Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Two Stitches Too Short

I am still on the SKB yoke. I just counted my stiches and it appears I will be two stitches short after completing the repeats (I just finished repeat #4 and have 2 to go). I'm supposed to have 288 stitches, but will have 286. Is there anyway I can increase two extra stitches somewhere so I don't have to frog back to the beginning? If so, where and how? I'm sure I missed some increases early on and would really appreciate any help you can throw my way. Thanks!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

fall knitting

My fiddlesticks knitting country silk yarn has finally arrived! I ordered two large skeins of the bright earth colourway, thinking it might be something like the colours of fall in the Yukon. This pic was taken on a recent trip to Keno City, Yukon. The yarn has more pink than I'd expected, but I'm pretty happy with it. Maybe it's got a bit more fireweek than tundra...

And here's the progress so far...(note this year's cranberry harvest to the left)

The yarn ended up being quite a different gauge than suggested, so we'll see how this goes. I'm a couple of days away from the first fitting - wish me luck!

The Things We Do for Love.........

...of a knitting pattern!

The SKB is utilising a huge proportion of my knitting resources both physical and psychological!!!!

I have 3 ends of yarn to keep in check;
Cashmerino Aran, now in it's 5th (and final) incarnation, Drops Glitter from and some impossibly fine angora lambswool from one of my Ebay pushers

I'm also employing my mathematical skills , a set Denise needles, 2 sets of circular needles and a copy of Big Girls Knits, oh and enduring quizzical looks from my family as I transfer stitches to an assortment of needles add safety pins and ponce about in front of the mirror tweaking my bodice!

I'm sure it will all be worth it........

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Gauge Swatch feels "flimsy"

I knitted my gauge swatch for the Simple Knitted Bodice and came out right @ 20 stitches per inch on #7, but the swatch feeles really flimsy. I'm using the Tilli Thomas yarn. It's soft, but it just feels like it should be tighter? I guess I'm just looking for reassurance before I cast on. Also I am waivering between a medium and a large. Is it running true to size?

sizzling slowly

I'm starting increases on back of sizzle. I plan to do a V in front and in back, hoping to get the whole thing done without needing more yarn, because I have all there is to have! Am using discontinued Linet (I think I have 770 yards), with a mercerized dk cotton for borders. Am also making it a bit longer in the stretch between decreases and increases.

Do you all get the little trash can below my name here? I swear, I'm not talking trashy! At least not here... What is this about, anybody know? And do you all get the big blue box on the post list that says "edit" next to my posts? Or do we only get that next to our own posts? Thanks!

casting on for sizzle

hey all ...

i decided to make my sizzle out of SWTC phoenix (kpixie had it on sale) and i'm hoping that since its silk (okay, soy silk) that if i cast on for a small that it won't be as loose fitting as some of y'all have experienced...but i'm wondering if there are any opinionated knitters out there. i'd appreciate any and all advice...


I get by with a little help from my friends...

So I have cast on for Sizzle in the size S, using Bendigo Mills Harmony (cotton / wool / lycra). I went up a needle size to get gauge but as I'm halfway through the back, I've a strong feeling that it is going to be too large and bagmatic. I'm not convinced I have the mettle to knit it only to try it on and find that it's far too big. Can someone give me some idea of their body size and whether I should rip out and cast on the x-small?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Yippee! I'm Apart of the Club!


Finally done!!!! Knitted in wool/alpaca yarn Iceland with a metallic tead in the body pattern...this is size 2Xl... really happy about the colour!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

SKB sizing question

For those of you who have gotten further along with the SKB, I was wondering if you found it to be very fitted or not? I'm trying to figure out which size to make (L or XL) since my bust measurement varies depending on the bra I'm wearing (42" - 45"). The deep V in the front looks like it'll adjust to bustiness better than other patterns. Anyone want to decide for me?

