Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Tempting II modeled

I finally found the time to model my Tempting II. It still has the button on the neckband for now as I am still looking for a buckle I like... My 3 years old took the photos!

For more modeling pictures, click here.


Maryse said...

I like your Tempting II! I'm also knitting it in TLC Cotton Plus in medium blue. I have trouble posting a question, so I'll try via a comment. I'm a beginner and I have trouble joining the sleeves without having loose stiches on the sides of the sleeves (actually, they are big holes that can't be ignored). Would you or anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong? I tried as instructed in the pattern, then I tried Marlene's method (see her blog), but with the same result. The rest of my knitting seems tight enough... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Nice work everyone!

Tricotine said...

I had the same problem and I easily fixed it when I sewed the underarms... I hope this helps.

Isabelle aka Tricotine