Sunday, October 14, 2007

Edit- I'm such a daft dork!

First, thank you Michele! I will get started on my Juliet right away you kind sweet soul. Thank you for feeling me! ;) Now I apologize to all. The Zephyr girls emailed me today, and evidently my payment went through as an e-check? My PP transactions have NEVER done that automatically before! *sigh* All I can say is I'm PG with #4, and prone to moments of thoughtlessness. Geez. Ok, so sorry. I'm going to go hide and knit now! ;)

;D Ok, I bought both KAL patterns and a Wicked too on wednesday night. I never recieved an email with them. I've checked the bulk folder, and sent the Zephyr girls an email. Nothing!!! OMG! *lol* :) Anyway, I have no idea why the first ones didn't go through, but as far as their response, I just assume life's busy. Here's me question- I would be willing to send my paypal reciept to someone here, who was willing to email me a copy of Juliet. That's the one I wanted to do first. I know this sounds unorthodox, but I've got my reciept, I'm a knitter, not a scammer. Any help, would be much appreciated. Thanks! I'm just so jealous that so many of you are already done! I'm pathetic.


Michele said...
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Yarn It said...

Paypal will automatically process your payment as an echeck if your back up credit card on file has expired. So you may want to check that. The same thing happened to me when I bought one of their patterns and I was confused. Paypal doesn't make it very clear that the payment is being processed by echeck. It is easy to miss.

witch au lait said...

oooooh, that makes sense, we haven't updated the card since we signed up. I'll have DH check. Thanks!