Monday, January 30, 2006

Another finished Picovoli

I finished my Picovoli this week. YAY!! It fits great and turned out wonderfully. I do not have a picture of myself wearing it yet, but here it is anyways! I used KnitPicks Shine in the color 'green apple', size 36" using just barely under 5 balls of yarn. I am toying with ideas of trying a ribbed version or a sleeved version or.......the options are endless!!!!

Unfortuately, I too am in Canada (that's not the unfortunate part!!) and won't be able to wear my Pico for another few months. Here ya go!!! The little blob of green yarn to the left is ALL I had left. I estimate maaaaaybe 20ft. or so. Yikes, that was cutting it close!!

30 days hath September...

Okay. So tomorrow is the end of January, and this year is giving us 28 days in February. I want to join this KAL but I haven't even ordered yarn yet! I'm going to shop online at some stores within an hour of me and see what they have that might work. I have one sock to finish, so if I order yarn, I can finish that up until it comes. I really like how the finished project is looking on you sexy knitters! I have an idea for the next sexy knitting KAL here, a pattern by Irina Poludnenko that was in a knitting mag. I can get all the info if you're interested.

Hope to join you all soon for this great project, and so happy to be part of all the sexy knitters!


SKC Promo!

Guess who got to do a promo for the Sexy Knitters Club on this episode of the About Time podcast!!! Be sure you check it out! We're now up to 151 members (as of today)!

The Picovoli KAL is rockin' and rollin' right along and the finished Pico's are looking awesome! The KAL goes all the way through February, so don't worry if you're just getting started or haven't even started -- this is a fairly quick knit (in my opinion) and can probably be done in less than a week for most of you. Keep the pics a comin'!

Knit On Sexy Knitters!

Another one bites the dust!


So here's my finished Picovoli. I added 3 rows of garter stitch at the bottom because I'm not particularly dedicated to the iron. (You can see the neckline is still rolling a bit, but as it is way too freaking cold to wear this in Canada before about August, I'm going to put it away and dream of warmer days. This is a well thought-out pattern that I really enjoyed making. Thanks Grumperina! The fit is great too, but there's no one to take a picture of me right now.
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine in Cloud (I too thought it would be light blue instead of gray!)
Now on to the Knitting Olympic project! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 29, 2006

the sun is shining for a change so here's my picovoli progress as of saturday am...

well i decided to rip out the armholes that i didn't like, then used my own adaptation of the directions and used a smaller needle, it was a nice tight fit alright but the yarn was already so stretched out from ripping that it still looked like crap and the arm holes were too tight anyway so i ripped again and started over at the point where the cast off for the arms was and it worked much better, especially since i followed the directions! NOW my stiches look wierd and wonky where i picked up but upon closer look the stitches are not twisted so i am leaving them and thinking they'll smooth out in the wash and block or i'll take an iron to it...that's my story and i'm sticking to it! i still like the burnished clay , it looks great with a pair of jeans! i'm off to a birth day party today but next sunday i'm invited to the daughter's superbowl party which i will not be watching as i'm no football fan and only a steelers fan when i get to say "pittsburgh's going to the we go!!!" so i'll be hosting a knitting party for two in another room and the grandaughter and i will be knitting our way through the superbowl unless i decide to play with the 3 year old instead! i'm inspired by everyones finished picovoli's so this is my main focus but why am i working on a spring sweater now instead of the pretty vouge gypsy lace top long sleeve sweater i started prior to this? must be the power of the sexy knitters!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Picovoli, c'est fini!

She's done! I used about 4 1/2 balls of Knitpicks Shine in Cloud, on size 5 needles. A wonderful experience all around, and she fits like a gem. Pity its still so wintery here - how do you all store your knits? Maybe rolling so it doesn't get a crease? Hanging it up might stretch it too much. Great job so far everybody, we're certainly some sexy knitters!

Russian Join News Flash!!

It works! It ROCKS! It hardly shows AT ALL!!! I'll never use a knot to join again. You may remember a few post back, Otter posted a link to instructions for the Russian Join and asked for someone to see how it works with shine. Well, my dearies, it works like ...... uummmmm...... something that really works! Who are these people who think of these wonderful things? genius!

Here is the result of my 1st attempt at a Russian Join, and I went WAY out on a limb and did it in the FRONT of my Picovoli - walking on the wild side NOW girlies! How brave am I? Well, mabybe it's just stupid, but I figured, "Hey, if it doesn't work, I can just rip it out and do it under the arm! If it DOES work, how awesome is that? A join you can use in any part of any pattern!"

First, the yarn join, up close and personal.

Followed by an up close (and very OFF color, btw) look at the part of the Picovoli where the join presents itself:

It even takes me a minute to find it! It's not invisible, but it doesn't jump out and slap you either!

And as for looking at the whole, it completely blends in! Yaay!

3 cheers for Otter, everyone!

