Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Yay! I'm done. Just finished weaving in the ends during LA Ink. Will probably blocked it tomorrow and then the moment of truth....to be continued...

Edit: Here she is unblocked and still in need of buttons....

Monday, October 29, 2007

Finished Tree Jacket

I finished up Friday night & blocked it over the weekend. Boy, what a difference blocking made! The body fits much better after blocking, but the sleeves got a little too big. I like it anyway! Details are on my blog and Ravelry.

Tree Jacket

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Juliet

My Juliet is coming along though I have a feeling that it's going to be too big. This is sorta funny because I usually take a large but I thought that I'd make the medium size based on the experience of other having their's come out too large. Then I even threw in some decrease once I separated the sleeves for some shaping because it seemed to be turning out rather large-- how is this when my gauge was perfect!? So then, since I decreased until just under the bust decreasing the number of stiches, I decided to knit the lace in the small size. It still seems like it's going to be a bit too big for me. Yeesh, I just can't win....my last sweater for myself was too big on me too :'-(

Friday, October 26, 2007

Don't panic, tis only me!

This may sound a silly question (and I suspect I may be asking more of them over time...) - this is the first time I have taken part in a KAL - does it matter that I haven't started yet, when so many are finished or well into their knitting? Do I have to beat myself severely around the head & get a move on?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Knitting Wizards~Need Help

I've reached desperation! I scoured the net and most of the books I own and can't find any information on adding short rows to garter stitch. (Much less to a top down cardi.) All of the instructions I have found have been for st st. I have a pretty small frame and thanks to my pregnancy I have a large bust and really wanted to add some short rows in the bust area. What I have read is that I should begin the wrap and turn one stitch from the side seam (or at least where ours would be in Juliet) and end in the middle of the bust. I'm a DD right now, so I was thinking about doing this one more time (for a total of 4 W & T's). Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

My only love sprung from my only hate!

Well, it's not exactly hate, I'm just trudging through the garter stitch slowly. I'm not a huge fan of it interest wise, but I must admit, I am a fan of how it looks. Safe to say that I can't wait to start the lace!

I'm planning to add a couple of darts under the bust, just to bring it in a bit. Also I'm not going to add all (if any) of the increases, I'm just worried that it would add too much to my waist, turning me into a box-y shape, rather then hourglass. I chose the medium size, and I'm knitting at 15.5 sts per 4" rather than 14. It feels very nice on so far, so excited to be able to wear it soon to class so that I stay warm!

I think I might just put on Romeo + Juliet while working on this today, seems appropriate

new, be gentle with me!

Have just joined, so maybe left it a bit late to start the knitalong, but will give it a go & order the jacket parttern tomorrow - might take me months but it will get done eventually (along with the other 6 or 7 things I am half way through!). Suspect I will be asking for help along the way, be warned... best wishes, the sulkycat

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tree Jacket

I've been working away on my Tree Jacket. I'm using Berroco Peruvia, it's probably a bit fuzzy for this pattern but I like it and it's doing to make a warm snuggly sweater.

Mods ; I skipped the turtleneck, I knew I'd find it itchy, I can generally wear wool as long as it don't touch my neck too much. I decided to knit the sleeves in the lace pattern too, I'm getting ready to star the stockinette section on this one.

Happy knitting! Bobbi

sleeve issues

I had some issues with my Tree Jacket sleeves but made a few changes and am happy with the results. Details on my blog

Long Hiatus

After a long hiatus from knitting I have been inspired by Juliet. I'm sooo thankful. Things have been really crazy for me and now knitting is giving me a bit of normalcy. I cast on on Friday night and I'm already on the lace portion. A progress pic is on my blog.

P.S. If there are anymore of you San Diego knitters out there in the midst of crises with the fires and mandatory/voluntary evacuations, I'm here too and we're going to push through.

I'm a bimbo!

