Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm a bimbo!

After weeks of anticipating writing a post and reading others, I couldn't believe that no one had posted on their progress so far. Finally today, I actually scrolled down passed the sticky post regarding the newsletter and podcast and lo and behold, I found the posts!!
Anyway, I finally began Juliet. I had swatching and gauge issues (I got 13 sts with the size 10.5 in Denise needles and 15 sts with the Knit Picks size 11 needles). I couldn't find my size 10.5 Knit Picks so I ordered a new pair and the yarn and swatch just sat there while I awaited their arrival. They finally came and I knitted up a new swatch and yay~I got the correct gauge! I'm using Cotton Fleece doubled and i really like what I have so far.
I'm pregnant too so I'm excited to finish this one and actually be able to wear it.
Once I finish a little bit more, I'll take and post some pictures.

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