Thanks for sharing the link! And yaay for new stuff to learn!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Futzy stitches and a Tale of Two Decreases

So I'm cruising along on my Picovoli, I've completed the waist decreases and am about to start on the increases. The Knitpicks Shine is knitting up to a nice soft and yielding fabric. Its a little on the heavy side so Im hoping the drape sort of adds a bit of ease to the boobage area. I slipped half of the stitches onto a piece of waste yarn to try it on and let me say - Grumperina has got some nice boobage fit going on - at least it fits my boobage quite nicely.

The SSKs come out looking very nice, the bars are tidy and neat looking.

Is there a right leaning decrease out there that is a better match to the SSK than K2Tog?

I tried to tighten them up as I went along but they still look kind of loose and rather unruly.

I only went with 6 decreases because I dont have as defined a waist as I'd like to have, and want to avoid the whole sausage casing effect.

Also I have a dilemma - what in the world do I do to fix this Futzy stitch? Its like the yarn has unraveled slightly in its plies and fuzzed out there. Do I want to try to cut out the stitch and darn the resulting hole? The idea makes me rather woozy just thinking about doing it. Or is this a Steam block and hope no one notices it sort of situation?

I also realized that I had forgotten to REMOVE the provisional cast on before I grafted on the picot edging. Oops. I dont think it adds that much bulk though and once its blocked I think it would not even be slightly obvious.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

pico - c'est fini!

C'est fini! This is Endless Summer Luna in Burnished Clay, size 4 needles, a little over 4 skeins. I like the fit but the neckline is the part I would try something different - its a bit too loose and I realize I need to do a little more steam iron blocking - I did a knit cast on and I think I would do a crochet cast on with a smaller needle for my next one - yes, someday I do plan to make another in a silver metallic. This is my second sweater and first one in the round so my expectations for myself weren't too high. I did initially do a provisional and some picots but found that I'm not a picot girl, yet I admire them on others. Thanks for everyone who helped and answered my questions. Looking forward to the next project!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Did Something Crazy!!!

I fancy myself a Rebel Knitter. My bliend (blogger + friend = bliend) Amy would call it energy conserving. I'm sure what I did is not so rebellious, or innovative, but I am proud of myself, because no one TOLD me to do it, I figured it out on my own (I think?) I think I did. Anyway, what is it already?!

I don't love to sew things together, a common thing among knitters. SO when I got a few rounds past the YO's that make the picos, I started to notice just how MUCH it wanted to fold already, so I folded it, just to see what delights of pico coolness awaited me. When I did, I noticed that my scrap yarn was lining up almost perfectly with my needles, like REALLY evenly! So I figured, "What the heck? I may as well try something weird. If it doens't work, well, it will only mean starting over one more time out of eight previous times, no biggie." So I threaded another circ through those stitches, yanked out the scrap yarn and knit those babies together! Since I had already done one INC round and was working another one on that round, I just fudged it a little, by skipping a stitch on the back needle near the INC's. So 3 needle knitting, similar to the 3 needle bind of, but just knitting, not binding off! I've actually done that on accident before when I was trying to bind of, and just went into a daze and knitted instead. NOT SUCH A BAD IDEA NOW, IS IT!!!? CHECK IT OUT!


Too bad I didn't get much further yet, but that's life with 3 kids and me being a crazy person, lately. I'm hoping to make some real progress tomorrow. Maybe the 'cotton' will be out of my head by then =)

Jedi Mind Trick*

Hello again Sexy Knitters,
I do not have progress to report right now. I just have to share this recent experience - it is knitting related, but not Picovoli related, although I think Grumperina would approve. I hope it fits in here.

I was in Half Price Books tonight and came across the book "How to Knit" by Debbie Bliss. I know that somewhere I have read that this is a great reference book to have, so I thought I should have it. However, it was marked $14.95! At Half Price Books?!?! That didn't sound right to me. But I wanted it. I carried the book around while I shopped.

When it came time to check out I asked the man at the desk if he knew why this book cost so much - at first he speculated that it must be a new book, so he checked ... copyright 1999. He then said "This does seem high, this book should be about $5.98 - do you want to just go with that?" I nodded slightly and said "That sounds about right."

And there you have it - my first ever Jedi mind trick. I hope I can do it again sometime.

Thanks for listening,

*or perhaps I am as sexy as I claim to be!

Russian Join

Hey knitters....did you see this? Somebody try it and tell us how it works on those pesky joins, k?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

i don't know about this underarm...

i've finally finished the sleeves and have cast on the underarm stitches the recomended way BUT i did not, as recommended, pick up an extra stitch and then knit two together at each end. i don't know why i didn't but i just cast on 17 stitches and knitted them without any fancy needle work. i don't think i like it, it doesn't seem seamless to me but i tried it on and when the sweater is stretched out on me i like it better so i think i'll knit on and not rip out. i think i will anyway, haven't decided yet. did everyone else do that underarm thing... or not?

i'm a sexy knitter, but i need help with buttons

the SKC buttons. I need code to copy and paste. Can anyone help me with that? Or tell me another way toget the buttons on my site. I can't just copy and paste, I don't think.

Yarn Question for Flick


My name is Karen, I have a relativly new knitting blog called In Knitting News. I'm really excited to be a new member of the Sexy Knitter's Club. Knitting is sexy! I'm loving all of the Pico progress and FO pictures.