After weeks of anticipating writing a post and reading others, I couldn't believe that no one had posted on their progress so far. Finally today, I actually scrolled down passed the sticky post regarding the newsletter and podcast and lo and behold, I found the posts!!
Anyway, I finally began Juliet. I had swatching and gauge issues (I got 13 sts with the size 10.5 in Denise needles and 15 sts with the Knit Picks size 11 needles). I couldn't find my size 10.5 Knit Picks so I ordered a new pair and the yarn and swatch just sat there while I awaited their arrival. They finally came and I knitted up a new swatch and yay~I got the correct gauge! I'm using Cotton Fleece doubled and i really like what I have so far.
I'm pregnant too so I'm excited to finish this one and actually be able to wear it.
Once I finish a little bit more, I'll take and post some pictures.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tree Jacket

Now that my dress form is behaving I can finally take pics of the in progress tree jacket. I did the size x-small, which was perfect circumference-wize, but the join for the arms was a bit high. Instead of continuing with the increases, as per the directions, I just knit 4 rounds in plain garter to get a little more room, joined and pressed on. Once I got a few rows into the openwork section I decided that I wanted some waist shaping. I agree with the Zephyr girls that decreases would be tricky and might mess up the pattern, so I just went down to size 7 needles instead. Not much shaping, but hopefully it will be just enough. A few more details on my blog.

Juliet help?


I'm starting the first row of the lace pattern in small, and have run into a numbers problem. First let me say I've never had good luck with lace, but this seemed fairly easy! Anyway, I think I've done everything correctly so far, but the pattern just isn't working out. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm 8 stitches short of completing the pattern and having enough stitches left over. And when I do the math, that's exactly what should be happening. What has everyone else done??

Thanks so much,

KAL First timer

This is my first time participating in a KAL, and I was most unenthused about the Tree Jacket. Now that I'm actually knitting it, I love it! I'm using Caron Simply Soft in Black. How long do we have to finish these KALs? In other words, what date should I be finished? I tend be a little slow completing things, and need a deadline to nudge me along:) Here's my progress so far:

Thanks for looking! - Sarah


I knit the small. If I ever re-knit this, I'll go with the extra small size. To compensate it being slightly big, I overlapped the front and fastened with a button. I'll soon replace this button with a very cool one ordered from etsy.com.

Overall, I'm very pleased and received many compliments when I wore this, this past weekend.

Yarn used, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. Color - Oriental Jade.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Very Behind the Times

But I finally bought my yarn and I am purchasing the pattern for the Tree Jacket tomorrow! I don't have anything major to do this weekend so I am definitely getting some hardcore knitting in! Post the progress as it knits..

Tree Jacket Question

Has anyone gotten to the sleeves on Tree jacket? I was wondering if the decreases sounded right to everyone. It says to k2tog at the beginning of round a, then k 9 rows and repeat. Is this right? That just isn't what I'm used to seeing on sleeves (I'm used to mirrored decreases on each end), and wanted to check with you guys. Thoughts?

Juliet… soon!

I am three rows into the lace pattern. I think I'll do 6 or 7 total. I made the garter stitch section a little longer than the pattern called for - 12 rows longer. I am loving the yarn - Lamb's Pride - and the pattern!

Juliet progress

Juliet is in production!

Hi Everyone!
I cast on for Juliet Saturday and have begun the lace section. I had originally planned to do the longer version but, when I tried it on to check the fit after binding off the arms and joining the body, I made the on the spot decision to try it cropped. As quickly as this is knitting up, I won't feel too badly re-doing it if it doesn't work on me.
I'm knitting Juliet size small in Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky in the slate grey color.



Ok, now I´m done and I am quite pleased with my Juliet.
At first, I followed the pattern but didn´t like neither the size nor the garter stiches.
So I tore it all up (don´t know the word in English, I am Swedish...) and knitted it in a smaller size and in stockinette stiches instead. Much better, I think.
I used two yarns; one Norweigian wool and one Swedish cotton.
Now I want to make it in a funnier colour and in a thinner material.
Hi from me, Teresa.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


juliet1 1020
Originally uploaded by melanieforest3
Pic of my Juliet, in Andina, first posted yesterday.

Tree jacket

tree jacket1 1020
Originally uploaded by melanieforest3
Pic of my Tree Jacket in Cascade, first posted about yesterday.

Juliet in Gray

Just added the loops and buttons this morning. I'm happy with the final product. =)
See my blog for more info.

Blogger let me upload these pics today. I think I will knit this again, but rewrite it for dk or sportweight, and maybe bamboo. I think the drape, luster and texture of bambu 7 doubled is really sexy.

Thanks, Kim for the lovely compliment!


Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'd like to show you a picture, but

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This is the message I get when I try to upload a pic. Has anyone else had this difficulty? You can see them on my blog at http://carpoolknitter.blogspot.com/ where I was able to upload with no problems.

