Friday, January 06, 2006

Cast on for the third time

Hi Sexy clubbers! I am finally making progress on my top. I cast on the first, found that I was increasing at the back marker...duh....ripped....cast on again using the provisional for the first time...didn't look so good, so ripped yet again and things are going pretty good now. I didn't like the straight edge, so am doing picot.
My LYS closed for retirement in october, so I stocked up. I spent as much of hubs hard earned income as I possibly could without him figuring things out. So in picking yarn for this project, I shopped the expensive stash. I am using Tahki Willow. It is 66% linen, 34% cotton. Very nice sheen to it and a pretty ecru heather look. I live in the southwestern part of Texas and it gets hotter than all get out and I wanted something I could wear in the heat. Of course, from the looks of things this year, that is a year round thing. Something not right about wearing tshirt and shorts in a heat wave on my birthday. I used to be able to count on a good ice storm then.

I know I will need to do the short row bust shaping but have never done anything like that before. I have printed off the great instructions posted on Knitty and will study it thoroughly when the time comes to do it. Otherwise I am not even thinking about it so I won't freak out before it's time to. My thanks go out to Joan M-M for posting the instructions. My next project will be her shapely tank.
I just finished my Booga bag. It and it's strap are in the wash as I type this. Keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out well.
This is my first KAL and seems like a good incentive for me to finish my project. I want to be able to post pictures with the rest of you.


Liz said...

I'm casting on for the second time today-hopefully that's the last time!

Jeanie said...

Hang in there y'all!!! I've never done a "provisional cast on" so I'll probably be frogging right along with y'all. IF my yarn ever gets here, that is!