Wednesday, October 17, 2007

While knitting on my "Juliet", I just wanted to share this picture that I found in the book "Rialto" by Debbie Bliss.

What a coincidence; the pattern looks like "our" Juliet and the name is... Juliet.

It is quite pretty this one too, isn´t it?


maddieg said...

The Juliet looks about the same. Think I like the Debbie Bliss yoke better.

LisaBe said...

wow--that's pretty amazing. i do like a different yoke, though i like the lace bottom on the zephyr girls' juliet better than the plain stockinette. then again, i'm modifying the zg juliet, too (adding sleeves). another zg plus is that it's available as a single, downloadable pattern. but yeah--that's pretty wild. thanks for sharing!