I changed the lace skirt for one with a stronger vertical line to counterbalance the strong horizontal from the color blocks. Stash knitting sometimes makes me get creative, sometimes just weird. I haven't yet decided which this is. It's definitely colorful. Sexy? maybe. ;)


Fashionably Late

Yeah, I just started the Tree Jacket last night. Though I've had the yarn and pattern for a bit. There was a hat occupying my size 8s. lol After swatching I realized that, even though I didn't get gauge on the 8s, I liked them better. So I knit the neck with size 9s and have switched to 8s for the body. Several friends have informed me that cotton should grow a bit and I would have plenty of negative ease.

tree jacket neck 1

I'm using Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Violet, which looks almost blue sometimes.

Tree jacket and Juliet

I am making both patterns, started them a few days apart, actually, about a week ago. I waited over a month to get my yarn for Tree Jacket, otherwise I would have started sooner. I don't want to bash new companies, but it's a new canadian company, so if anyone wants to know where not to order from... I am using Cascade Yarns 220, colour number 8114, a dusty pink. I am at 15 repeats of the garter stitch at the shoulders. I am either making the small or medium size, will probably end up doing something in the middle.
For Juliet, I am using Filatura di Crosa Andina, the colour is Nantucket Sand. I just bound off the sleeve stitches. I decided to continue the garter stitch until just under the bust. I don't want the lace to pouf out too much. I am also thinking of using only one button, under the bust, where the garter and lace meet. I am making a size between the xs and s sizes. I don't want mine to be too big.
I can't wait to wear these!
I am having problems with the pics, so I will try to post again later. I don't want the computer to crash and I lose this post.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I'm really excited about this KAL - it's the first time I've joined in and knitted along in quite a while - just wasn't too thrilled about the other patterns, but something about this Tree Jacket really intrigues me.

I decided I wanted a bit of a different look - for some reason couldn't get the idea out of my mind that this pattern would look good in a variegated/handpainted yarn in deep, deep colors. This past weekend, at Stitches East, I found the perfect yarn - some yummy Brooks Farm Solana in gorgeous Fall colors.

Above is a picture of my progress as of the neck. I took the time to wind the rest of the yarn last night, and got a bit farther with the knitting this evening at my son's soccer practice. I'm about halfway through the increases for the armholes - using the suggested raglan increase that Stefanie Japel uses all over her Fitted Knits book. I thought that would be best since I'm changing the pattern just slightly to accommodate the variegated yarn by keeping the stockinette stitch throughout, rather than doing garter stitch after the cowl/turtleneck. Thanks, Robin, for encouraging me to try this - it looks great so far!

Take 2

I managed to get gauge on size 10 for stocking net, but they were waaaay to big for garter and I had to frog. This is my second attempt w/size 8's and I am now working with 6's to bring in the waist a bit. We'll see how this goes...I'm a little nervous. ~ No Knit Sherlock

Thong Pattern

Thank you for all the compliments on the thong. Some of you want the pattern. It was a free download from Interweave, staff project. I used a different yarn. The yarn they called for cost $32.00 from Halcyon. I used Frog Tree Sport Weight 85% Pima cotton 15% Silk color#841 on size 5 needles, took 1/2 a skein. Gauge was off, I got 23 sts and 31 rows instead of 19 1/2sts and 26 rows, so I made the largest size. Ended up perfect to pattern, beginners luck?. It fits perfect. Kim MacKenzie/CraftyKat

While knitting on my "Juliet", I just wanted to share this picture that I found in the book "Rialto" by Debbie Bliss.

What a coincidence; the pattern looks like "our" Juliet and the name is... Juliet.

It is quite pretty this one too, isn´t it?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I love the pattern, but these big needles are hurting my hands. My right thumb especially.
I'm going to work on a smaller project tomorrow I think. Perhaps I'll even start Tree Jacket.
My dress form appears to have hit the sauce ealier today... ;)

Tree Jacketastic!

Here is the start of my Tree Jacket! I'm working it in Cascade 220 in Azure # 8892. I'm loving the pattern so far even though I just started. Normally I'd say there are more pictures posted on my blog, but that would be a big lie. As the piece gets bigger, there definitely will be--as for now, this is all I've got!

**Kudos again to the vase my boyfriend threw for being such a fantastic model during this photoshoot!**


Hello, I am new here. I just finished Fifi. I put 3/4 length sleeves on mine. Hope to have pictures on my blog soon, but am out of town without my camera, so that will have to wait.

No on to Juliet... Has anyone added sleeves? I am thinking about it and was wondering if it had already been done and how it looked.