Not so Sizzlin

I've been in the SKC since the beginning, but this the first time I've participated in a knit-along... so, hey everyone! I scored some half-price Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere a couple of weeks ago, so I figured it'd be the perfect time to try out Sizzle. Even on size 5 needles, it only took me about 5-6 days to complete. I really loved the pattern, and I thought it would fit perfectly, but...well...
I'm not so sure. I'm finding the same problem that many of you are- it seems to have stretched more widthwise than it should have. I have tons of room in the hips (a small miracle considering things are ALWAYS tight around my hips), and it's a little shorter than I'd like. I made it in a size small, and while the bust seems to fit ok, everything else is off.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it's the yarn's fault- I always tend to have bad luck with cotton. Also a note on the yarn: it bled like crazy when I was soaking it before blocking, and while it seems to have kept its color overall, I did notice small spots that look bleached.

I have to say, I did love this pattern- maybe it'd be worth it to go back and work it in an extra small? I know this sweater has the potential to be alot more sizzlin than it is!

By the way, for a truly heinous pic of me in Sizzle, check out my blog!

My new favourite sweater

My Simply Knitted Bodice is done and I love it. After running out of yarn, I was very lucky. I have the most amazing LYS. Mandy who works there heard that I ran out of yarn and sold me her 2 skeins of Malabrigo she bought only the day before but had not started yet. Instead, she got a different color for her project and I was able to finish my sweater with the same dye lot and did not have to order it online. You can imagine how happy I was. The second sleeve was a breeze. It is an amazing design and I will definitely knit it again some day. This time probably with the original deeper neckline. Right now I am happy with how this one came out. The Malabrigo is quite warm (and very soft) so a smaller V- neck will be more practical for a cozy fall sweater.
Now I only need to come up with yarn for Sizzle.
 Posted by Picasa
Well I've finished the body of my SKB, and I'm liking it quite abit. It is a wee bit looser than I wanted to be but I think It will be just fine! Don't mind my lovely kitty jammy bottoms! I do not have the right sized needles for the sleeves, so I need to get them this weekend. I have 2 whole skeins of the left! (and a little more) So I am planning on knitting the long sleeves instead of the short! I suppose I could start the neckline while I'm waiting on getting my sleeve needles. I can hardly believe that I don't have size 7 or 4 16" circulars! What is wrong with me!?!?! LOL Ok well I can't get my picture to load so come on over to to see the picture!!

Feels Like Progress

Mel in her SKBAfter ripping back, going forward and then finally frogging the whole thing, I finally feel like I'm making some progress on my SKB. I was knitting the large, but have restarted on the medium size. After fudging increases and adding short rows and a bit more fudging, it fits great. My biggest thing was that I wanted a suitably deep neckline on this sucker. I have a long and detailed description on what I did to get my size large bust into a medium top without too much drama on my blog.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I had gauge, I was knitting along, and I'd almost finished one ball of yarn when I realised that there was no way my Sizzle was ever going to look sexy on me... I just seem to have chosen the wrong size I guess. I have a 34" bust and was making size S, but I'm going to try again with the XS and see if that fits my teeny waist. I'm using Cathay which has a bit of give to it, hopefully I'll be ok.

Sizzling Along

I am almost to the armhole decreases on both front and back. I find it is more satisfying for me to have both sides going at once. It's really begining to take shape, and I hope it is small enough. I'm knitting the small (35) size and I got gauge, but this cotton twist seems to stretch a lot. It does have a nice sheen to it though.
BTW, I have just begun my blog: Stop on by.

Sizzle 9/19

Question about lace weight yarn

Hi everyone. I haven't posted or participated lately, but I have a question... Someone in a LYS once said they would NEVER wind lace weight yarn into a center-pull ball. What other way to wind it is there?

Main reason I'm asking is because the lace weight yarn I'm currently using is SO KNOTTED it makes me wanna cry. Any suggestions?

P.S. Seeing all these sizzles makes me wanna run out and buy yarn for it! :) They're awesome!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Sizzle with the cotton cashmere

My Sizzle is coming along great, which I don't say very often about my projects! It's an easy pattern, the yarn is beautiful (Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere) and the sizing is coming out well. I'm done with the back and am just now finishing the decreases on the front. I'd suggest this pattern to everyone! It knits so quick!

Short rows, waist shaping....It's all Greek to me!

