Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Juliet help?


I'm starting the first row of the lace pattern in small, and have run into a numbers problem. First let me say I've never had good luck with lace, but this seemed fairly easy! Anyway, I think I've done everything correctly so far, but the pattern just isn't working out. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm 8 stitches short of completing the pattern and having enough stitches left over. And when I do the math, that's exactly what should be happening. What has everyone else done??

Thanks so much,


Pensguys said...

Sounds like you may have left out some yarnovers on the previous row or so. Check that out. Usually that is my problem when I have too few stitches left.

mary said...

The best advice I ever got for working lace is putting stitchmarkers between each pattern repeat. That way, you can quickly count stitches in the last repeat and know if you're on track or not. Good luck!

Ichun said...

I think I had to add 4 more stitches on the increase row to get the pattern to work out.