Monday, October 22, 2007

Tree Jacket Question

Has anyone gotten to the sleeves on Tree jacket? I was wondering if the decreases sounded right to everyone. It says to k2tog at the beginning of round a, then k 9 rows and repeat. Is this right? That just isn't what I'm used to seeing on sleeves (I'm used to mirrored decreases on each end), and wanted to check with you guys. Thoughts?



You know, I am really confused on the sleeves as well! I am used to putting the stitches on hold onto the needles, picking up a few extra, and going. If we choose to knit flat, is that still how we are to go about it?!

La Petite Tricoteuse said...

Me too! I was just going to pick up the arm stitches with DPNs and go to town from there. If you work in the round I suppose the one K2tog would be fine, but knit flat I have no idea. Haven't gotten that far yet though, so I will check back in later to see what you find :-)


So...I emailed the Zephyr gals with our questions and here was their response (very quickly too!):

Pick up the stitches you had on hold - these are the only stitches... there is no need to pick up extra.

Knit these flat in garter stitch following the decreases just as they are written.

Then seam up the sleeve from cuff to underarm.

Then repeat for the other sleeve.

All done! =)

Hope this helps... happy knitting,
~zephyr gals

Jenny said...

Yep, I finished sleeve #1 last night & tried it on & it looks fine. The fabric is a little lumpy where the decreases are, but I think they'll block out. Thanks for investigating for us!