Ok. First off I am starting with the SKB, I am planning on doing Sizzle also.
Second, I think I have been reading too many blog entries on too many sites and KAL's for this baby that I have become completely confused about the whole thing.
don't get me wrong, I understand the gist of the shaping thing, and I think I know how to do it in theory... I got S and B nation and I have read the page on that. Im just not clear on if I need short rows and I am not sure about the waist shaping because of the lace and smaller needles done in that area.
If I measure around at the fullest part of "the twins" I measure 38". Does this qualify me for needing the short rows? Also, my knitted garments in the past (yes I had gauge) have had a tendency to be loose and hang on me.
I am using Nashua Creative Focus, a wool and alpaca blend (it's divine) and I know that fibers tend to also decide how the sweater will wear.
When did this all become so complicated? I can remember the days when I was younger and used to pick up a pattern and yarn without thinking about weight, content, or swatches.....of course my final results were always interesting!
Anyone out there who can help clear this up for me?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Opinions Please

This was my SBK this morning.

(Don'cha just LOVE the no-flash-bathroom-in-your-jammie-bottoms shots???)

Anyway... Since this morning I've knit another 4 or 5 inches onto the bottom and am planning on making the sweater about the same length as the brown top I've got on underneath. Problem is that the spot that the sweater will end is just about the widest part of my hips -- I'm afraid that knitting two ridge rows at this spot on my hips will draw attention to that area making me look even hippier than I already am. I'm thinking about forgoing the two bottom ridge rows and making a turned hem instead. What do y'all think? What would y'all do?

Yarn Substitute Question For The Group

Hello, I am still trying to find a good substitute yarn for the "Silk Bijou". Is there anyone here who decided to go with the Cascade Pima Cotton or Pima Silk, as one of the recommended yarns? If yes, did you need to go down a needle size as recommended? I really like the SB - and am hoping some of you will post feedback on how it works up. (I had hoped to purchase it online, but couldn't find a source that takes paypal payments). Other suggestions for substitutions for "Sizzle" would be really appreciated.


Simple Knitted Bodice

I am at the point where I need to put it on a scrap yarn and try it on - may I say that I hate doing that? I understand that I need to if I want it to fit (especially because I do have broad shoulder so I suspect that I need to keep increasing), but I feel like I want to throw a tantrum.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hooray! I'm done with the lace! I'm so happy! For some reason I couldn't seem to get the lace on 7 stitches, I was doing mine with 9, with the YOs and K2tog and sl1-k1-psso. Can anyone explain to me how it was done only with 7. I just can't figure it out! I'm very happy with how it came out. Esp. Since this was my first try at lace! I hope to finish the purl rows tonight or tomorrow and then try it on before switching back to the other yarn. If I knit this again, I think I'd just go with one color and not at the fancy in the lace. The sequins are kind of scratchy. I know that I will be wearing a cami under this. (I'm thinking a lt gray would be pretty.) but still. If I have enough of the reg. silk I think I will just use that for around the neck.


I cast on the other evening. This is how far I was Friday morning. I had just started the decreases.

After a evening of watching movies, I'm now starting the increases. But no photos of that yet. I like this lots and lots. It seems it will be a fast knit. :D

Tee Hee

I am such a bad girl! But, I'm officially "in" on this KAL! Yes, I cast on for Sizzle even though I haven't yet finished that neckband on Tempting II. Almost, but not quite. BWAH! I've never let something like finishing one project keep me from starting another! Hee hee. And, even though I'm busy as a bee in a one-bee beehive, I cast on the other day. As you can see,

I haven't gotten that far, but I DID cast on! It's supposed to be a quick knit, so maybe this one will be done before Christmas! Maybe . . .

Oh, and I'm including a new picture of my SWC. I wore it the other day since it was cool, and I'm not sure I like the way it fits anymore. I've been working on losing a good portion of myself, and it's a bit baggy under the arms now. My chest measurement has actually gone down a few inches, and it's just . . . different now. Hmmmmmm, lemme know what you think. I think it's still wearable and all, just wish it was a better fit. Maybe I'll have to knit this one again! Heh - don't get me started!


new blog

Finally (like 20 minutes ago!) got a blog started. I also changed my username here, that mossmama thing seemed fuzzy and green, which could be good, but maybe frumpy? So it's knitnzu, Zuzu's pic is on the blog, and sometimes I feel like I'm in the zoo... Almost ready to cast on for the sizzle.