I've been eyeing Flick from the Sex in the Knitty special issue for ages. I've checked out both Berroco Suede, the reccomended yarn at my LYS and Lion Brand Suede at JoAnn's.

The pattern calls for four balls of Berroco suede, it's held double. At $10.00 a skein that's going to add up quick. I was thinking of trying the pattern in the thicker Lion Brand Suede held single instead of double for less then half the cost of the Berroco.

What do you think?

Should I poney up for the Berroco or go with the Lion Brand?

Have any of you worked with either yarn?

Does anyone have any other yarn subsitutuon suggestions?

The end product is intended to be a fun, little novelty gift for a girlfriend.

Thanks for your time.

Happy knitting!

Coming Along

It's coming along slowly, but coming along. I have been slowed by horrible allergies going amok from no rain for months down here in swcentral Tx. I also had a kittypi bed to finish.
I could have sworn I got gauge before I started, but I have to get a grip on reality and admit I knit tight. So I have now gone up to a 6 needle. This Tahki Willow is really nice to work with if you keep an eye on periodic splitting. I refuse to rip back so will have some fine needlework to do on some stray strands when I am done.
Shhhhh.....our secret.....I haven't tried it on yet. Before I start decreasing, I will. But haven't gotten the guts to yet.
I photographed her on some beautiful burgundy silk that DH's boss brought me from China for my birthday. There is only about a yard...or meter...of it and there seems to be a faded spot. I have no idea what I am going to do with it but will have to take care with the faded area when I do.
The only time I seem to be able to knit these days is in the morning when I sit at my sunroom table, and when I am at the computer. When I try to cozy up in my big chair in front of the tv, my pampered pest thinks it is when I should be paying attention to him and parks his wet doggy nose over my needles. I can't see to take a stitch and he is very opposed to moving. Then there is the pitiful neglected puppy look. So knitting time is cramped.

How much yarn???

I am making the 36" size, using KnitPicks Shine. I bought the recommended # of balls in the pattern, which for this size is 5 balls, and I'm worried that I didn't buy enough. I should have thought to buy 6, just in case, but didn't and can't go back now!! I'd order another one if need be except that I'm ordering from Canada and the shipping nearly kills me. So anyways, I'd just like some reassurance that I won't run out. I just finished the 3rd waist decrease and am finished three out of my five balls of yarn already.

Pico is Finished!

Sorry for the bathroom shots, but here it is. My finished Picovoli. Kathy's a genius and was absolutely right about ironing the "shit" (hey, if I'm quoting somebody cursing, it's not as bad) out of the picos to get them to lay flat. And for anybody using Luna, you CAN iron the "shit" out of it without damaging it. I ironed my Picovoli on a medium/high setting (no pillowcase between the iron and the knitting) and spritzed it with water first, and it worked!

I really like this top and at first thought it might be a little too small, but after wearing it around the house for a while, it seems to be loosening up quite a bit. I will definitely make at least one more of these tops -- maybe even one more while the KAL's still going! I did several things "wrong" on this top but it still turned out just fine. First, somehow I managed to miss the part of the yoke where you do the pico eyelets before beginning the rest of the top, so ended up doing those last by picking up the live stitches from the provisional cast on and adding them last as you do with the hem and arms. It still worked out just fine. I also did something wrong with mid-row cast on. Mine turned out okay, especially since it's under the arm and will rarely be seen, but by reading some of the previous posts, I see that I was supposed to do something differently. BTW, where ARE the directions on how to do the mid-row cast on (correctly) and how did I miss those? I think that I'd like to somehow make the armholes just a little bigger on the next top so adding a couple of extra stitches to the mid-row cast on might be an option for me; either that or going up a whole size for the entire thing. Another thing I did wrong, was not to read about how to do a nice job when joining new yarn... you can see here where I tried to weave in ends of a join and didn't do a very good job of disguising it. Guess I'll have to go back and find out how to do my yarn joins better. All in all, I love Kathy's pattern, love the Luna yarn, and love the top.

Edited to Add: I forgot to mention that I also added another two inches or so to the length so that I could get more tummy coverage. Also, I've been wearing the top for several hours and while it's relaxed a bit, I'm still thinking the next one I make will be a size larger -- you can see my bra strap lines from the back which I hate... kind of like visible panty lines, but this is visible bra lines (ew!).

Monday, January 23, 2006

I Won The Lottery (Almost)

I joined the SKC about a month back and now I have some extra exciting news: I have in my hot little hands a signed copy of the uncorrected version of Big Girl Knits written by Amy Singer and Jilian Moreno! HA! I acquired this copy at the National NeedleArts Association's Winter Trade Show.

Here I am with the lovely authors themselves.

I also scored a copy of Fiona Ellis' new book Inspired Cable Knits. There is an absolutely fantastic cabled hoodie in there that will look great.

I hope to get to knitting on one of the sweaters in BGK. Who knows when I'll get around to it with a full school schedule and teaching knitting classes at MLYS.

