Friday, January 06, 2006

Ah ha...I've joined your little club!

Hello all you sexy knitters...this is too hilarious! I've started the picovoli tshirt. I am using a very sexy shade of red...a butterfly cotton. Details and the start of the t shirt here.
I decided to knit the neck line hem as I go. I had my own stupid problems, but it does work. Just make sure you don't k2tog for the increased stitches (the hem attachment fell on the row after the first increase row for my size-36). It does roll and seems "heavier" than the sewn in arm hems. I will let you know the final result of this added technique after blocking.
Here is my progress to date.

I am starting the waist increases. I see that my knitting guru...Kathy aka Grumperina has posted below on how to stop the rolling of the edge. I will try it tonight!

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LotusKnits said...

Hmm...I'm a 36 too. Are you making a 32? I'm afraid it will be too small, but the 38 will definitely be too big.