Have yarn on order will knit someday

I finally found the yarn for my SKB. I am going to be using the 4-ply wool from Mystical Creations Yarn in China Teal. I should still get gauge because it's a good worsted weight wool. Does anyone have any experience with this company? I'm in love with the color and am praying the yarn is good. I just realized, I'm going to have to gauge swatch (I hate swatching). I will not tempt the fates; I will be good.

Cast on... finally!!!

Well, I finally gave myself permission to cast on for my SKB, since I just finished two other projects.

So far it is going well, the yarn I chose works out beautifully. It's Lana Grossa's Tusshena, a 45% kid mohair 55% tussah silk blend. Wonderful shine, drape and sooooo soft. I can't wait to wear it! The color, a bronzy brown is so warm and looks almost metallic!

I'll post progress pics later.

Friday, September 15, 2006

I have to cry to someone....

So, I finished a sweater for a friend for Christmas, and finally finished it. It was a simple sweater, but made with alpaca from Alpaca with a twist. To have you fully understand my crying fit...the sweater was a 2x size. Ok, so, I finished it, and put it into the wash on COLD, delicate to rince out all the oils and stuff from my hands...I do this to all my stuff...and.IT happened.

OH MY GOSH...I am not exageratting at will fit a size 2 child. It was in the wash for 5 minutes...on COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in shock. I really messed up...oh brother.

So, I was wondering...does anyone have any ideas what I can make out of a really expensive, very fuzzy small sweater? I cannot bear to throw it away...maybe a purse???

Just getting started

Is anyone else still working on their Grannie Smith? I have finally got the needles and yarn together to start my Grannie Smith. Come hell or high water I will be casting on for the back tonight. I'm using KSH in Liquor. I've already red through the pattern and look at all the progress so far. I just love this pattern. You did a fabulous job designing it Melissa!

I promise to post a weekend progress pic by Monday.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Utterly Disgusted!

I know this is somewhat OT, but I think it deserves to be posted here so that all of you who are knitting the Simple Knitted Bodice can be informed consumers. I don't know how many of you are aware of the situation that occurred with Sarah's yarns and Tilli Tomas, but I for one purchased my yarn from Sarah's yarns and am appalled at what I'm discovering about Tilli Tomas's unethical business practices. Since this may not be the appropriate "arena" for this type of discussion, I thought I would at least post a link to Sarah's blog (scroll down to September 5th for the beginning and move upwards from there) so that those of you are not already aware of what's going on can find out and the "discussion" can continue over on her blog. Personally, I (as a knitter) don't like the idea of wholesalers telling retailers whether or not they can run sales on their yarns. How many of us would not be able to buy some of the yarns we buy if they never went on sale? I for one wouldn't, since the regular prices are frequently out of my budget. If I'd have known about Tilli Tomas's business practices in advance, I'd have never bought their yarns (whether they were on sale or not) and highly suggest that those of you who have not yet bought your yarn for the Simple Knitted Bodice, consider purchasing a substitute for the outrageously expensive Tilli Tomas and do business with a consumer friendly company. In fact, I don't think I could even enjoy knitting my Simple Knitted Bodice with my Tilli Tomas yarn now and will probably unload it on eBay and buy something else that won't make my hair stand on end every time I look at it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

One more sleeve

This is my Simple knitted bodice so far. I am using Malabrigo yarn and I already know I will love this sweater. The design is amazing and the yarn is delicious and so soft. I made a few changes, like adding couple of inches of stockinette stitch after the neckline, decreasing more stitches for the waist and substituting garter stitch for the purl ridges. Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn when I completed the first sleeve and the LYS where I bought the yarn is out too. I ordered some more online and now I am keeping my fingers crossed for the colorway too match. Posted by Picasa

Tempting II is finally done!!!

Photo Hosted at Buzznet

Hi Everyone! This is my first SKC post – I just wanted to say thank you for motivating me to finally finish my Tempting II! It was my Olympic project and it ended badly… then kicked around on the needles mocking me for months. Seeing all of your pretty finished Tempting II’s inspired me to pick it back up again!

There are details of the whole Tempting II saga on my blog: Life in Cleveland

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm IN!

