Thursday, January 24, 2008

Got started, am having some sizing issues

Hi everyone,

So, I finished the top a few nights ago, and the thing looks TINY on me. I'm between sizes, so I went with the smaller one to account for later stretching. But when I tried it on the top barely covered my nips. It kinda looks like that's how marnie's fits too in the picture, but I'm worried. Maybe I'll just make the bigger size (it didn't take that long, really) and see if I like it better. Also, I've started the sleeves (in the bigger size), and they're going ok. I'm doing them top down so that I can lengthen them easily.


Shayla Myst said...

Don't forget there will be about 3 inches of lace added to the "cleavage" side. I was a little worried too.

Soozletew said...

It's not the cleavage side that's bothersome on this piece--I'm making the top about 3" longer to cover my bosom (or "nips" as you so coyly put it!)--is that the right thing to do to put the empire line where it belongs?

Marnie said...

With this garment, there is no reason not to try on as you go. If you are knitting from the top down, try it on and add length if you need it. You might also find that adding a few short rows is useful for very large busts, but if that's not something you feel comfortable winging, just knit the extra length. There's no harm in doing so :)

If you are knitting bottom up, the same thing applies. You can try on as you go and just keep knitting from the empire to where you want the underarms to start.

I hope that helps

Bonnie H. said...

I am having the oposite problem. After careful guage check and measuring, mine to seems large. When I tried it on, the front was touching. Do you think I can overlap the lace a little more?

Marnie said...

I want to make sure I understand your concern. If you are saying that the fronts meet before you cast on for the center of the neck, and you have the piece flat on the floor, there is definitely a problem. Your front pieces should add up to fewer stitches than the back piece until you cast on those center stitches.

If you are saying that you are trying it on and without stretching, the front pieces meet, you could decide to keep going and work the lace so it's narrower (there are some eyelet stitches on the inside edge of the lace that you could exclude, if you wanted) but I don't know if that will actually make you happy with your final garment. This would mean that you are working the front portion narrower than the back portion adn it sounds like it would still be a little loose on you.

I think you would probably be happier reworking so that everything is a little narrower, and fits you more snuggly, but you have to make that decision for yourself.

Bonnie H. said...

I think that I need to rework, or try and take it in on the sides. Thanks for the reply :)

mary_me_a_little said...

Go with the smallness is my advice! I had the same thoughts as you as I was gettign started....and regretted it--I think it looks better (once you get the lace on) if the bodice is a little on the small size.