Monday, October 01, 2007


Okay, I, too, wasn't "in love" with the Tree Jacket pattern when I first saw it, but after looking again during voting, I thought - you know, this isn't just the same old thing! It's actually very interesting, and I'm dying to see how I like the garter stitch panel and sleeves. Sooooooo,

I knit up a swatch this evening while watching Dancing With the Stars, and I found a combination of stash yarns that will work. What do you all think? I don't have enough, technically, to do the entire sweater in the size I will probably need in the plain purple color. BUT! I do have three skeins of Eggplant Misti Alpaca. Darn it!!! Don'tcha just HATE when the only yarn you can find to fill in on a job is Misti Alpaca???? :O)

Right now, as you can see from the swatch, I'm thinking the garter stitch panel across the chest/yoke will be the Misti, and the rest of the sweater will be the regular purple (might also use it on the ends of the sleeves where there's stockinette). The Misti's Eggplant color has flecks of paler purple that exactly match the other yarn, which is called "Puno" and I think I got it from They both knit up to exactly the right gauge for me on size 8's! Yay - but first I absolutely have to finish my Hogwarts pal's socks for the upcoming deadline. This should light a fire under me if nothing else!!

I'm glad to be back in a KAL with you all!


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