Here's my sizzle, (completed a few weeks ago, before I saw we were using it as the sexy knit). I used classic elite provance cotton in a gorgeous red, even though it's 100% cotton, it's got a very nice sheen and has washed and worn very well. I wore it to Maui on our vacation and it Sizzled at dinner overlooking the beach! VERY cool and fast sweater to knit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Wendy's patterns! She needs to hurry up and get MORE out there for us *hint* *hint* I made the smallest size even though I normally wear a Medium or Small since every cotton sweater I've ever made has grown sideways a TON. This one was a tad bit snug when I first put it on, then POOF it fit! LOVE IT! I'm making another one in a dark purple also with the classic elite provance.

Thanks for the tips on the GREAT deal on yarn ladies! I went to webs and bought 10 balls of Silky Tweed for $4.49 a ball. I probably only needed 9, but wanted to have extra as I've been reading about you ladies adding rows and at $4.49 a ball, who wouldn't want an extra one or 2? Can't wait to get the yarn and get started!!!

My yarn is on it's way!!

I finally got my Tilli Tomas yarn on its way for SKB. I can't wait. I'm actually going to make this one as an overdue birthday gift for my mom, so she chose the Olive shade and I'm using the Pure & Simple with the Rockstar as the inset. I can not wait to get started on this. I ended up ordering through Sarah's yarns . I can't say enough about how helpful she was in getting this yarn together for me after multiple problems, and her prices can't be beat either. $20 for the Pure & Simple and $25 for the Rockstar. Her blog has some interesting information on it about the pricing of this yarn too. I'm in Canada so I'm having someone bring this yarn back for me. I had it shipped to an american address and I think that the shipping information listed in a past post on here may be inaccurate as I had no such issues with the price there.
Anyway, I should be getting this yarn on Tuesday so I'll have to be a knitting fiend to catch up with you guys :)

I have my yarn......

Hi there....

I'm a newby knitter and this is my very first KAL and very first sweater.
It's just been scarves and straight knitting ponchos and wraps up till now.
I picked Wendy's Sizzle. The SKB just seemed too much for me right now even though I love it.
I have the pattern and my yarn, its Butterfly by El.D.Mouzakis. A 100% mercerized cotton.

Now I am swatching to see if I get gauge.
My blog is

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Raising the V-neck

I am interested in raising the v-neck in the SKB but I'm not sure how I could that. Would I just add more stitches at the existing increases? If so, how many stitches can I add to the pattern without drastically changing the shape of the neck?

Any advice you can give would be great for this sweater-inexperienced knitter!

If you're using TT Rock Star

I thought it was just me, but now a couple of other posts have said the same thing... Two hanks of the ever-so-precious Rock Star does not seem to be enough. I just started my second and I'm at 2 1/2 inches of lace (making a size large). I knew I could not finish the lace, two more purl ridges, lace and ridges on the sleeves, and ridges on the cuffs, hem and neck with this last hank, so I bought another - luckily Dream Weaver had more of my lot. I don't plan to use it on the cuffs or hem, or I'm afraid one extra hank might not even be enough.

I don't want to send people off to buy extra if they don't need it, so if you've managed on two hanks, please let us know.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bettter Late...

Finally a photo of my Tempting II. I had a huge war with the neck, but I'm happy with how it came out. I couldn't find a buckle I liked so I went with the ring. I think it gives a clean modern look.


Well, here is what I have of my SKB. I am using Tilli Thomas in Aqua Zing and I love how this fits. It is perfect. I added two inches after the join so that the lace fell in the right place. I also added about 10 extra rows at the end so it would not be too short for me. I think I must have a long torso, because I have to do this with almost everything I knit. I also ran out of both skeins of Rock Star and I haven't even started the sleeves! I wasn't happy about that because I had to order another skein from and it is $38 a skein. Yikes. The remainder of my last skein is sitting on my hand. I am making the long sleeve version. This is going to have to sit until my Rock Star arrives and it is going to drive me crazy!

Have yarn, will knit

Noro Lily

15 balls of Noro Lily from my stash are soon to be turned into the SKB, so happy so happy. Only one thing makes me happier than using yarn from my stash. Oh, do you need to say? Buying new yarn, of course!
I swatched, and I got gauge with 4.5 and 2.75 mm.