Pico Question

Hi All. I'm in a holding pattern right now because I'm not sure if I'm doing my pico trim correctly. I mean, I know I'm doing the stitching correctly (per Grumperina's pico trim pic on her site) but the picos are trying to turn upwards. When this first started to happen, I thought that maybe I needed to go up an additional row to sew the live stitches to so I undid all that I'd sewn and started over going up a row (I think) however the picos are still trying to flip up. I'm about halfway around the hem but before I go any further, I want to know if this is normal, if it will go away with blocking or perhaps a light steaming, or if I need to undo the sewing and go up another row or two with the sewing. I'm hoping I don't have to undo the sewing as it's pretty slow going, but I'd rather do that and have the pico trim lay nicely than to continue and have the picos flip up the whole time. HELP! Anybody else have this happen? I'm using the Luna, and I don't know how it will do under an iron... has anybody else ironed their Luna?

here we go...

Pittsburgh's going to the superbowl!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Note to self.... Don't forget to type "club" after sexyknitters.... or you will be brought to a rather.... Unknitting site.


Final stitches


Originally uploaded by kerner.

Picovoli is nearing completion! I have finished all the increases called for in the pattern, but I think I'm going to add a few extra since my hips are big compared to my chest. I am also planning on making this quite a bit longer than the pattern calls for. I am using a t-shirt that I like to compare the length.

More Pico Progress

I finished my decrease rows and have a few more to go before I begin the increase rows. I also found the mid-row cast on tricky - I used the suggestions - purling cast on and smaller needles - but it's still not perfect but looks fine for me. I am also using Luna in burnished clay and I love the color. Also using size 4 needles and so far is fitting me just fine. This is a second attempt for me at this as I sucessfully did a picot edging around the neckline and discovered I would prefer the straight lines, picots aren't my frogged it and started over, but glad I did! I have a lot of curling but the steam iron finishing should likely fix that. Good luck to all of you and I look forward to watching your progress.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

New progress so far!

Hi everyone. My name is Heather and I'm so excited to be here!! I am making Picovoli using KnitPicks Shine, color 'green apple'. I started this week and had some trouble getting the right gauge. I fiddled around with it, thought I might have to rip the whole thing because I was sure it wasn't going to fit but I just tried it on, and it fits!! So, most of the yoke was done with a size 5 needle and I switched to size 6 just before casting off for the armholes and I think it's going to work. I'm crossing my fingers anyways! I had a bit of trouble with casting on the underarm part and getting the joins to look good but it will all come together, and who really looks at your underarm anyways!

So now, if I can figure out how to add an image, you will get to see my progress so far.

A Few Things

Hello All! There are a few things I'd like to mention before I post my Pico progress pics (say THAT ten times fast!). First, I'd like to request that we keep the blog entries focused on knitting (crochet's okay too), the Picovoli KAL, and SKC related topics. I'm afraid that if we begin to stray too much from these subjects, before we know it we'll have to begin to moderate and approve blog entries before they post and I really don't want to have to do that. So please please let's stay SKC topic oriented if possible.

Also, we will be having a drawing towards the end of the knit along (which will be winding up at the end of February) for all SKC members who joined in on the Picovoli KAL. Now, in order to be sure we have all the names for the drawing, here's what I need you to do. First, be sure you've posted your Picovoli progress here on this blog so that we know you're actually knitting along with us. Second, please send me an email with the subject entitled "Picovoli KAL" at letting me know that you are actually participating in the KAL and include a link to your blog (or your entry on this blog) showing me your Pico progress. You don't have to actually be finished with your Picovoli by the end of February to be included in the drawing, but we do want to know that you're working on it ;-)

Okay, enough of the serious stuff. Here's a picture of my Picovoli so far. I thought I was about finished until I tried it on. Looks like I'm going to be adding on about another 16 rows or so, as I need at least two more inches on this baby. Yeah, I'm a sexy knitter, but I've also birthed 3 children and prefer tummy coverage when possible. Overall, I'm pleased with the way it's looking. I'm a little concerned that I might have just a smidge too much "negative ease" which is another way of saying it might be just a bit on the tight side, but not so much that I wouldn't wear it. I supposed some blocking might help, but to be honest, I was seriously considering not blocking this since it does rely so much on the negative ease and less on the way the sweater "lies". The Luna is working up nicely for this top and I would definitely recommend it. So hopefully I'll be working on adding the last couple of inches to the top this afternoon and will begin the pico trim tonight or tomorrow.

Knit on sexy knitters!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Slow going

This is slow going for me since I can only do a little at a time due to time constraints lately, but I thought I'd show a progress pic.

I am having a little trouble switching to a new ball, even though I read the recommendations some of you posted. It just doesn't blend in right... but its not bugging me enough to frog it.

Getting Started!

Well, mine doesn't look like everyone elses..... I used Trinity by Jeager. It is a little "tweedy" to give a textured look, not sure if its working!
Here is a photo with current progress.

