Friday, January 06, 2006

Picovoli Short Row Shaping

I've seen quite a few of you writing about short row shaping. Just to let you know, you *might* not need it.

I made both of my Tivolis without, and they fit great, and I'm a 36 DD. Just FYI.


otter said...

That sounds wonderful!!! I am 38C and am all for shortcuts...LOL

K2Karen said...

Thanks for the heads up. Being a solid 36D, I'm always concerned about the fit of tees. I'm going to try it without short row shaping and see how it goes.

HeatherD said...

I'm glad that someone posted that they found the short rows weren't necessary, but I'm still considering it in case it doesn't fit properly. Does anyone know if there is any difference in the technique of short row shaping when you are knitting from the top down, as opposed to from the bottom up?? Seems to me the darts would be facing the wrong way.