Finished SKB!

Excuse the bad pic. It was a cloudy day out so I couldn't get it in the right light. Also, in this pic, the purl ridges do seem to add a bit of bulk around the middle so I think if I were to make it again, i would eliminate them like others are doing. Otherwise, I really do love this sweater. It hasn't been blocked yet and even though it is lightweight, it kept me warm all evening yesterday outside (at a bbq for the Bears/Packers game). As I said before, I made it in Silky Tweed color # 17. I used sz 6 and sz 3 needles with perfect gauge. Now, I am in no way close to the small size (this is the medium), yet I could have made the small and it would have fit fine. I am hoping that blocking will lengthen it and pull it in some, otherwise I may toss it into the dryer for a few minutes and see if it will shrink up a bit. It is so comfortable though, and if it doesn't block out right, I will still wear it often, I will just have to adjust as the day goes on! Love it, love it love it!

The body is done!!!

Well now my body is done.....Its a size too big (2XL) buts its ok.... Im a big person so.... - I really looking forward to see how it will be with sleeves on... I think I will to the long verson...but I am really not sure me out...what will be nices do you think?????

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Inching Along

Here's a little more progress on my SKB.

I accidently did the lace pattern upside down due to starting the chart at 1 in the morning and not realizing that the first row was at the BOTTOM of the chart instead of at the top. I think it looks alright -- I just hope I can remember to do the lace upside down when I get to the arms. Knowing me, I'll completely forget! Better make a note of that now!

Looking at the top on the "mini-me", it's a good thing that I added several rows after joining and before starting the purl ridge. Also, it looks like I'll be adding at least another inch or two of the lace so that the second purl ridge hits my waist in the right spot.

Also, a little tip for those who have never done lace before or who are fairly new at lace (like me)... on the knit rows (after a yo row), I always count off my stitches in 7's so that if I'm off, I know it early on and don't have to tink back too terribly far. In other words, each time you get to one of your markers (under each arm) you should end up on your 7th stitch. If you don't, chances are you made a mistake on the preceeding row. Not sure if this makes sense or not, but feel free to email me if you need a better explanation.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hi everyone - I am excited about joining in and will be doing the simple knitted bodice - it looks so lovely. I have got the pattern and now just need to ask a few questions.

I haven't knitted for quite a few years and never really got the hang of getting the right guage - it was all a bit hit and miss. So I need to know the best way to knit a swatch. So, the SKB is 20 stitches 4 inches. Do I cast on 20 stitches or do I put some selvage stitches on? Any guidance appreciated.

I am in the UK and have been trying to source yarn on the internet - I don't think I can get Tilli Tomas, but have found Debbi Bliss Alpaca Silk (80% Alpaca 20% Silk) and Rowan Natural Silk Aran (73% viscose, 15% silk, 12% linen.) Does anyone have any experience of these yarns? I think the Debbi Bliss has a sheen, which would be nice. I worry about getting the drape effect though - especially if I do long sleeves. Any thoughts?

Looking forward to the creative process.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Sizzle Complete

Ok, so I didn't JUST complete Sizzle, I completed it a few weeks ago before it was even nominated for the KAL. I figured I would go ahead and post a pic. I really love how the top turned out. I used Silk Bijou and followed the pattern as directed in the Size 34. Next time I would do a few more waist decreases. I will knit this again next spring in a different color. I love the top! Here is a pic and more info is on my blog: Yarn It

Have pattern, will knit

Sorry to say I got bored with Tempting II she is languishiing unfinished in a grip top gab!

I did however pay a trip to my loft the other day and located Hip Knits Silk in dove grey and some complimentary KSH, I have crystals and beads a go go so SKB here I come!!!!

Here is mine so far :-)

Im knitting in 2XL... so it take some time...but this is how far Ive come...I dont use Tomas Tilli yarn Ive use Iceland from LØVE in colour 42.... really nice its a mix of wool and alpaca.... in the pattern I join metallic tread in cobber shade.... I am pleased....!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sizzle Swatch

Hi guys. I am so excited about the choices for this KAL, I'm doing both patterns. I was never one for making decisions...