Excited to Knit Tree Jacket

Hi Everyone! I am new here. I have been knitting since Feb. 07. I have several projects finished(knitting is addictive- I knit a thong for my wedding!) This is my first KAL and first top down sweater. I started the Tree Jacket yesterday, in Aurora 8 a pretty Sage Green.

The picture shows my swatch. I decided on the large size.

Here is a picture of the Thong I knit. I am getting married in two weeks! Kim MacKenzie

dueling juliets

i am ready to add the three rows of garter to the bottom edge of the teal juliet which is the cotton fleece and then i will cast off, finish up the sleeves and wash and block. this one's for the grandaughter and she is modeling it in this progress shot. i am now working on the lace portion of the pistichio juliet which is cascade pima silk and i love this yarn! really love it and am anxious to use it again some time. this one is for me!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Juliet: the beginning

Juliet, the beginning
Originally uploaded by zsanica_zsanica
Allo everyone!

This is my first KAL, although I've been a member of the Sexy Knitter's Club since June-ish. Both Tree-Jacket and Juliet were in my queue, so this is great! Hopefully I'll have time for both.

Having Thanksgiving last weekend didn't leave me time to shop for yarn, so I had to wait very impatiently. But, I am finally ready to start! I chose a pretty dark teal Mission Falls wool, and found three antiqued silver buttons which look awesome paired with it.

New to SKC

Hi, I am new to SKC. I have followed a couple of the KALs, but finally decided to join along with Tree Jacket and Juliet. I have both patterns, and yarn for both. Lion Brand Cotton ease in Taupe for TJ and Wool ease Chunky Teal heather for Juliet. I have a sweater to finish before I can cast on either first!!! I love seeing everyone's progress. take care, Carol

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Edit- I'm such a daft dork!

First, thank you Michele! I will get started on my Juliet right away you kind sweet soul. Thank you for feeling me! ;) Now I apologize to all. The Zephyr girls emailed me today, and evidently my payment went through as an e-check? My PP transactions have NEVER done that automatically before! *sigh* All I can say is I'm PG with #4, and prone to moments of thoughtlessness. Geez. Ok, so sorry. I'm going to go hide and knit now! ;)

;D Ok, I bought both KAL patterns and a Wicked too on wednesday night. I never recieved an email with them. I've checked the bulk folder, and sent the Zephyr girls an email. Nothing!!! OMG! *lol* :) Anyway, I have no idea why the first ones didn't go through, but as far as their response, I just assume life's busy. Here's me question- I would be willing to send my paypal reciept to someone here, who was willing to email me a copy of Juliet. That's the one I wanted to do first. I know this sounds unorthodox, but I've got my reciept, I'm a knitter, not a scammer. Any help, would be much appreciated. Thanks! I'm just so jealous that so many of you are already done! I'm pathetic.

On to the lace

I love this pattern it is such a quick knit. I am using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Mariner Blue. I happened to have some in my stash that I was going to use for Rusted Root. I am really loving the yarn and the color. I think I will keep this one for myself. Now onto the lace and button shopping.

I have been searching through my stash to see if I have any yarn that I can use for Tree Jacket. I have some Karabella Aurora 8 in a really nice brown and gray. Now I have to decide which of the two colors to use. Help me decide, more details on my blog.

i'm knitting three!

at the present time i am knitting tree jacket without the lacey stitch on the body in olive bamboo. i am also knitting a juliet for myself of cascade pima silk in pistachio and i am knitting a second juliet for the grandaughter in cotton fleece new age teal. the new age teal is the focus as the grandaughter is chomping at the bit to wear her to school! i chose bright colors for this project but i also love the pastel colors and the neutral colors just as well. everyone's juliet looks great! this is going to one of those sweaters like fifi that looks fabulous on everyone. here's my progress so far on the teal.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Juliet sans buttons

Hi there I have been enjoying looking at all the finished Juliets out there. I too have finished mine this week and was very happy with the result. I prefer wearing it without the buttons as I probably did not sew it correctly and ended up looking weird. Now on to my next project the tree jacket...

My Pink Juliet

I finished Juliet - I like it, it's very cute. I used Cascade Eco + and the buttons are 1 1/4". I think if I block it again I will able to ease the pulling between the second and third buttons.

More info & pics on my blog.

