Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bella Paquita sleeve cap

Having successfully completed the bodice portion of Bella, I've been finishing up the first sleeve, discovering to my great dismay that knitted according to the chart, the cap is much longer than required. So, tinking with a few well-chosen words muttered under my breath back to the CO's for the cap, I am redoing everything, make the full-fashioned decreases closer-bloody-together and will hope that all turns out well. I knit to gauge, so this little glitch is cause for no small concern.

Saving the luscious lace as reward for getting the sleeves done is the perfect goad to keep me needling away by the fire these cold winter evenings!

Any thoughts on the sleeve cap conundrum?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sleeveless so far

Here's my Bella Paquita so far. I decided that I like the look of a twisted k1p1 rib better than the k2p2---for some reason, the twisted k1p1 clings to my tummy & hips in a more flattering way when compared to other k2p2 ribbed sweaters I've made. I'm making the sleeves seamlessly from the top-down (a la Elizabeth Zimmerman) with short rows & will use the twisted rib on them as well. Since I'm not all that bold, btw, I will be wearing a cami underneath when the sweater's done. Overall, this has been a fun knit, and I'm looking forward to wearing it:)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Giselle's coming along nicely

I'm am loving this! After the knitting to deadline stuff I've done recently - ploughing back and forwards across rows as fast as I can - knitting on circular needles has slowed me right down (for once I'm knitting to guage!) and this is so therapeutic (sp?!)and looks lovely. Knitting it in Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora (Maroon). Once I got started, the pattern was no way as complex as I'd thought - although I spent 10 mins with a calculator trying to figure out how many stitches I was increasing by and where after the first 17 rows.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Got started, am having some sizing issues

Hi everyone,

So, I finished the top a few nights ago, and the thing looks TINY on me. I'm between sizes, so I went with the smaller one to account for later stretching. But when I tried it on the top barely covered my nips. It kinda looks like that's how marnie's fits too in the picture, but I'm worried. Maybe I'll just make the bigger size (it didn't take that long, really) and see if I like it better. Also, I've started the sleeves (in the bigger size), and they're going ok. I'm doing them top down so that I can lengthen them easily.

huge mistake

Just so others can know - when I first started, I cast on 164 stitches (I'm doing the large size). Happily knitting along, I get to the first increase. What's this? I should have only cast on 148?!? Aargh.

Anyway, just wanted to share that.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bella Paquita

Ok, I've gotten started -

The yarn is Wool-Ease and I'm trying to bring the illusion of petals over water. We'll see how it looks.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Partial Paquita Top

Well, I've gotten the first part of the top of the Bella Paquita done. I'm working on the sleeves right now and the lace will follow. I'm having a lousy times following directions. For some reason, directions and I don't play well together. I won't tell you where I goofed, that'll be my little secret, but reading are hard. That's all I'm sayin'. :)

I'm using Valley Yarn's Colrain in Olive Grey for this. I love this yarn. It's so incredibly soft and just glides on the needles. This yarn tried to appear in the Minimalist Cardigan, but it just wasn't working for me, way too much moss stitch. So, here we go again. This time, I think it's working!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Can't wait to get going!

Hello everyone, very excited about my first ever KAL. I'm going to be knitting Giselle in Debbie Bliss (Angora, cotton mix) in Maroon. I got the yarn for a steal on e-bay; and being the world's most impatient knitter, I'm knitting it on 4mm (all that was available at my LYS) rather than the 3.75 my swatch I'm going to knit the next size down with the hope that it'll turn out the right size in the end. Rather nervous about the pattern which is about the most complicated thing I've ever seen!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bella Shoulder Shaping

Hi everyone. I have been working on Bella and just finished the top. There were some questions about the shoulder shaping. Here is how I worked mine. I used a combination of short rows for the front, and slipping the extra stitches on the back. This left all of the stitched on the needle for the 3 needle bind-off. It left a "long stitch" on the inside (as you can see in the pic), but over all I think it worked pretty well. I'm so excited, this is my first KAL. (In case anyone is interested, I am using Patons Classic Wool in Leaf green)

Monday, January 14, 2008

I knew this stash yarn would find a good purpose...

I have had this Horstia Maulbeerseide Schurwolle (say that three times fast) in my stash for three years, and now I'm going to use it for Bella Paquita. Hooray! The skeins not pictured are already knitted up in the top of the sweater. The chart is making me crosseyed, but I think it's turning out OK.