As you can see I have 6 more repeats of the inc. rows for my size...That would be my fancy tech row counting system at the bottom of the instruction page ;)
I am a little concerned about gauge..I did a test swatch and it came out great after wash and stretch test...but it just doesn't look like anyone elses in the KAL...Hope it comes out okay! eeek!
This yarn was difficult to get use to at first but now, I LOVE IT! I really like this pattern it keeps changing so you don't get boared with the stokinette stitch, and I am already looking at other cottons to make another one !

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pico Progress

Well, I just got done reading Otter's entry and Grumperina's answers, and I have a confession... I'm more confused than ever. I don't know what I did when I got to the mid row cast on, but it doesn't sound like I did anything even close to what they were talking about. Here's a pic of my Pico so far -- remember, this is my second attempt (the first was frogged after I accidentally knit two rows even in a row).

This time I'm using Endless Summer's Luna and at first I wasn't sure it was going to be stretchy enough, but now I'm liking it quite a bit. I'm a bit further now than I was when I took this picture earlier today and am now below the bust...

As I said, I'm not sure if I did my mid-row cast on correctly, but all I know is that somehow I managed to get another 20 stitches onto the right needle and then just kept knitting around... Then when I came back around to the cast on stitches, I just knit them as usual. Have I done irreparable damage???

Cast on at armholes

Okay....after much frustration, I finally got to the armholes. I dread the massive digging into magazines searching for the technique for casting on mid-row. What really throws me is where Grumperina says "the knitted cast on in purl forms a nice snug edge". I know I have never seen that in any of my books and magazines.
Please....somebody point me to the web site that will detail this out for me. I have got my first set of stitches on a holder and am in a holding pattern.

Hi SK members, to introduce myself

Hi All,
I just join to day I create a variety of projects that uses needles and hooks. I hope to learn and share with you all, so long as it involves strings and needlework things.
Judy aka Eroica the Crochet Groupie
strings and things Blog WIMS, WIPS, Off the Hook etc


What is this "running thread" we are supposed to pick up?

Sunday, January 15, 2006


I have a question about the pattern that I'm hoping someone can help me with really quick. I just finished the first set of increase rows (work increase round every other round, 10 (12) more times, ending with an even round) and am about to start the second set of increase rows (*work 1 round even, work 2 inc rounds; rep from * 8 (10, 11, 13) times.) and am confused about whether or not I'm really supposed to work two even rows in a row. It seems to be the only place that this is done. Am I mis-reading something? Do you really do two even rows in a row on this part? Help!

I found it ... (duh!)

Regarding my earlier post about the provisional cast on/picot edge. There it is in the pattern, in the last section, called finishing (duh!): "For picot neckline: fold edge along picot row, remove provisional cast on and sew live stitches in place".

There's even a picture of it on the Picovoli page on Grumperina's website under the heading " Necessary Additional Info (Must See)", at the bottom of that page. (I hope I made that link correctly - I'm a novice blogger.)

I'm off to cast on AGAIN.

Happy Sexy Knitting!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

my first dog sweater!

I finished my first dog sweater! I know this may sound silly to most of you, but I'm proud, being a new knitter and all.
Its a bit short, but next time I'll know what to plan for.

I also started a scarf for my grandma. I'm using branching out, which I'm sure many of you have already done.

Knowing how to knit is so empowering. I'm eager to learn more and more everyday! =)

Knittin' along

I'm really enjoying this pattern & it's probably not one I would have tried. It's the largest thing I've made with such small needles (generally I stick to 7s & 8s) But it's going much quicker than I thought it would!

Sorry for the crappy photo, I only have my cell. Anyway, I've finished the yoke & seperated the sleeves. Whee!

My only problem is I didn't notice the provisional cast on part of the instructions. Oops! So I'm going to have to do some playing with the cast on to sew down the picots. Hmm...


Cast on and Making Progress

Hey all! I did a stash search this week and uncovered a FO I had been meaning to frog. Let's just say it was a disaster and I really need a lace knitting tutorial badly. I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Anyway, the yarn I had used was Berroco's Cotton Twist and I thought it might work well for this. So I cast on, checked gauge and have made it to the bust so far. Okay, I know it looks really scrunchy because I cast on with a circular one inch smaller than recommended. I just couldn't find the 22". I can't wait to get to try it on! Gotta run and do some dishes (yuck!) so I can get to knitting. :)

New Member

Hello, I thought I would introduce myself. I just joined the sexy knitters club. I am really excited to start the KAL. I have never done a KAL or knit something to wear like this. So it should be interesting. It will probably take me longer than the normal knitter, but I am up for the challenge. :) I just ordered the yarn from knitpicks. I ordered shine in cherry. I am excited to get started and to have fun with all of you.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Am I missing something?

Hi Sexy Knitters,
Great to see everyone's progress, or lack thereof ... some days I feel sort of guilty for being "behind" on this knit along, until I tune in and see we're all at different stages, so thanks for all your posts so far.

I'm still struggling with this provisional cast-on. I used the "knitty" tutorial and painstakingly, FINALLY got cast on, joined and knit a round and a half. Then I put it away, and when I took it out I discovered that the waste yarn was coming unraveled from the cast-on edge. I couldn't put it back together, so I frogged it and I'm starting again - with the DB Cathay, if I haven't yet mentioned.

