good to have finished my Picovoli and even better to wear it! 1/2 of my window shopping yesterday was actually checking the fit and shape of my top in the reflection, tee hee! I learned alot making this top and I'm so very happy with it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is what I opted to knit instead of the Tempting 2 because of my build; Tempting 2 would accent the line-backer in my shoulders. But after seeing you Lovely Ladies in your Temptation, I am now tempted to knit Tempting!


Friday, August 11, 2006

Tempting II in two needle sizes

I have 2 starts to this beautiful knit. Although my gauge is right for the size 7 needle, I tried it on, and wasn't sure it was going to be fitting right. Yesterday I started again with size 8 needles (on the left) will be either one or the other of these two! It has to be, as I will need the yarn from the reject to finish the other!

i've missed you all...

i hoped i wouldn't but i did! i didn't make tempting and thought i could busy myself with other things but i've been so busy and it's not been busy knitting either. hmmmm maybe what i need is the sexy knitter's to inspire and to motivate me. i'm hoping for a really cool fall knit this next kal. i'd love to knit a cropped sweater to wear over tees for this in between season coming up, i'm thinking of short sleeves but long would be ok too as long as i could shorten them! i have a few ideas but i'm saving them for jeannie's go ahead to start nominating! any one else know of any really nice cropped / bolero sweater type patterns around??? later... gay

What is the tempting II?

As I was reading today I noticed that you have a knit along, what is is and can I see a picture or a pattern?????It might be fun to try it! Camille

Tempting II, pink alpaca

Hi all you other sexy knitters!

This is my first post in this KAL, and I really love this concept!

I have started my Tempting II in pink alpaca, 180 m / 50 g. It's very thin yarn, so I have increased a few sizes, and I hope it will work out fine. This is how fra I have come:

(Help! I am not sure if I managed this link thing... otherwise pic in my blog)

Kind regards,

Hello and If I May...

I just wanted to first say thank you for allowing me to join what looks like a wonderful group of "sexy" knitters. I hope to contribute to the fun that I've seen and participate in the KALs as well.

If it's not too late (I didn't see a due date or if the decision had been finalized), I'd like to suggest a few patterns for the next or a future KAL:




Iris: (Just begs for embellishment)

Baccarat Player:

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Buckle for my Tempting II

For now, I have temporarily put a button on my finished Tempting II but I am still seeking for a buckle... I have found two that I like at; two completely different options that would change the style of my top... Any advice?

Isabelle aka Tricotine

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Question on the sleeves

Hello everyone! I'm a beginner and started knitting Tempting II on July 1st. Now, I have trouble joining the sleeves without having some huge holes on each side of them, like I'm not joining it right at the beginning and the end. Would you have any idea what I'm doing wrong? I tried it once as instructed in the pattern, frogged, then tried Marlene's method (see her blog) which I preferred by the way, but I still have those holes... Do I need to do something special at the beginning and end when joining the underarm and then, knitting the top? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

All your good work and progress is really interesting to follow! The SKC is a really nice blog!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Frog It!

I'm so discouraged! I just had to frog about 5 inches of my Tempting II. I had about eight inches done and realized that the earlier mistakes I made that I thought I could over look are unacceptable. Plus, it seems I somehow started knitting in the wrong direction (?) because the ribbing started looking like it had a stripe in it. This is my first project to knit in the round; is it possible to knit the wrong way?
Anyway, I'm sick about all of the hours I just frogged, but I'll keep on knitting. Perhaps I'll have my Tempting II finished by winter time....

My Tempting II modeled

I finally found the time to model my Tempting II. It still has the button on the neckband for now as I am still looking for a buckle I like... My 3 years old took the photos!

For more modeling pictures, click here.