Friday, October 12, 2007

FO: Cotton Ease Juliet

I just finished Juliet!
I used 3 balls of violet Cotton Ease on size 6 Knitpicks needles.
I first started knitting this with the yarn doubled but I didn't like how it knitted up (too stiff and heavy). So I started again and using only one strand of yarn. It knitted up much softer.
I had read that many people find the pattern to be knitting up big. So if I was knitting it double I would do the size S. So I picked the size M to knit with one strand. This seems to have worked for me and I am very happy with the sweater.

Cast Away (Tree Jacket)

Originally I was really pushing for Juliet to win the vote, but somewhere along the way I found myself falling in love with Tree Jacket. Well, I guess I'm just going to have to knit both now. But knowing the speed I knit at, I'll be lucky if I even finish one as part of the KAL. So in the interest of sanity and managing to do something in the day other than knitting, I have decided to start with Tree Jacket and save Juliet for later in the winter when I'm starting to dream of spring-time short sleeves.

After a couple of recent splurges I'm financially constrained (maternity leave and loss of an income will do that to a gal) so it's Lion Brand Cotton Ease for me. A great recommendation from the Zephyr girls and it is knitting up really nicely. Unfortunately when I spend time knitting each night (as the eyelids start to droop) I seem to keep miscounting by one after about 6-10 rows. Then the next morning I have to spend time ripping out a row or two to correct the mistake. I really need to pay closer attention especially after working on a straight forward but large stockinette stitch pattern for the past few months (I think my brain has gotten lazy).

Absolutely have to treat myself to some of the Zephyr markers though. My little plastics knobs just don't seem to cut it after seeing the cute stash available on Zephyr's website - and what a great stocking stuffer idea for knitting family and friends.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Likely Story's Tree Jacket

I am almost to the separation point. It's really a fun and simple knit so far.
Mine is in Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Taupe. FUN!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tree Jacket Progress

Hi everyone,
I'm loving this pattern - it is such a fun knit. Here's my progress so far; I'm using the Knit Picks Andean Silk that they used to make the sample sweater, but in Hyacinth. It is a vibrant violet-blue color, which doesn't show up perfectly in the pictures.

10707 003

When I start the sleeves, I think I am going to make them in the lace pattern instead of garter stitch. Kinda like the Eiffel look. Remember that one?

For more pics, see my blog.


Juliet progress

I got a jump start on Juliet 2 weeks ago since I already had all the materials and I couldn't wait to get it on my needles. I'm making the longer version and I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Slate Charcoal. I started out knitting it down one size since the sleeves on raglans always come out bigger for me. The sleeves still came out huge. I ripped it out a week ago and re-knit it down another size. So far so good.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hello from across the pond

Hi everybody

Thankyou for my warm welcome to the skc --very excited about all this,anything to put knitting on the map,as a very non-geriatric pastime .

To help and follow suggestions as for things to blog and podcast ,I have voluntered to cover shaping garments --to show of the figure: by using short row shapings.

What I need to know, would the majority prefer me to write ,or to talk you through on a podcast. I await your descision.

One of the sexy things I am working on at the moment is a pair of french knickers in pure silk deliciously dyed by Kaalund yarns in Australia.

So many of these hand dyed silks and silk mixes are so yummy, we are tempted to buy, but personally at the moment do not want to knit socks (having just finished a sock book )out late 08.So lingerie and delicate lacy apparel tempts me so I set out to design the french knickers.

When you actually buy these yarns do any of us actually know what we are goingto use them for or is it stash buying

Have you heard of SABLE over there ,

it stands for Stash Accumlated Beyond Life Expectancy

Should we all be conscious of this or feel like I do that I will be very popular when I have gone if my stash pile is the judge.

Please do let me know how you would like me to deliver any small gems of knowledge swimming through the tangled yarn in my brain be it written or verbal.

Even just having membership of this group as upped the anti on my feminism---thank you.

Juliet is on her way!

I casted on my Juliet a few days ago and she is looking great. You can check out more details of my progress on my blog.

Some juliet - some tree

I've finished the pre-lace section of my juliet. I'm not sure if I love it so far, but I really like the texture. It's knit in an old Noro yarn from the 90's of which I can't remember the name. It's a slubby cotton viscose blend that I've mixed with some washable fingering wool and makes the fabric feel somewhat suede-like.

At first I thought the fit was going to be too big for me, as I chose medium size and I'm a 36. But now that I've gotten more to the sweater, it's seeming to fit better now. I don't have enough yarn to do the whole sweater in variegated yarn so I'm planning on buying some brown ribbon yarn to work into the lace with the green fingering yarn.

