Friday, January 13, 2006

Decreases revisited


Originally uploaded by kerner.

After my last post about the problems I was having with my decreases, I got several people suggesting I should try SSK “improved – slipping the first st knitwise and the second st purlwise (normally they should both be slipped knitwise).
Here is a test swatch I knit to try out the difference:

SSK (slipping both knitwise) is on the on right.

SSK Improved (slip first knitwise and second purlwise) is on the left.
I think the SSK improved does look a little better, although they really aren’t very different.


JustApril said...

Either way looks good to me =) At any rate, it's much improved from the original problem.

K2Karen said...

Hey, thanks for sharing the hint about the improved SSK. When I got to this point, I did two normal, but then changed to the improved. It looks much better!