Friday, January 06, 2006

Me too!

I'm so excited to find y'all!!! I'm working on a very sexy top now, but hating the chenille yarn. Worms-ville! I'll have to post some pictures of this gorgeous, but annoying, top.

I'm new to knitting and am enjoying stretching my skills. Since I live in sunny SoCal, I want to make things that make sense for weather--no wool sweaters for me. The Picovoli is perfect.

I'm getting such a late start, but that's ok. I ordered my yarn last night from an e-bay seller--the Debbie Bliss Cathay in teal. Tonight I'll pick up some #4 circulars--maybe a #5 too, just in case. I feel a bit guilty not buying my yarn from the LYS, but I don't remember seeing the Cathay there. If they have it, I may pick up one skein for swatching.

I'm thinking about those picot edges--maybe beads instead? Whatcha think?


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gaysknits said...

oooh i love the idea of beads, i put them on a felted purse i made and wow it did wonders for the purse and i get lots of compliments! let us know if you do beads and how you do it!