Monday, August 28, 2006

there were some lovely choices

...and the winners are two beautiful sweaters but i'm afraid i'm going to have to be different again this KAL. i really REALLY REALLY wanted to join this kal and really really really want to support wendy. i love her blog, her personality, her patterns which are sooo well written and easy to follow and she's always been helpful and quick to answer any question no matter how silly. but lets face it i don't have the body type for sizzle! i just can't picture it! think about this though, if only half or a quarter of we 600 (wow) sexy knitters spend 5 bucks each that's a nice chunk of change and a NICE way to show your support. well wendy of knit & tonic has mine and i just purchased her cropped cardigan "marilyns not so shrunken cardigan" and i'm well on my way to buying the recommended yarn, elsebeth lavold silky tweed! which is now at close out prices at several different on line stores so i'm off to pick a color here! i am joining this KAL in designer only and i'll be knitting the not so shrunken along with the rest of you knitting the beautiful sweaters that won. i tried to conform, really i did but i it's just not in my nature!


Wendy said...

Hey Gay! I was just checking in and saw your post (thanks). Just so you know, it is a NOT-so-shrunken cardigan, meaning, it won't fit tight unless you really want it to. Otherwise, it has some ease in the bust and under the arms but parts like sleeve length and body length are definitely "shrunken."

As with all top-down raglans, try on as you go and it's up to you how much drama you want to create!

I will be here to answer any questions anyone has on this one, too. Just leave a question here or write to me at


gaysknits said...

yea i know it won't fit tight! that's the BEST part, that and the cropped waist showing part! i want to be able to wear it over a tee and take it off if necessary! or use it as a early fall jacket. thanks AGAIN!

dobarah said...

I will KAL along with you on this beauty...well, that is as soon as it is after Labor Day and I can purchase the yarn! (The SOS ends then!) I Love the Sizzle also...but I know I would wear this!

Jeanie said...

Who says you don't have the right body type for Sizzle??? I think it would look awesome on you!