Saturday, January 28, 2006

Russian Join News Flash!!

It works! It ROCKS! It hardly shows AT ALL!!! I'll never use a knot to join again. You may remember a few post back, Otter posted a link to instructions for the Russian Join and asked for someone to see how it works with shine. Well, my dearies, it works like ...... uummmmm...... something that really works! Who are these people who think of these wonderful things? genius!

Here is the result of my 1st attempt at a Russian Join, and I went WAY out on a limb and did it in the FRONT of my Picovoli - walking on the wild side NOW girlies! How brave am I? Well, mabybe it's just stupid, but I figured, "Hey, if it doesn't work, I can just rip it out and do it under the arm! If it DOES work, how awesome is that? A join you can use in any part of any pattern!"

First, the yarn join, up close and personal.

Followed by an up close (and very OFF color, btw) look at the part of the Picovoli where the join presents itself:

It even takes me a minute to find it! It's not invisible, but it doesn't jump out and slap you either!

And as for looking at the whole, it completely blends in! Yaay!

3 cheers for Otter, everyone!

Thanks for sharing the link! And yaay for new stuff to learn!


otter said...

Way Cool!! Thanks for being our Guinea Pig, April..LOL
Now I gotta work up the guts to try it on cotton/linen Willow.

JustApril said...

You're welcome! Trying new things is good, I wish I always had something as easy as this to try every time. =)

Jeanie said...

Unbelievable!!! Will definitely be learning that join! Thanks so much for showing us April!!! You are da bomb baby!!!

knitncycle said...

Your post convinced me to try the join last night and I have to say--I LOVE it! Definitely will be using this to join in new yarn from now on! Your shirt looks great!

Mica said...
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JustApril said...

Rock on GIRL!!! Glad that you like the join and the Picovoli =)*)

Catherine Kerth said...

very cool to know that thanks! great color on your picovoli!

Elaine said...

It works so well, I can't even find the join in the picture of the flat knitting sample...I think maybe I can, but I'm not positive. I'll definately have to try that one. Thanks!