Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Hello, I am new here. I just finished Fifi. I put 3/4 length sleeves on mine. Hope to have pictures on my blog soon, but am out of town without my camera, so that will have to wait.

No on to Juliet... Has anyone added sleeves? I am thinking about it and was wondering if it had already been done and how it looked.



Kristin said...

Are you on Ravelry? I've seen one or two people on there that have added sleeves. I am going to make them a bit longer than the pattern calls for but still short sleeves.

smidgemom said...

Hello, Welcome to the KAL I am new here as well. I have not started either of these yet, but have my yarn for both. Carol

maddieg said...

I haven't started as I'm working on the Tree Jacket. I want to add
sleeves also.