Saturday, January 14, 2006

Knittin' along

I'm really enjoying this pattern & it's probably not one I would have tried. It's the largest thing I've made with such small needles (generally I stick to 7s & 8s) But it's going much quicker than I thought it would!

Sorry for the crappy photo, I only have my cell. Anyway, I've finished the yoke & seperated the sleeves. Whee!

My only problem is I didn't notice the provisional cast on part of the instructions. Oops! So I'm going to have to do some playing with the cast on to sew down the picots. Hmm...



knitncycle said...

Hey! It looks great! I chose not to do the picot edging this go round but I'm sure you should be able to add it on after. You may have to work it separate and sew it on.

Sarah said...

Pick up and knit, you lucky thing! :P

Michelena said...

You might be able to just do a row of picked-up knit stitches along the top edge, then sew them down. I think that would work.

Great progress so far!