Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bella Paquita sleeve cap

Having successfully completed the bodice portion of Bella, I've been finishing up the first sleeve, discovering to my great dismay that knitted according to the chart, the cap is much longer than required. So, tinking with a few well-chosen words muttered under my breath back to the CO's for the cap, I am redoing everything, make the full-fashioned decreases closer-bloody-together and will hope that all turns out well. I knit to gauge, so this little glitch is cause for no small concern.

Saving the luscious lace as reward for getting the sleeves done is the perfect goad to keep me needling away by the fire these cold winter evenings!

Any thoughts on the sleeve cap conundrum?


Bonnie H. said...
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Bonnie H. said...

What size are you knitting? (I am working the XL and the sleeves lined up nicely)

Marnie said...

Yes, do let me know what size is giving you fits because I have not heard this complaint yet.

Sorry for any trouble you've had.

Soozletew said...

I am making the large size. I've had no problems since tinking back to the CO's for the armscye, do hope that no more glitches will occur.

mary_me_a_little said...

I'm terribly challenged when it comes to getting sleeve caps just right (not only for the sweater but for my big shoulders, too). That's why I pick up stitches and knit them down using short rows (see my post above)