Anyway, I got my sizzle yarn today and got down to swatching. I am using the recommend yarn - silk bijou. My gauge is off... the pattern gauge is 20 sts/4 inches. I am getting 24 sts/4 inches, which is what kpixie says I should get with this yarn. I'm going to try another swatch using size 8 needles, but I was wondering if anyone else was having gauge issues. I'm worried the 8's will be too big (make the fabric too hole-y). Does anyone know how this yarn behaves after blocking?

(This is killing me guys. I hate swatching. I wanna get to sizzling.)

SKB Progress

I am neither a fast enough nor a patient enough knitter to wait until I finish my SKB to post a pic of it, so here y'all go.

I love the yarn I'm using and LOVE the way there are subtle color variations that occur with hand dyed yarn. I'm on my second skein and am very pleased that there was no noticeable color change in the yarn from skein to skein. I love the yarn so much that I may just use it again for Sizzle!

I'm modifying the pattern a tad and adding a few rows below the join before I start the purl ridges because it looked like the join was a little high still on the bust and I don't want the purl ridge to hit too high. Also, if I ever knit this again (and I very well may) I think I'd make for a more dramatic neckline and knit more rows before the join. It felt like I knit forever before I finally got to join and knit in the round, but maybe I've just been knitting too many socks and expect too much too soon! Anyway.... back to knitting!

beading my own yarn for SKB

any tips or tutorials you can recommend? The Tili is just way out of my range right now. So I'm going with the Elann Peruvian Highland Silk -hope it gauges correctly. And I'm attempting to add the beads myself. But I've never tried before. Any help offered is greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance :)

my yarn is here!

i am so excited :) with the help of a generous birthday gift ($), i splurged on the tilli tomas for the simple knitted bodice in moroccan blue--pure and simple for the body and rock star for the inset. i have just a couple of inches of neckband to finish on tempting ii tonight and then i can cast on--i can't wait!! this is the first time i've ever used the recommended yarn for a pattern AND it's by far the most decadent yarn i've ever used. what a treat this will be (i hope)! oh--i ordered from kpixie and they were such a treat to work with--fast, answered questions via email, and great prices!

Need More Knitting Time!

With school back in session, you'd think I'd have more time. Maybe it'll settle down, but between the 6 am wake-up, band practice, cross country dinners and meet and game schedules, I feel a tad stretched.

Silky Tweed
Bottom trim for Emily

I have managed to get a little more done on the cardigan, and am ready to start waist decreases on Emily. I also finally bought the yarn for Marylin's not-so-shrunken cardigan! I've been watching it since the pattern came out and couldn't resist the sale! I got the color 16, a beautiful teal, and can't wait to start knitting it.
Oh and Sizzle has taken a back seat for right now. I have been inflicted with "startitis" again!

I've got a Sizzle sizing question too.

My questions is similar to the previous one, but slightly different. :D

I'm also a 36 bust measurement. I plan on wearing this over another shirt. Like a collared button down. So should I go up to the 39? Or will that be too much excess fabric? I like things to hug the body, but you know, not be to trashy. ;)

It worked and SKB ... here I come

Well, after some help from other blogmembers, I finally managed to get the pattern for the SKB and use paypal for payment - thanks, ladies!

The yarn - something from my stash, Tussenah from Lana Grossa, 50% Tussah silk, 50% merino wool, in a lovely bronzy brown. I´ve had it in my stash for ages, it's actually been discontinued, so this is perfect!!

The only thing left to decide now is: long or short sleeves... well, I'll start knitting and see where I end up.

So, this afternoon, out will come the needles and the swatching will start.

See you soon with a progress report.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

sizzle between sizes

I am excited to be joining this, my first, KAL. It is a stashbuster for me...I am getting gauge on discontinued Berroco Linet on #6 needles. A question for Wendy, or you all, what to do if you are between sizes? Up or down? My "bust" measurement for regular sweaters is 36, and for things not sexy I aim for a finished size of about 40. Sizzle lists for 34 and for 39. I'm busty but thin under so I'm thinking the 34 so that there isn't an ocean of fabric around my waist for this sexy little number. Hope to start a blog this weekend, so I can post finished items, Sizzle progress, etc. Any thoughts on Sizzle size or free blogging (consider that I am still in technological dark ages with a dial up)?