I checked out the knittinghelp video, and I can see that her method will work more quickly for me. My question, though, is what do I do with this waste yarn - eventually? When does it come out? I reviewed the pattern again this evening, and I just didn't see it. I'm a fairly new knitter, so maybe there is something assumed that I am not aware of. I'm sort of considering skipping the picots since I'm bewildered, but I also hate to take the chickens#!t way out. I hope ( and believe!) that someone here can shed some light.

On another knitting note, I finished knitting my first sock ever this evening! (yes, only one so far ... I'll get to it!) Now that I have done it, I feel so confident about those skills (turning/short rows, 2 types of decreases, grafting/Kitchener stitch and even picking up stitches - I've been doing it slightly incorrectly until just recently.) That's part of why I want to get this picot edge and provisional cast on under my belt once and for all!

I'll look forward to hearing from you all - I don't want to bug Grumperina again, although she is always ever so gracious with her helps.

Very truly yours,

My Decision

Okay, so I knew that the mistake of knitting two "even" rows in a row would always bug me...

so I frogged the whole thing...

and decided to start over in the Luna. The only thing is, as pretty as the Luna is, I'm not sure I'm going to like it for this particular top. After working with the Shine and enjoying it's "springy-ness" and stretch (which I think will be important for the negative ease to work in this sweater), the Luna has none of that. I'm wondering if it's going to stretch enough to even be able to get on over my shoulders, etc. I did a Google search for Endless Summer Luna, but couldn't find anybody else who's ever "written" about using it for any projects. So, I'm going to work with the Luna for a while to see how I like it. I already know however that I'll be re-casting on with the Shine on Monday because my friend Joe is going to be knitting one of these and is coming over so that I can help her get started (she's a new knitter and I think will need a little help with the provisional cast-on). So, if all goes well, I'll have TWO Picovoli's by the time the KAL's over. And if the Luna doesn't seem like it's going to stretch, then I'll just frog it and finish the one in Shine. Has anybody else ever knit an actual sweater out of the Endless Summer Luna or know someone who has? I'm thinking that Luna would be better in a shawl than in a sweater, but you just never know... will keep y'all posted.

another luna

I also just did a luna swatch but I was able to get gauge with the size 4 - I thought I was a tight knitter but I guess not compared to some of the others. My circular and flat stockinette are the same, so I just did a flat swatch... this is after blocking..

I also mastered and actually understand the provisional cast on...for those who are scared of this...If I can do it, trust me....anyone can! I tried three different methods and found the crochet hook one worked the best for me. The cast on is more a concept than learning something new.

luna swatch

i took the advice of a fellow sexy knitter and swatched the luna on size 5's, i have that size in my denise interchanageable needle set which, by the way, i LOVE. it's so versatile, i can put sleeves on a holder with out taking them off the needle, i can try things on by adding a longer cord and not put the stitches on scrap yarn...any way i swatched on size 5's and no good so i ordered a boye needle has the smaller it on ebay for a much better price than in the store! i just got the needle set last nite and will start asap. but here's my luna swatch, the stitches are, as you all say, wonky but i like the fabric a lot and the colors are so great. it's hectic around here so i have not gotten a lot of knitting done. work is very busy with a new computer system to learn, my marine is home and is scraping wallpaper and painting in his new house so i plan to help out this weekend and tomorrow we're going for a drive to look at a new boxer puppy ( for him not me)but i plan to start this weekend and just wanted to show my swatch and say i love the luna! later gay

Raglan Increase issue

Hey everyone,

I seem to be having an issue with my Raglan increases. I've done about half of them, and they seem to be doing a funny pucker. I'm using a yarn that's very different from what's requested (it's about 40% nylon) but I don't have the ball band with me right now to say what it is.

I don't think I messed up and did two decreases at once.

I'm just wondering if anybody else found that their increases puckered as more stitches were on the needles and if it went away when the stitches weren't so crowded.

Thanks in advance.


Decreases revisited


Originally uploaded by kerner.

After my last post about the problems I was having with my decreases, I got several people suggesting I should try SSK “improved – slipping the first st knitwise and the second st purlwise (normally they should both be slipped knitwise).
Here is a test swatch I knit to try out the difference:

SSK (slipping both knitwise) is on the on right.

SSK Improved (slip first knitwise and second purlwise) is on the left.
I think the SSK improved does look a little better, although they really aren’t very different.

More progress

I have to say, this is the fastest I've ever knit anything . . . ohh, how I love being on vacation. Here's the progress thus far:

My right-slanting decreases do that stair-stepping thing too. I realized too late that I was slipping purlwise instead of knitwise, which fixed the problem. I decided not to bother taking it out, since I 1) hate undoing work, and 2) it doesn't bother me too much and I doubt that the average non-knitting viewer would realize that there's anything wrong. Happy knitting!

Picovoli in Luna

I haven't made much progress, but Jeanie wanted to see Picovoli done in Luna. Here's how it looks so far.

