Friday, January 27, 2006

Futzy stitches and a Tale of Two Decreases

So I'm cruising along on my Picovoli, I've completed the waist decreases and am about to start on the increases. The Knitpicks Shine is knitting up to a nice soft and yielding fabric. Its a little on the heavy side so Im hoping the drape sort of adds a bit of ease to the boobage area. I slipped half of the stitches onto a piece of waste yarn to try it on and let me say - Grumperina has got some nice boobage fit going on - at least it fits my boobage quite nicely.

The SSKs come out looking very nice, the bars are tidy and neat looking.

Is there a right leaning decrease out there that is a better match to the SSK than K2Tog?

I tried to tighten them up as I went along but they still look kind of loose and rather unruly.

I only went with 6 decreases because I dont have as defined a waist as I'd like to have, and want to avoid the whole sausage casing effect.

Also I have a dilemma - what in the world do I do to fix this Futzy stitch? Its like the yarn has unraveled slightly in its plies and fuzzed out there. Do I want to try to cut out the stitch and darn the resulting hole? The idea makes me rather woozy just thinking about doing it. Or is this a Steam block and hope no one notices it sort of situation?

I also realized that I had forgotten to REMOVE the provisional cast on before I grafted on the picot edging. Oops. I dont think it adds that much bulk though and once its blocked I think it would not even be slightly obvious.


otter said...

Ohhh...lookin good girlie! Hope someone can help you with the technicalities.

grumperina said...

SSK and k2tog never look perfectly alike, and Shine tends to accentuate the difference. You know me - obsessive perfectionist - and I never, ever care.

There are other decreases you may want to try - for SSK, you can S1 kwise, k1, PSSO. For k2tog, you can k1, put back on LH needle, pass the next stitch over, and move to RH needle.

Me personally - I never bother. Blocking helps.

As for the fuzzy, when I get those I sometimes take very sharp, very fine scissors, and snip just the one ply that's fuzzing. I'm not sure if it will help in your case, it's hard to tell from the picture.

Jeanie said...

Are you able to pull the fuzzy part through to the backside of the sweater at all? That's what I'd try... Looks great though!

Fredi said...

You have a great style of writing. Too funny! Do you talk this way too? I did a lot of lol. Thanks.

Red Dog Knits - Kristi and Otis said...

Blocking helps a lot with those issues and will probably be the ONLY one who will see them!

p3pilot said...

Honestly, I had the same concerns until I blocked mine, and then the decreases looked a whole lot better.
Good luck with the rest of it!

Sarah R said...

My decreases look almost exactly like yours, and they blocked out better, and are hardly noticeable.