Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sleeves on Sizzle

Does anyone have an idea of how it would work to add small sleeves (even just a cap) to Sizzle? I really want to make this pattern, but am not allowed to have bare shoulders at work. If I'm reading the pattern correctly, you pick up stitches for the seed stitch arm band.

If I picked up stitches, knit a bit in stocking stitch, and then switched to the seed stitch, would that work? Any advice? Suggestions?

Thanks all,
Knitting In The North


Pixie Purl said...

If I end up making this pattern, I was going to add sleeves. I was basically going to do what you said, except that I was going to make either 3/4 or full length sleeves. Basically, just like you said: pick up stitches around the seed stitch edging, work in stockinette, and finish off in seed stitch. If you want cap sleeves, you might want to do some short row shaping on them, but if you are looking at doing them a bit longer, the way you mentioned should work, depending on how fitted you want them (I was going to do straight sleeves as I like my sleeves a bit flared) Not sure if I helped at all, I won't know for sure until I start knitting!

Wendy said...

Barbara Walker has an excellent explanation about how to do short rows for cap sleeves in her book, Knitting from the Top. Also, Jenna Adorno used that technique for adding cap sleeves to her Hopeful.

I plan on using this same technique for top-down set-in sleeves for future patterns. It works great!

Miss Scarlett said... that is an idea since I seem to have over-ordered yet again.
Why, when I even go exactly by yarn specs? Odd.

ChiaLea said...

You want to be careful about just picking up and knitting sleeves straight off an armscye. You'll end up with weird drop-shouldered sleeves that bunch oddly. Barbara Walker's directions won't give you a really great fit, but they're close enough for most fudging purposes. If you want to figure out a real set-in sleeve, you can look at articles on Knitty that describle how to design one or give Maggie Righetti's "Sweater Design in Plain English" a try. If you can handle the math in the Knitty articles, I'd reccomend those for ideal fit.