Thursday, October 25, 2007

My only love sprung from my only hate!

Well, it's not exactly hate, I'm just trudging through the garter stitch slowly. I'm not a huge fan of it interest wise, but I must admit, I am a fan of how it looks. Safe to say that I can't wait to start the lace!

I'm planning to add a couple of darts under the bust, just to bring it in a bit. Also I'm not going to add all (if any) of the increases, I'm just worried that it would add too much to my waist, turning me into a box-y shape, rather then hourglass. I chose the medium size, and I'm knitting at 15.5 sts per 4" rather than 14. It feels very nice on so far, so excited to be able to wear it soon to class so that I stay warm!

I think I might just put on Romeo + Juliet while working on this today, seems appropriate

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