Simple Bodice - Plain Jane Yarn

When I first saw this pattern I knew I had to make it. When I saw that there were not one but two knit alongs, I just knew I had to join. When I saw that there were a lot of people using the very pretty but VERY EXPENSIVE Tilli Thomas yarn, I knew that there was no way I could use it. So into my stash I went. I came up with some TLC Cotton Blend in lavendar. I'm almost done with the sweater and I LOVE IT - Tilli Thomas or no Tilli Thomas. It fits great. Only modifications I'm making is that I'm replacing the purl ridges with garter stitch (that's the all knit one, right? I always get them confused). I wanted the borders to lay flat and the purl ridges just seemed a bit puffy to me. I also raised the v-neck because I'd like to wear this without a cami.

Here it is....

I've folded back the one arm because I made it with the larger size needles and need to rip it out and redo on the smaller needles. I should be done this weekend and will be back with a modeled shot but I have tried it on several times and it really is a beautiful sweater. Enjoy knitting.

Merino Silk Yarn Colors

Does anyone know if there is a better image of the Hill Country Merino Silk yarn available anywhere on the Net? It's so hard to tell what the colors will look like on an actual skein of yarn. The rectangles of color just don't do the yarn justice. I really want to use this yarn but am afraid to order without a better look at the colors.
P.S. I emailed the Hill Country Yarns but haven't heard back from them yet.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

i got my yarn today!

this is lavold silky tweed. wendy has raved about ths yarn and she is so right! this yarn is gorgeous, the color, the texture, the weight it is absolutely gorgeous. if you want to make the marilyns not so shrunken cardigan i'd really urge you to buy this yarn while it's available. i am so glad i decided to use the recommended yarn for this pattern. i never do that! the colors are wonderful and it's at closout prices as i said in a previous entry. $4.49 a skein, you can't leave it at the store for those prices! the colors are a bit hard to see on this site but search around the net for the yarn and you'll find the color swatches are more visable elsewhere but the prices and the availability can't be beat. check it out here!this is color number 14 and it is black with a gray fiber running through it and the slubs are blue and gray and rust. i love it with my new boots too!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Got My Yarn!

Six skeins of Hill Country Merino Silk in Russet!
I'll be casting on tonight! Woohoo!

Andean Silk; yeah, neah?

Hello, opinions please! Will the texture of Andean Silk support the lace in the SKB pattern? Would this be an ok substitute yarn? Thanks for your help!

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Still trying to find perfect yarn

I'm still trying to find "the yarn" for SKB, the Tilli Tomas is just too expensive for me. So while I'm searching, I finished Rusted Root. Love the Rusted Root!!

Sexy Cheater

Hello Sexy Knitters!

One of the reasons I joined the Sexy Knitters Club was to assist me in my campaign to Dump the Frump (DTF). Three years ago, I moved out of Manhattan to a small town about 70 miles north of the city. In that time I gained 50lbs. Eeeck!

As the weight climbed upward, my fashion sense and sexiness plummeted, but I am on my way back. Sizzle was one of the first sexy knits I selected when I decided that I would honour the size and shape of my body as is -- because "sexy" is a mindset, not a dress size.

A dig though my closet unearthed a forgotten pair of heels that will work well with Sizzle (and DTF). Between the sizzling, the frump dumping and the heel-wearing, I am starting to feel like a new woman.

Pattern Specifications:
Sizzle, by Wendy @ Knit 'n' Tonic
35" size, 6 skeins of Rowan Handknit Cotton, #6 KnitPicks Options Needle
July 6-23, 2006 (here's the cheater part)

I opted to make the neckline a tad less plunging, as this is my Work Sizzle. I plan to make a second Sizzle, with the full plunge and more intense waist shaping. I have a very hourglass, if not pear-shaped, figure, and more waist shaping would be more flattering to my figure. Too often I experience bagginess in the waist of my hand knit garments.

Sizzle was a fun and quick knit, and I am feeling sexy and kittenish...although I suspect those kitten heels are sizzling too.