(Please overlook the shoddy knitting I am a beginner.) I am enjoying knitting this. As far as the Luna, the shiny strand tends to split off easily and I have lots of snags that I'm trying to tuck to the back. The dull strand is quite a contrast to the shiny one.
I spent quite a bit of time trying to get gauge, but proceeded with size US 5 Denise circulars. I tried doing the provisional cast-on, but was not successful with it. And since I have so little experience, I was not sure which direction to proceed from there anyway. (I have lots of experience reading crochet patterns, which helps immensely, but knitting...not so much.) So I am technically doing the Tivoli with the straight edge, I guess. I will probably do a row of single crochet at the edges or just iron it well. Any suggestions are welcome.

I am enjoying knitting this because I love to learn new things. It is rather challenging not using a beginner's pattern. Slowly, but surely ... I can't wait to see how this turns out!

Uh Oh

So, I finally got my yarn from Knit Picks! Woohoo! I'm using Shine in the color Sand. I really like it. I'm about 10 rounds into the project and I already have an "uh oh". It looks like about 4 rounds back, I did two "even" rounds in a row instead of doing one even and one increase round. Do y'all think I should go ahead and frog back to the mistake and re-do it or do you think it will be very noticeable if I just leave it?

I also went ahead and order some of the Endless Summer Luna that some of you are using (just in case I didn't like the Shine), and am wondering how those of you who are making this top out of the Luna are liking it. I don't think I've seen anybody post any progress pics of the top made out of this and I'm a bit curious about it...

I really like working with the Shine -- it's so soft. I just wish they had a little better color selection :-(

I'll post progress pics when I have a bit more to show you.

Hello Everyone!

Hey everyone,

My name is Saff and I'm a Sexy knitter, or I hope to be. I've been lurking on this blog for the last week or so and finally decided to join.

I caston for Picovoli and hope to catch up with you guys, it's such a great pattern, and this looks to be an amazing group!


Thursday, January 12, 2006


Some real progress to show y'all. I've had the darnedest time getting started on this little sweater, but finally after 3 tries doing a tubular c/o in the round and playing with the ribbing I got going. I also had some trouble with casting on for the underarm edge and had to pull a few rows out and do it again.
I'm adding ribbing around the neck, arms, and hem. I slipped the arm stitches onto waste yarn to start the ribbing and then I'm going to pick up an appropriate number of stitches around the underarm. I'm liking the ribbing so far. Hopefully it will look good around armhole too. I'm using Rowan Cashsoft dk in poison. Not a great pic, but you get the idea, right? I love seeing everyone else's progress pics, can't wait to see more!

Take care! Liz


I finally got my yarn from Knitpicks (Shine in Orchid.) Love it! And I dragged myself away from my socks to cast on the Picovoli. So I'm watching "Lost" and knitting away and I'm using the new interchangable needles that I got for Christmas. Can I just say that these needles SUCK! I should amend that, the needle part is fine (nice and pointy), the part where the needle and the cord connect is a nightmare, and even thought the cord is longer than a standard 16" I still felt like it was too short to work with properly.

I had so many issues with the dumb thing that I ripped out the 5 rows of sweater and plan to go to AC Moore today & buy regular 16" circs. So I'm wondering...was it because I was using the short cord that I was having so many issues? Does anyone else have one of these sets? Do you love it? Hate it? Any imput would be appreciated, thanks!



Originally uploaded by kerner.

Okay, so I'm knitting away on Picovoli, right? Easy pattern, great design, nice smooth yarn, delightful Addi needles. Lovely.

Now I get to the waist decreases. I put my stitch markers in the right place, and my k2togs are looking great. A nice smooth decrease.


Originally uploaded by kerner.

But the SSK on the other side looks wonky. Instead of a straight line where the decreases happen, I have this little stair-step effect. Is this normal? Is there a different decrease that would be straighter? Experienced knitters, give me your advice. I still can't remember which is right- and left-slanting, much less make them match up. Ergh.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yipeee Skipeee!

I'll be starting Picovoli soon! Feast your eyes on the loveliness!

My little sister used to chant, "Bamboo! Bamboo, bambaboo , bambaboo , bambabooba, bambabooba, bambabooba, BAMBOOEY!!!!!" - all way, 16 miles home, from Clarksville to Avery (Tx), because there were little patches of Bamboo growing here and there between the two towns. Every since I ordered bamboo needles I've been saying it in my head. She was such a funny kid =) Now she has her own kids! so weird

ANYWAY, aren't they purty? hehehehehehe

Provisional Cast On?

I'm anxiously awaiting my yarn - I also choose the Elan Luna in Burnt Clay - to get started. I have been perusing the pattern and reading other's progress....I looked at a tutorial about the Provisional Cast On and it kinda freaks me out....are there any other cast on methods that could be substituted or do I have to just figure this provisional thing and quit being a baby. Any feedback will be appreciated and may potentially help my anxiety.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Here it goes...

