Monday, August 28, 2006

Yarn Subs for Sizzle

Hey Sexy Knitters!

When I discovered that Sizzle would be a part of this KAL, I started looking around for sub ideas. I guess it all depends upon your preference, budget and whether or not you'll be wearing it in a warm or cool climate, so this list contains yarns for both.

Know that if you select a wool, for example, rather than the cotton/silk/rayon blend that I used and suggested, the drape will change a bit. Also, if you plan on layering it over a bulky shirt, consider lengthening the armholes slightly or adding a narrower ribbing in that area so the top fits well. You could even make the neckline even more dramatic if you plan on wearing it with a button-up top. Okay, here are some sub ideas, but this is definitely not the entire list of possibilities:

Cascade Pima Tencel
Tahki Cotton Classic
Berroco Cotton Twist
Karabella Zodiac*
SWTC Phoenix*
Paton's Katrina (now available on cheap/use a smaller needle)
Lana Grossa hp31 Cotton*
SWTC Oasis* (May have to use a smaller needle)

Cascade 220
Noro Cash Iroha**
Misti Alpaca Worsted**
Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere (I saw a Sizzle here worked in black; wonderful!)

(The yarns with * can be found at and those with ** can be found at I like both online stores and find them very reasonable and have great customer service.)

Later, I'll give tips on converting the pattern into the round. I can't re-write it, but I'll give some tips if you are comfortable with making some minor changes.


Sarah said...

Thanks Wendy! Do you think Debbie Bliss Cathay will do the trick? If not I have other projects I could use it for but am really looking forward to knitting Sizzle! Otherwise I was going to try Patons (that's Patons Australia) Zhivago, which is a tencel/acrylic blend which behaves wonderfully - you can wear it to death, machine wash it and it never pills, plus it's nice and shiny and feels ever so soft (and is probably the only 50% acrylic yarn I will ever rave about!). However it prefers to be knit at a slightly looser gauge so I'll try the Cathay first!

Hillary said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I have some Cotton-Ease in my stash I'm going to swatch with, but I'm not sure I'll get gauge. So, it's great to have some other ideas. Thanks again!

Wendy said...

Sarah, the Cathay is a DK weight? If so, you'll need to fiddle with the math a bit. I just can't remember if it is the right weight...

slmknits said...

Wendy, I'm thrilled you'll give tips to knit Sizzle in the round. I was thinking about trying to convert it myself, something I've never done before. Thanks!

Michelle said...

You're awesome Wendy! I plan on knittting this one in the spring, so I better print off your subs and put it with my pattern!


Carol said...

I just finished my Sizzle and subbed in Louisa Harding's Nautical Cotton. Love the results!