I am also starting up the tree jacket. I'm using more stash yarn, some mohair blend from the 1960's called Mohairlaine. I might mix in some extra Doceur et Soie into the garter section too. But I need to knit more before I decide.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tree Jacket

I am using Cascade Yarns Etoile in a pretty pink and it has gauged wonderfully. I purchased it at my LYS and am looking forward to how it works up. All pink yarn in the shop is 25% off this month for Breast Cancer Awareness so the color choice was easy for me to make. It has a beautiful halo and I think this variation with the mohair is going to be very nice. My needles are being used on a WIP so I won't be able to really begin until next weekend. The next pictures will be better.
I also wanted to share a photo of the yarn markers I ordered from Zephyr Style. Aren't they great?!


I had started on Juliet a few weeks ago and am really enjoying the pattern. I am using Knit Picks Andean Silk in Cornflower and am very happy so far.

`Yarn Sub

Hi everyone! This is my first SKC KAL, although I've watched from afar alot. I love Juliet, but I really want to use yarn from my stash. I have some Blue Sky Cotton that I'm thinking of using. But I haven't seen anyone else use it for Juliet. I was looking for opinions.

Thanks, Kristin :)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ready to Go

The wool has arrived, and I popped out and got myself some circular needles yesterday. I had ordered some bamboo ones, but lost patience with the post, so have now got myself some metal ones. I love bamboo needles though. I have bought Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in scarlet. The colour is lovely - like cherry red in my pack of laurention pencil crayons when I was in school! Debbie Bliss also does it in a lovely teal, but scarlet was on sale! I have cast on, and the neck seems a bit small, but it is a bit difficult to appreciate the exact circumference while it is on the 40 cm circulars - so I will perservere. I am making the large, which might be on the small size, but I am notorious for making sweaters too big, so my theory is if I go a bit small I might end up with something that fits!!

wherefore art thou Juliet?

Because I changed a few things. This yarn is from stash, and the colors look much better than in this photo. Kind of terracotta and brick, really. I don't have enough of either for a whole Juliet, so I'm deciding whether or not I like a color block look. probably going to be the longer version, with the rest of the bodice terracotta and the skirt brick. I'm using paired increases instead of knit f&b, and I've added a selvedge stitch. I'm pretty sure it'll still be a recognizable Juliet in the end. I never know where I'm going till I get there. To quote Buckaroo Banzai, "remember, no matter where you go, there you are." I'm certainly am. There. I guess.

Friday, October 05, 2007

French Kitten's Tree Jacket

Hello! This is my first KAL, though I have been lurking for some time. I cast on last night for the Tree Jacket. I am using Dream in Color Classy in Virtual Purple that I got at my LYS. I debated the Debbie Bliss cashmerino for a while, but this dark purple color was calling my name! I got gauge on size 8 Plymouth Bamboo Sisters interchangeables (which I love and highly recommend) and started with the XS/S size. I am unclear as to which size I will ultimately make since my measurements are on the cusp, but as I can try this on as I go- I will figure that out later.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I bought this pattern a few weeks ago and purchased my yarn from Webs. I've decided to use Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky(85% wool, 15% alpaca) in burgundy. This should be interesting since I'm pretty sensitive to most animal fiber but I have this vision of wearing it over a fitted black turtleneck dress (of which I do not own yet!) this winter. I've decided to knit the medium, though I usually take a large, based on what I've read about this pattern's sizing and the fiber of the yarn that I've chosen (it grows).

I cast on last night but have only knit about 20 rows...what can I say, it's MBL post-season ;-)

Gearing Up

Even though I voted for Tree Jacket, I almost sat this one out. My financial situation didn't really agree with my desire to knit this sweater. Luckily, another Ravelry user pointed out that Cotton Ease made a great substitute, and I just so happened to have four balls in my stash. And no idea why I had bought them. After checking yardage and dye lots, I ran down to the craft store and bought a fifth ball. :) They had the same dye lot! Can't wait for the KAL to actually begin.

Ready to go!

Here is my progress on Juliet:

The yarn is Cascade Venezia which is a blend of 70% merino, 30% silk. I swatched it to gauge on size 9 needles but then found the gauge to be way off once I started knitting, so I frogged it. I am now using size 10.5 needles and so far, so good. I'm 3 rows away from joining the body.

I have also purchased my yarn for Tree Jacket. I got Tahki Savoy which is 52% silk, 48% merino from Webs. It arrived today and it is possibly the softest yarn I've ever felt! The label indicates that it will knit to gauge, but a swatch will tell for sure!