Tuesday, October 16, 2007

dueling juliets

i am ready to add the three rows of garter to the bottom edge of the teal juliet which is the cotton fleece and then i will cast off, finish up the sleeves and wash and block. this one's for the grandaughter and she is modeling it in this progress shot. i am now working on the lace portion of the pistichio juliet which is cascade pima silk and i love this yarn! really love it and am anxious to use it again some time. this one is for me!


maddieg said...

I love your sweaters. You are amazing making 2 of them. I'm working on the Tree Jacket on the body now but want to make the Juilet now that I've seen yours. I need to buy the Cascade like you are using.
Thank you for sharing!

witch au lait said...

They are coming along so nicely!

Teresa said...

Both a beautiful. Lucky grandaughter.

Kristin said...

They both look great. I love the colors!