Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Did Something Crazy!!!

I fancy myself a Rebel Knitter. My bliend (blogger + friend = bliend) Amy would call it energy conserving. I'm sure what I did is not so rebellious, or innovative, but I am proud of myself, because no one TOLD me to do it, I figured it out on my own (I think?) I think I did. Anyway, what is it already?!

I don't love to sew things together, a common thing among knitters. SO when I got a few rounds past the YO's that make the picos, I started to notice just how MUCH it wanted to fold already, so I folded it, just to see what delights of pico coolness awaited me. When I did, I noticed that my scrap yarn was lining up almost perfectly with my needles, like REALLY evenly! So I figured, "What the heck? I may as well try something weird. If it doens't work, well, it will only mean starting over one more time out of eight previous times, no biggie." So I threaded another circ through those stitches, yanked out the scrap yarn and knit those babies together! Since I had already done one INC round and was working another one on that round, I just fudged it a little, by skipping a stitch on the back needle near the INC's. So 3 needle knitting, similar to the 3 needle bind of, but just knitting, not binding off! I've actually done that on accident before when I was trying to bind of, and just went into a daze and knitted instead. NOT SUCH A BAD IDEA NOW, IS IT!!!? CHECK IT OUT!


Too bad I didn't get much further yet, but that's life with 3 kids and me being a crazy person, lately. I'm hoping to make some real progress tomorrow. Maybe the 'cotton' will be out of my head by then =)


grumperina said...

You go, girl!!! Figured it out by intuition - my favorite way :).

This is actually the typical way picots are done when worked at the cast-on. At the cast-off, no such luck, you still need to sew.

For the reason that the cast-off needs to be attached by thread and needle anyway, and for the reason that it would be hell to explain about skipping the stitches near the increase columns, I decided not to include these directions in this case :).

JustApril said...

That makes sense, of course - I guess I should learn to spell picots! ha ha - I'm thinking about Mexican Food again. Pico! heheheh

Mom (a.k.a. Mary Ann) said...

Not only sexy, but clever too.

honeybee33 said...

I *luv* doing picot edgings that way! Good for you!

~ honeybee33 ~