Okay my first blog:

I'm very excited about knitting. I just got started a little over a month ago and am already working on a sweater for my dog. I realize that a dog sweater isn't "sexy" but it's getting me started with future projects. I'm already eyeing some patterns for sweaters and a gorgeous skirt on elann. It seems challenging, but I think I can take it...After all, I think I'm learning very quickly.
Well hopefully I'll be able to post some of my finished projects soon.


btw, I think I'm going to hold off on the KAL for this month, but will surely join in on the next one!

Happy yarn dance!!

Yay! My yarn finally arrived today from Knit Picks, so I'm going to dive right in tonight and get started. Hopefully I'll have some good progress pics to show by this weekend.

On a side note, isn't it kind of sad when the yarn in my mailbox made me happier than the letter from my lifelong friend? I decided it was because yarn=new & friend=old. I'll never tell her she came in second to fiber though. *lol*

Finished Picovoli!

Here it is...and I love it!

Details on my blog!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm Finally Ready to Start!

I've been anxiously waiting for my yarn from Elann. I am also using Luna, a rayon and cotton blend. It is shiny-beautiful. I'm using coppered sienna, which is an orangish color that will go with a cardigan I have.

Unfortunately, in my excitement to get my order placed, I ordered 4mm needles instead of US 4. So I have some size 6s that I don't need. I am going to swatch with the 5s from my Denise kit and see if I get gauge. I tend to knit tight, so I'm hoping.

This is a very challenging project for me, so I'm a little nervous. Seeing everyone else's progress is very encouraging. I may not finish any time soon, but I'm going to give it a good effort. :)

i was all set to start today but...

i realized there is no size 4 needle in the densie interchangeable set. so i resorted to digging through my stash of housesale needles and found a size 4 circ that i broke taking out of the can it was in, went to joannes and michaels and no size 4's there and on sunday not much else is available so i'll be ordering one online and once again, i'm on on wait, i will make this sweater !!! in the meantime everyone's progress is great!

Making progress!


Originally uploaded by kerner.

Here is my progress on Picovoli. It's Knitpicks Shine in Orchid. Turns out this is the exact same color as the bridesmaids dress I have to wear in my sister's wedding. At least the color is good!

All the way from Singapore!

Emy here saying hi to everyone! I am so glad to find this club! So here's my initiation piece (completed just over the week):

These knits are fabulous for our weather since it's hot and humid most of the time. I should have another FO coming up shortly on my blog.


Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hi all! Glad to be part of the club!

Hi! I'm happy to be a new member here! Can't wait to do a KAL with everyone (btw the current kal looks great!). I think I'm going to start Picovoli this month regardless of whether I can finish on time. It's getting pretty hot here in central TX so this will do me just fine. I've ordered from knit picks several times and have never had any issues. Can't beat the yarn for the price that's for sure. Now to decide the color. Hmmmm. I'll sleep on it for now! I'll send a shout out with my choice and progress later. :) Alicia

Friday, January 06, 2006

boy oh boy...

does every one of you have LARGE breasts??? well this sexy knitter has a small chest and fortunatly for me i found some tips on grumperina's website from another like me who already knit this sweater to fit!!!so i won't be jealous , i'll have less to knit!!! on another subject i tried to comment/respond to jeanie about my yarn but i'm a bit computer illiterate so...luna is a viscose and cotton blend and it took about a week to get , the date on my order was 12/29 and i just got it yesterday 1/5 so i guess the mail is a bit slow but that doesn't matter to me there is mayhem and madness at my house right now. the daughter and grandchildren are here for dinner, the grandaughter is here for the weekend and my marine is on his way home from camp lajeune for the last time. he's home from iraq and is OUT, OUT, OUT of the marines for good so...YEA!!!later gay

Me too!

I'm so excited to find y'all!!! I'm working on a very sexy top now, but hating the chenille yarn. Worms-ville! I'll have to post some pictures of this gorgeous, but annoying, top.

I'm new to knitting and am enjoying stretching my skills. Since I live in sunny SoCal, I want to make things that make sense for weather--no wool sweaters for me. The Picovoli is perfect.

I'm getting such a late start, but that's ok. I ordered my yarn last night from an e-bay seller--the Debbie Bliss Cathay in teal. Tonight I'll pick up some #4 circulars--maybe a #5 too, just in case. I feel a bit guilty not buying my yarn from the LYS, but I don't remember seeing the Cathay there. If they have it, I may pick up one skein for swatching.

I'm thinking about those picot edges--maybe beads instead? Whatcha think?


Ah ha...I've joined your little club!

Hello all you sexy knitters...this is too hilarious! I've started the picovoli tshirt. I am using a very sexy shade of red...a butterfly cotton. Details and the start of the t shirt here.
I decided to knit the neck line hem as I go. I had my own stupid problems, but it does work. Just make sure you don't k2tog for the increased stitches (the hem attachment fell on the row after the first increase row for my size-36). It does roll and seems "heavier" than the sewn in arm hems. I will let you know the final result of this added technique after blocking.
Here is my progress to date.

I am starting the waist increases. I see that my knitting guru...Kathy aka Grumperina has posted below on how to stop the rolling of the edge. I will try it tonight!