Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Coming Along

It's coming along slowly, but coming along. I have been slowed by horrible allergies going amok from no rain for months down here in swcentral Tx. I also had a kittypi bed to finish.
I could have sworn I got gauge before I started, but I have to get a grip on reality and admit I knit tight. So I have now gone up to a 6 needle. This Tahki Willow is really nice to work with if you keep an eye on periodic splitting. I refuse to rip back so will have some fine needlework to do on some stray strands when I am done.
Shhhhh.....our secret.....I haven't tried it on yet. Before I start decreasing, I will. But haven't gotten the guts to yet.
I photographed her on some beautiful burgundy silk that DH's boss brought me from China for my birthday. There is only about a yard...or meter...of it and there seems to be a faded spot. I have no idea what I am going to do with it but will have to take care with the faded area when I do.
The only time I seem to be able to knit these days is in the morning when I sit at my sunroom table, and when I am at the computer. When I try to cozy up in my big chair in front of the tv, my pampered pest thinks it is when I should be paying attention to him and parks his wet doggy nose over my needles. I can't see to take a stitch and he is very opposed to moving. Then there is the pitiful neglected puppy look. So knitting time is cramped.

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knitncycle said...

The yarn looks lovely! The fabric too! I've been slow going as well. Just finished a sweater myself so now I can focus on Picovoli. Good luck--my dog doesn't stick her nose on my needles but she does sit on my feet. My cat however, sits on my yarn or my instructions:)