Also, this is my first SKC post. Hi everyone!

Fashionably late

I know that I'm late to the party but just wanted to quickly post my second Juliet. It's knit from Rowan Cotton Angora in a lovely berry color.

I'm also still (sorta) working on my Tree Jacket....I hate garter stitch in the round!#@^$%

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Decisions, decisions!

I have the yarn for both patterns! Elann Incense in Brick Red for Bella:

Handmaiden Double Sea in Perwinkle and Handmaiden Sea Silk in Ebony for Giselle:

This silk/seacell blend is simply delicious! I'm leaning toward doing Giselle first simply because I have such an aversion to charts! Once I finish the baby sweater I'm doing, I'll cast on!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Started Bella

Wow, talk about creative! This pattern is definitely outside the box. No wonder Marnie's stuff is so amazing. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do but I think I'm getting it. I had to really think about which way to make the increases since it's up to us and that reminded me of Annie Modesitt's and EZ's philosophies about leaving the "how" to the knitter. I am loving it so far. I decided not to be too anal and am just highlighting the row just finished on the chart so my eye knows where to fall. That worked for the mystery stole 3 although on that one I also had vertical lines every 10 stitches cause there was so much going on. Well I just thought I'd connect with my fellow (addicts) knitters. Enjoy!

thank you

Thanks for the KAL invite!! I can't wait

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

KAL Winners

At the time voting ended (which was midnight last Monday night) we had an even tie between Bella Paquita and Giselle (both by Marnie MacLean). Bella Paquita is a free pattern from Marnie's site, and Giselle is available at Stitch Diva for $7.00. At the time voting ended, Snow White by Ysolda had 11% of the votes so will not be included in this KAL despite coming in a close third. There are no other knit alongs (that I'm aware of) for the Snow White pattern, but for those of you who prefer to knit it, please feel free to start your own knit along for it!

We'll officially begin the Bella Paquita/Giselle KAL on January 21st and will continue it until the end of March, but for those of you who are chomping at the bit to start, please feel free!

As always, you'll need to request posting privileges to post for this new knit along as all previous posters will have to be deleted (due to technical Blogger reasons).

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tree Jacket Dilema

I know we're currently voting on another project and all but I am a slow knitter and I am still working on the tree jacket and I ran into a problem.

Alright, so here's the deal.

I am on row 23 of the 24 rows that I am supposed to work before I separate the sleeves. Here's the problem.. At the beginning of row 23 I have 248 stitches. After I do my increases and then purl all the way around I will have 255 at row 24.

After I do my increases and then purl around I'll have 262 (at end of row 24).

Problem: I should have 272. Do I rip all the way back to the color for 10 stitches? I don't know how to adapt patterns very well so I can't alter the pattern and expect it to fit. Neither, sound pleasant. So I was wondering if there is a way to add 10 extra stitches without having a huge hole or making it noticeable?

Please help me! I really don't want to rip back!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Voting Time

It's time to vote for the next SKC knit along pattern! You do not need posting privileges to vote (although you do need to be a member of the SKC) so choose your favorite pattern and place your vote. Voting will end on Monday at midnight and we'll start the knit along on January 21st. The duration of the knit along will be determined by which pattern(s) wins and will be announced after the voting is over. Have fun!

Choose Your Favorite!
Military Cardigan
Cable Collar Cardigan
Daliet Blouse
Chinese Lace Pullover
Drops Cable Bag 98-54
Deep V Argyle Vest
Drops Cardigan 88-4
Drops Jacket 103-1
Bella Paquita
Something Red
Gathered Pullover
Tilted Duster
Snow White
Matilda Jane
Free polls from

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Nominations Out

I guess I have to say that I am a little disappointed in the nominations that were overlooked. The list includes so many thick, long-sleeved sweaters and has overlooked some of the most "sexy" spring sweaters. Since the KAL will last a couple of months I was expecting to see more short-sleeved and, well, sexier sweaters. Hey, this is the "Sexy" Knitters Club. What happened to the cute tank by Nikki Adams? I also am disappointed to not see "Sizzle", "Lemonade Sweater" or the "Day Flower Lace". Anyone else feeling like I am?