Monday, October 08, 2007

Hello from across the pond

Hi everybody

Thankyou for my warm welcome to the skc --very excited about all this,anything to put knitting on the map,as a very non-geriatric pastime .

To help and follow suggestions as for things to blog and podcast ,I have voluntered to cover shaping garments --to show of the figure: by using short row shapings.

What I need to know, would the majority prefer me to write ,or to talk you through on a podcast. I await your descision.

One of the sexy things I am working on at the moment is a pair of french knickers in pure silk deliciously dyed by Kaalund yarns in Australia.

So many of these hand dyed silks and silk mixes are so yummy, we are tempted to buy, but personally at the moment do not want to knit socks (having just finished a sock book )out late 08.So lingerie and delicate lacy apparel tempts me so I set out to design the french knickers.

When you actually buy these yarns do any of us actually know what we are goingto use them for or is it stash buying

Have you heard of SABLE over there ,

it stands for Stash Accumlated Beyond Life Expectancy

Should we all be conscious of this or feel like I do that I will be very popular when I have gone if my stash pile is the judge.

Please do let me know how you would like me to deliver any small gems of knowledge swimming through the tangled yarn in my brain be it written or verbal.

Even just having membership of this group as upped the anti on my feminism---thank you.


Estellika said...

Hi! I would love to learn about how to accommodate larger shoulders with short rows in top down raglans, and any other way to make room for them in other constructions.

Visuals would be greatly helpful, and some sort of formula? or guidlines for the shaping of shoulder short rows.

Thank you!

Jen said...

I also like the idea of visuals, and written instructions/advice...I tend to pay attention, and am able to go back with greater ease to review something I am unsure of. Thanks so much for offering to help us all out!!