Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How much yarn???

I am making the 36" size, using KnitPicks Shine. I bought the recommended # of balls in the pattern, which for this size is 5 balls, and I'm worried that I didn't buy enough. I should have thought to buy 6, just in case, but didn't and can't go back now!! I'd order another one if need be except that I'm ordering from Canada and the shipping nearly kills me. So anyways, I'd just like some reassurance that I won't run out. I just finished the 3rd waist decrease and am finished three out of my five balls of yarn already.


knitncycle said...

Hey, normally I'm an extra skein buyer too so I know how you feel. If your gauge was spot on you'll probably be okay. If you're just awful uncomfortable about it, I'd see if maybe knitpicks stocked a yarn I liked for a different project and piggyback an extra skein into a new order. I know that's expensive and I tend to order my yarn on paydays when I have my blow money. I piggybacked a couple of skeins of Sierra for a project I just completed (yep, I was short but I actually didn't have the required amount) into an order with knitpicks. It made sense to me to do it that way because I saved on shipping since I was sourcing yarn for another project anyway. Sorry that was long winded but the skinny of it is that you probably do have enough. :)

HeatherD said...

Thanks. Ya know, I think I will probably (if I run out, that is) go to my expensive LYS and see if they have some kind of sport weight cotton yarn and do some sort of stripe pattern at the bottom if it looks like the Shine isn't going to make it. I have an image in my mind of the green I'm doing, paired with some kind of pink. Hmmmmmm....hopefully the green will last though. I'm thinking of the LYS only because I could probably buy a skein of coordinating cotton yarn for cheaper than the shipping would be from knitpicks.

knitncycle said...

Yep, probably right about that. Shipping is really high. I think this pattern would lend itself to some stripes at the bottom nicely. Good Luck!